Friday, February 24, 2012

So This Is What's Goin On




So yes, I tried Crasiro for Skele BH this time. Not too bad though he was a bit squishy. Cadenza and Grace are always awesome there though. I thiiink it was faster with him as opposed to Helena, but IDK. Haftacompaaare sometime.

Not too many shiny screens though I've been sort of busy. Powerleveling people! IRAWAIN GOT TO ONEHUNDRED OH MY GOD AFTER SO LONG. And so has Miss Auchy(aka Cecilia.)! I'm leveling Mellori(Angie) there next, and then Boma. I wish I would have named him Bomba because I always want to type that instead. Plus having bomb in your name is cool. totally.

BASILISK GAVE ME HIS HEART. <33333 Literally. Bellza suggested I ask Lisa about making a big enough chocolate to give him(because really, he's a huge dragonthing, human sized chocolates dun work.) and...apparently he heard and the mere thought warmed his heart, cuz he gave me it. <3

And then I threw them in Adriana and Sofia's faces.


Then it was time to go keel Chrysalis for quest items. First try on that today, with no luck. I was expecting such an outcome. I'm hoping I can do Castilla more...and actually get up to the start of TOC at least for Adriana's quest. It's just, the only interesting quest I have left to do, and zomg the places are so pretty. I WANT to be there. I NEED to be there. ;~;

/le cough

Oh and I'm drawing more often. I feel good about the tissue box with fancy perspective and shading and shitty geometry I made today. /nodnod


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Christmas in February, Progress, And Disgruntled Writers

Lately. I am only writing in here.

THAT IS NOT GOOD BUT WHATEVER. My fuck-everything attitude continues.

Time for a late night post. Or early morning. Or goddamn siesta time in the afternoon.

That was from the other day. I was powerleveling Ira and Auchy. He punched a Jabberwock in the nuts and I laughed.

AND THEN YESTERDAY. Thanks to the help of Nino, I now has THIS

Why no, the dragon isn't spewing feathers.

Zander being all proud, Lisa being like congrats, Ed staring at it all expressionless as usual.

So, using up my 3-day medium explorer pack(the green thing) I mostly leveled Lisa in Bahamar AA. I like that place, I dun give a shit what other people say about it being pooey. :< Then I later got the so-called ingenius idea to try powerleveling Ange there, with Raven as backupguard.


Needless to say, said idea was very fail. As was trying to level Lyssa there because she fails. Moving on, I've started to circus with Ferragamo and Bellza, two awesome people I met while cardfarming, months ago.
Tis fun stuff. Ohmahgawd Hapkido I fell in love with all over again. I mean, it let me do THIS

TAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGG ALLLLLLLL THE LOOT. But we share it. Because we're cool like that. Why yes Zink is flailing adorably as buffing kitties are wont to do.

Lisa runnin' through Bahamar bein' cool. :D

So today, I was busy ingame and out and ACTUALLY GOT SHIT DONE INGAME AND OUT. How about that. I finished the Occulta Constellation Notes quest. I haven't been to occulta since getting my it was amazing to be there with fully maxed stances and masters and ET, rofl. The kobolds are kind of cute.

There, I rediscovered my love for Kharis. She knows how to fuck your shit up and be elegant while doing so. Gaaaaah. Now she's making me miss Stratus and Sekhmet so much. ;___; I decided to try her at circus...

And I tagged again :DD Now you might think tagging is not a big deal, but it is for me. I used to be such a nub and hardly raid so tagging, is important for now.

After circus, I went to turn in the music to Vince....and he said this and I was amused.
In celebration of me finally finishing his quest, he let me +6 a black dragon and vampiric edge. I now had two +6 BDs, and decided to go break them for crystals, and then make a Serpent Revolver. Sierra better be putting all the vis I'm giving her lately to good use.

