Monday, September 19, 2011

Updates of Asskicking Proportions

Lei kicking some jumping fish face. 8D

So! Stuff has happened. Lei is steadily chugging along to Master, she's as of this moment about to hit Exp 7. I might go to CSA this weekend.

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Some broad lulz.

So, I got some advice from Balbanies(yes, he's playing again) and decided to make an Elite La Luna.
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Runnin' to craft it. Also, Floating Helicopter Bungie. Its currently at 3 Stun, 42 undead. Definitely rechipping but gah, chipping is not my friend at all. It's never been. But..speaking of crafting, I traded my White Bishop and made Zander a Whisper of the Forest. <3 But before hand, for lulz, I decided to see what the Dragon Heart looked like on the ground...

Later, I went through some spinelles with Sharif, Viki and Proxima.
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Takion, ftw.

I also ventured to Castilla Mines with Balb the other day, we stopped before Argus. I'll need to go back there sometime to get Basilisk's heart...and he is cool. Seems FUCKING ORIGINAL for once. lol.

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Abyssing a Locke of Chaos.
....and some Movingrock of Chaos for good measure.
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Whee fancy aesthetics
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Also yesterday I did Torsche's Basement is stupid and evil and I never want to go there again. It has heinous camera locking angles just like fucking circus....euuuuuuuuugehgehe. NEIN. But I did get Elemental Otite and so headed to Torsche's...I knew Jurgen would show up but like, wth why's he so beefed up. ._. Annoying. I'll have to take a crack at him with some other characters...Cath died even though she was expert, so, YAY, USELESS CHARACTER FILING UP MY SLOT AGAIN. Maybe Hapkido'll do some wonders. :I I think that wraps it up.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


I has it.

Which means I experted Lei! 8D

Now I just..need proper gaiters/knuckles .__. bleh. Wish I could get some golden ones but I don't have enough money for that. Herpyderp. I need way too many 32 ARs.

And..I've been doing Bounty Hunter missions more then usual simply because its fun to skill-spam a boss and hey, free chips. *shrug* I might try soloing Bahamar sometime to see if I, well, can. So far I've only done it a few times with Balbanies. xD

And I dislike that there's no movies coming out until next month. And by this I mean movies I actually want to see. Oh and Khan Academy is full of fucking genius and win and awesome.

NOVEMBER, GET HERE FASTER. So many games to watch. Bullshit Time ends(DST). Thanksgiving. Closer to Christmas and thus Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. Neee.

....fuck scratch that, my mom wants me to take the ACT in December, IT WON'T BE A MONTH OF WIN. e_e

Okay think that covers my stupid blathering.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Depressed/Stupid Ramblings, Proceed With Caution

Oh blah, I think I'm depressed. starts tomorrow. Its not so much the actual day, but...what it signifies. I'll start hating my house for more reasons again, more arguments and stress headaches, more tests.

I just need to take my songs to heart I guess. Stop being flipfloppy about college. Draw more, exercise more, write more, read more.

It might be the last year for me,'s still tough, because I know it'll just be similar to the last previous fourteen years or whatever I've already done.

Honestly I think I'd rather be in Seren's place right now...e_e ....and I just realized the lucky fucker didn't even go to high school. asdlakdwlkd

Take songs to heart.
Take songs to heart.
They're more powerful than you think.

Well, here's to hoping I can kick....some....goddamn....ASS. It will be hard. And I only have my motivation, which isn't very much at all.

Oh well. I guess this is another part of life I'm figuring out, another level of being alone. Time to fucking crush some stuff and smooth it out onto a staircase, which I'll STEP ON.

Siiiiiigh. Maybe now I'm just reflecting Seren.

Usual readers, feel free to ignore this shit, I need to vent or...whatever the fuck this is. It isn't really venting.

I'm just talking to myself using Oscar instead of my voice, really.