Friday, March 29, 2013

what are you smoking google

all the blogs i follow have been deleted.


this is going to take some work to find them all again.

edit: and now they're all back because i allowed this which reloaded half my tabs????

i am so done with the fucking internet today i swear

Monday, March 25, 2013

Busy March

So, I've been playing GE regularly enough because of the Bristia patch.

Completed Selva and Jack's bristia-related quests, although I need Jack's dumb...stone pit riot thing done. Not to mention I haven't started Raven and Gavin's, and Bernelli's I'm stuck on. HISS GRR BAHUMBUG. I just want to recruit people and roflstomp the mainquestline why this.

I did finally get Barrel! He is one of my favorite characters ever. ;v; I named him Vollstagg, after the fat jolly Warriors Three fellow from the Marvel Thor universe. Originally I was going to name him JiveTurkey but decided on something more serious...

I try and keep up with some Kielce dailies but I'm slacking, specially on the Night parts or pirate's tedious for someone undergeared like me.

And the occasional rhapsody with Irv.
Calyx and Luis, two awesome people, highfiving. (Lilina's hand ruins this shot whyyyy)

My group chat is actually a fun place to hang out. We have some ridiculous conversations ranging from critiquing characters to asian food to book series to anatomy/biology(recently thanks to the returned Idemair and the fact she's in pre-med)

Some highlights that need to be shared with the world:
I'm sure there will be more to come.
Time for random screens!

 Spotted Corax-Ewelli in town sporting fancy costumes GIVE THEM TO ME NOW.

Hanging out with Cannondale's Pico(Marchetti) in Kielce.
I want Durant as a recruitable character he's too cute ;A;

I've also started playing Vindictus again since I'm getting sick of GE. :3 Sigh, that game is actually can be repetitive, but you do actually *play* not just hit a few buttons. :l The crossgun is rather insane, and I got drafted for a Keaghan run on my evie..I haven't played in months, but I somehow only died once and stuff. Yey me.

That wraps it up for now.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

pickles and pineapples

hey looooook after.....five...years or something this happened. lul.

I'm tremendously sporadic with them ramblings, but oh well. I'm pretty much over my sickness but my ears still feel clogged...we recently had a taste of the low pressure blizzard that was dumping on Kansas, and its a funny thing to see so much snow piled up in March.

Oh god, March. Four birthdays this month, compared to the barren Jan and Feb for me. And then it'll happen again in July. Even funnier is the pattern. The 5th, then the 11th, then the 21st, then the 29th, then my birthday on April 5th, and then another birthday on April 10th.

But let's not think about July. At all.

GE wise I'm just puttering along. I only have Ion and Tora left to recruit, and then Trickinesis/Frost/Furious/Abyss stances...still stuck in Castilla Relics.

Everything's pretty boring, and I've been farming runes. Partly to help my friend make ~THE INSIGHT OF ANTARES~, partly to make my own const, partly for dignites since i have to recoup losses from the horrible horrible fleuet glacier quest.

It's probably somehow a good thing the Bristia patch is coming soon, I guess I'll have something to do.

Um. there you go, some useless spiel.