:DD Tech celebrating HIS new weapon. It might as well be Christmas in February for my family, haha. Also, I was really bored tonight and looking at male wiz costumes in the dress room. I never noticed the green details on his swim trunks...and the fact he has a good ass. So, I totally believe Kimi when she said Leo had a good ass. BENEATH THEIR FANCY COATS ARE AWESOME BUTTS! apparently. Rofl. :D

On some non-ge notes. I fail hardcore since I got a planner and planned to do writing stuff this week. and. I did none of it. I DID ART THINGS MORE THAN WRITING. This, in addition to my i-dont-give-a-fuck-about-school-anymore attitude.....uhm. I hope I'm going to have an epiphany soon, or something. The fact I'm slowly starting to act like this is...not good. :|

So there, that's my earlymorn/latenight rant/update/emothing.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Al does the 80Q

Thaaat's right. Blogger is a piece of shit and has tried to sabotage this oh, I dunno, a billion times and even got windows in on the war. Holy, fuck, I am tired of this.

Let's get this show on the road:

1. What is your Family name? Almontri
2. What GE-version/server do you play on? The oh-so-retardedly named Sword2, the North American/European version. Orpesia.
3. What is your family level and how many characters do you have? 41+3, 45 characters.
4. What faction are you in? (If any) What is your alliance? (Royalist/Republican/Neutral) Versei, my own clan made for the Valeria quest, lawl. Alliance, I don't have one but if we're taking words at facevalue, I go with the Republicans for the storyline. Maybe it's because I'm American, LOL.
5. How long have you played GE? Probably three years.
6. How did you start playing GE? A friend of my brother's was going to try out sGE's beta, and he tagged along. Then I stalked after them. A year went by and I found Sword and decided to pick it up again.
7. How did you come up with your Family name? The word just kind of popped into my head. It's also the name of a character of mine.

 Stock character questions
8. Which stock character is your favorite? I like them all. D8
9. Please talk freely about fighters. Umm. THEY ARE THE KINGS AND QUEENS OF VERSATILITY. FUCK YEAH.
10. Favorite fighter stances and skills? Equites will always be a favorite, but overall I like all their expert stances. I wuuuuv Peltast too. If we're talking prevet(gasp) I loved Epee/Sabre Garde, and Heaven and Hell.
11. Please talk freely about wizards. Awesome outfits? Check. Badass voiceovers? Check. I saw their awesomeness from the start, I saw the light. Now only the sheep are following with the advent of Telekinesis. BUT NOT I. I HAVE ALWAYS LOVED THEM.
12. Favorite wizard stances and skills? Telekinesis does look spiffy. I suppose I like all of their stances, all are useful and all are *ZOMG PRETTY*
13. Please talk freely about musketeers. I like theeem.
14. Favorite musketeer stances and skills? Back in the day, Bloody Overdrive was THE SHIT. Now, I suppose Desperados is cool. I'm excited for Unlimited Shots.
15. Please talk freely about scouts. Scouts are cool, ok. I will always love my Mariiii.
16. Favorite scout stances and skills? Uhmm. The buff stances, all three. Since I tasted them all at different times it was kind of exciting, y'know?
17. Please talk freely about the elementalists. The dude is cool but his new second face is creepy(most of them are BLECH). The lady has too many flooffy dresses of doom, but I like her too. Their magic is damn fun.
18. Favorite elementalist stance and skills? All the Occultism skills. And Flare because ITS FLARE. Also, Evoli(lol the abbreviation no one will get that sounds like a type of noodle?) and all the Dominations. Helena's Forgotten Magic is neat too. And the elemental specialists coming up, how can I not like that shit. Though Ludin is a bit meh.
19. Favorite speech/voices of stock characters? Uhhm. sGE's female fighter and male musketeer were epic from what I remember. Male wizard in both sGE and Sword2 sounds so cool. Same goes for the female scout. :>
20. Favorite costume/equipment for stock characters? .....I can't answer this. I love so many.
21. What do you expect of stock characters in the future? I expect scouts to get an epic, trolling trap stance. I expect them to make more shitty costumes for the male ele. And more skimpy ones for all the ladies in general. And MAYBE, the male fighter will get to show off his abs?!

