Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hey look its two months later

So here I am, its nearing midnight, and I'm listening to K-pop.
(specifically, this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dww9UjJ4Dt8&feature=relmfu )

On a Tuesday.


Anyway, stuff to report:


Zander is now the proud wearer of a +7 Le Noir 2S with 2 DR. I added spodumene and obsidian to the sockets.

I also finally have Enhanced Tactics, thanks to dear Irv <3

I decided to get Tronada Cruz, too. Its fun so far, only five more levels till I max it. Equipment wise, I wish I could get an Elite La Muerte. :C And a decent blunt/shield...since I have Crusader to level next. And my white bishop refuses to chip, still.

Hanging Guard and Arnis are epic, too, btw.


Novia, Jorgen and Ortega had to kiss my boots awwwyeaaah.

That sounded better in my head.

But yes, I finally conquered the ice bitch, I mean witch, and Lorch's unfortunate family. Muuuchhh thanks to Lusse, Shride and Martinellus for lending me their epic gear to get those done.

I admit, I had to pop on my sage necklaces from a promotion from forever ago...but it was worth it!

I only wish that I could've beat Catherine Torsche's instance mission today, with the few hours left on them. But no. The servers decided to go have a tea-party and told us to gtfo. Q_Q

Kharis, Marceil and Tech pwned Novia. Two Electric Blusters fueled by a +5 El Sol and +5 Vet Pio Lightning Bracelet....murdered the minibosses. Montoro is LAUGHABLE AS ALWAYS.

Seriously what gives. He's supposed to be this huge menace and powerful and all....yet in every instance he ever appears in he's always a fucking weakling. xD

I wanted to continue killing Novia LOL.

Later, I dropped Kharis for Sullivan and we went to the Holy Water Chamber~~ This time, I was prepared. D:< It took me one run to get the gist of things, and the second time, I succeeded, to my great relief. I'm really seeing the value of racial mods, now. Lawl.

Next on the agenda: Complete Catherine's fight
Rack up money to buy an expert Gertrude and do the hapkido quest, then Reckless Emi.

So that pretty much covers GE stuff. E.S. Posthumus' third album, Makara, IS SO AWESOMEEEEEE. Go YouTube it. Omfg. I love itt.

Its inspired and given the writer in me a wake-up call. (is reminded of the Vindi mission, QQs)
Let's just say I have a little something in the works, for now it'll be called Project Gamma.

Such an awesome name, huh?

that was sarcasm. its not thaaaat awesome. and has probably been used nine thousand times before.

Vindictussss....I'm slowly grinding to 52. q_q I want Shining Will blargh.

Aaaand I have the SAT and ACT coming up. OH JOY.
not. >:I

Aaaanywho, The Leet One (Or So She Likes To Think), signing off.