RNPC/UPC character questions
22. Favorite male RNPC/UPC? Hmm. Najib Sharif, Gascon, Irawain, Raven(he would be better with a stache), Leo, Coimbra Trooper, Ed, Lorch.
23. Favorite female RNPC/UPC? Romina, Valeria, Ania, Caly, Lisa, Grace, Catherine(human and robo versions!), Idge, Soso, Karja, Selva. Yes, popular ladies but I love them for their storylines, looks and costumes too, dangit!
24. Favorite RNPC/UPC stance and skills? Rapida Espada, Punisher(though I'll never get it) for the lulzy, logic defying action of using a rifle one-handed, Hapkido, Shadow Sting, I'll probably love Blitz Assault too. Death Chopping, Superior Blaster.
25. Favorite speech/voices of RNPCs/UPCs? Uhmm. Bernelli is pretty good in both sGE/Sword. :> I kinda like Sword's Caly voice too. Helena's sGE voice, DO WANT. Najib is also awesome. And uh, Leo in Korean sounds cool. But then so does Reckless. Korean voice overs, so far, seem so pro.
26. What RNPC/UPC would you recommend to use? WHICHEVER ONE YOU FUCKIN' WANT, BRO.
27. What was your most memorable recruitment quest? Hm. I don't know, I've had fun recruiting everyone from Lisa to Valeria. I know I fucking hate Ramiro and always will. Tiburan too. Fuck those kids. Send them to bootcamp.
28. Favorite RNPC/UPC that hasn't yet been recruited or released? Beatrice and Ion and Adriana and Elisa look awesome. And I suppose Grandies.
29. Favorite costume/equipment for RNPC/UPC? ....Uhhhm. Black Wisteria/normal outfit for Caly. White Vent/normal outfit for Grace. I like Reckless, Val and Cath's original outfits in a way, too.
30. What do you expect of RNPCs/UPCs in the future? I expect them to make Panf the Bamf and Karja some darn ice-rapier, fire-sabre expert stances of doom. And maybe more hybrids like that. And I expect more personal skills to finally come into being. MAYBE THE RESCUE KNIGHT WILL BECOME AMAZING?!?!?

31. Here is Gracielo, looking at you from afar. You feel like he wants to be partners with you.
Will you let him join your Family? F-to the-U-to the-C-to the-K-to the-N-to the-O. 8| He is a tard. I was happy to sell his card.

MCC3 questions
32. What characters do you prefer? I love my stocks. I run teams consisting of them a lot. I prefer all the characters I have in my quarters for different purposes and stuff, dur.
33. What character do you secretly hate? I make no secret of my hate. I hate Emilia's cardboard hair. I hate Gracielo as I showed above. I dun really like this new Vincent guy, but whutevz. And they've ruined the new Targan. woe is me.
34. What is your main MCC3 team? (List more if you have more than 1 main team) I DON'T HAVE A MAIN, BRO.
35. What team would you think of if you saw the sentence "These are real men..."? Real men, you say? Claude, most definitely. And Ed and his bro, and Kurt. And hell, does Simon and Gerard count? I wouldn't say they're so much real men as real people. They have fucking goals, pasts, and all. /magical rant
36. What MCC3 team would you like to use? (Okay to include not yet implemented characters) Uuuuuuuuuuhm. I have no idea. I want to try out Ania + Leo sometime.
37. What stats would you primarily add to fighter-types (including RNPCs/UPCs)? STR or if they're tanky, CON. A durrrrrrr.
38. Stats for wizard-types? Strength so they can bust some kneecaps with their rods/staves. You know this is awesome.
39. Stats for scout-types? CHA FOR THEIR TRAPS.
40. Stats for musketeer-types? Charm/Charisma, so they can be more like Dante.
41. Stats for elementalist-types? Agility because I want more magic pewpewpew.

42. Do you make use of any combination buffs? Oh yus. Pioneers I often have, and sometimes Three-Year-War.

Equipment questions
43. What is your most prideful equipment? Probably my +7 Serpent Javelin 3s, with 29 ATK and 97 Human, brah. It was from someone who was tired of the server, lulz. It has done me well and I have honored that person!
44. What is the nicest equipment you acquired as a drop/in roulette? Are you lucky with drops? Nicest roulette was a qualified belt. A drop, well I got Aries from Chimera back when I was hunting it in prep for Darkness.
45. Do you enhance items? What is your highest enhancement failure and success? Yeah I enhance/upgrade shit. Who doesn't. I have never +7'd something, unless it's something I want to fucking break. Then it'll go to bloody +9.
46. Do you think certain enhancement NPCs have more chance to succeed than others? Which one? Uh, I dunno. I hate Soho already and rarely go to him. Usually go to Vince cause I save in Auch, but I love Idge. :3
47. Do you enchant items? What is the best stat you have gotten? LOL. BEST STAT I HAVE GOTTEN, the 2 DR on a 84e Striform years ago, and then *maybe* the 37 ATK/53 Golem Dragon crossbow I has. The enchant lady, as I say, is a troll first, enchanter second. She doesn't like me.
48. Do you craft your own equipments? Yeah, sometimes. Lately it's only 100es. Which then refuse to chip.

PvP questions
49. What is your experience with victory and defeat in PvP? I never pvp, unless it's to get screenshots of skills, or let some friend abuse, I mean test stuff on my team.
50. What MCC3 teams are often used in Team PvP? Xworld seems to be all about Cath T/Val/Wiz or other such combos, going by the whiners on the forums, lol.
51. Please talk about some common tactics. I don't have common tactics, I never pvp. D8
52. What are you proud of to achieve in PvP? See above plerz.
53. What is the most annoying MCC3 team in PvP? Jose. Oh my god, Jose is a troll that grins like one.
54. Your most impressive PvP memory? Getting murdered quite eagerly by Balbanies' elementalist's Abyss Flare.
55. Have you joined Colony War/Alliance War? Please talk freely about it. Back in the day, yes I went a few times when I was pre- and fresh-Vet. I remember trolling people with Treasure Golem/Hole of Darkness. 8D
56. Any thoughts or expectations about PvP in the future? Not really.

 Other questions
57. What is your favorite pet? I love all the ones I have, actually. Panpan is so fuckin adorable it ain't funny. Sys/Sith is awesome toooo. I still have a place in my heart for the originals, Moppet and Poppet. And the Ginger Tiger=awesome.
58. What kind of pet would you like to implement? MORE MONSTER PETS. So many good ones out there... D: This game needs to be more like RO in that regard.
59. Favorite pose?  Um. V for Victory? LOL. Depends on the character.
60. Please post a favorite screenshot here.

61. What is your favorite monster? Basilisk is a pretty neat design. I also like the Necro Shaman of Occulta.
62. What is your least favorite monster? Phobitian things. They need to die. Over and over and over and over again.
63. Do you participate in raids? (Including solo) Yeah, time to time. Lately been going to Circus/Joaquin with two friends.
64. Do you have a favorite leveling map? No not really. I go where I go.
65. What map, that you've never been to, would you like to visit? Uhhh. Castilla Temple/Ruins. I want to go there so bad. But I probably never will see it.... *cryforever*
66. What is your favorite city? Probably a tie for Auch and Viron. But I kinda like all the cities for their own quirks/songs/residents.
67. What is your favorite background music from the game? I LOVE ALL THE SONGS!
68. What is your favorite raid/mission/instance? Please explain about it. Team Arena is a fun one. Everyone can taste superpowers!
69. What is your favorite official event? The 2011 Halloween and Christmas events were pretty cool.
70. Have you participated in events organized by the gameprovider or individuals? Yeeees.
71. What thoughts do you have about the Cash Shop/Item Mall? I think the system of the majority of CS stuff being tradeable is neat. There are pros and cons to the system of course, but I don't need to list them because other people banter on and on about it.
72. What about any of the gambling webgames related to GE? I think it's neat for the places that have them(i.e. kGE/jGE.) I think it's lame for places like sGE.(see IAH'd, point and case)
73. Let's be honest. How much do you think people spend in the above mentioned things? I think they spend a lot, but it varies from person to person. If someone wants to spend a couple thousand on this game over the years(or in a year or whatever), well fine. People spend a couple thousand on cruises or TVs or game consoles and their games, I's a hobby, it's entertainment. (Not mentioning the crazy people who have an obvious PROBLEM with the way they spend money on this game)
74. What are your fond memories of GE? Probably the fact it got me writing, and the fact it made me think about art more. I've met so many wonderful people from around the world, too, thanks to playing this thing. I will forever thank it for that.
75. And as well, your bitter memories? Bitter memories. Sure, I've had some, but they are fleeting compared to the gold and the mediocre memories.
76. Do you have any general thoughts, suggestions or ideas about GE? Plenty but I can't be arsed to think of them right now. Except....letting everyone wear hats. And pet costumes or something.
77. What do you think about your GE-versions next update?  I THINK I AM EXCITED FOR MORE NPCS AND UNLIMITED SHOTS.
78. Take care of yourself in and out of GE! Any words of advice about doing so? Keep some water around near your desk(unless you are clumsy, then use a sippy cup!) and drink it while you surf/game/whatever. Remember to rest your eyes and brain(obviously) and basically, keep a healthy relationship with your computer. :3 Ingame, well. Hur that's up to you. Be a bastard if you want, be a trickster or be a saint.
79. What do you think about the gameprovider and GMs of your GE-version? While G1 has had its issues, at bottom I do think they are a decent company. Raiden, Quinzel and Neume are awesome people. If I lived near their offices, I would deliver them cookies.(And then threaten to revoke said cookie privileges if they didn't deliver patches faster!)
80. Cheers for your good work! Thank you, thank you! Please, no autographs on your babies/ass/equipment.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

I think I need a tumblr

Because I want to post little useless things in here and ...yeah.


I am super happy and also up late. AND I FELT LIKE SHARING THIS. :DDDDD

go be happy, whether that means artsing or drawing or writing or making dragon plushies or making retarded doodles or doing complicated math problems or baking or scrapbooking. just go be happy and do what you love, guys. ignore the dicks who say otherwise. happiness is key to more happiness for everyone everywhere! unless you're a sadistic psychopath who enjoys murdering and stuff.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Change Has Been Made




However, the quest begins for a new background header image thing! D: Because while I love that one i got from NASA ages ago, I don't have a high enough resolution to crop it the way I want. So...yeah. What will it be?! MORE SPACE STUFF? GE? MUFFINS?

Stay tuned, and feel free to suggest any.

Also debating whether to change the URL and my name, since...I only really go by Almontri now ingame. Lol. Although I could keep it and do funny incharacter posts sometimes just to confuse the fuck out of readers.

Nahhhhh. I'm too lazy to try and figure out what the fuck Al would write in a journal anyway.

To discuss REAL LIEFZ for a tad, I've been busy with FAFSA(more like FUUUUUUUUUUUFSA because of our dear Government. It is a model of incompetency.) and college stuff in general! I did visit the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. HOLY FUCK THAT PLACE IS EPIC. I will possibly apply for their spring semester, since I really don't think I'll be able to cook up enough stuff by summer or whatever in time for the autumn semester.

I'm pretty O.K. with that since I want a fucking break. I mean I hate how everyone is like "GO TO COLLEGE BLARHBLAH" when I'm just getting done with something that has been eating my soul for almost as long as I've been alive.

On another note I have a new sketchbook since my other two are running out. And I have a PLANNER. For my writing and stuff. Whoopwhoop!

That is plenty of rambling from me for now.