Monday, September 5, 2011

Depressed/Stupid Ramblings, Proceed With Caution

Oh blah, I think I'm depressed. starts tomorrow. Its not so much the actual day, but...what it signifies. I'll start hating my house for more reasons again, more arguments and stress headaches, more tests.

I just need to take my songs to heart I guess. Stop being flipfloppy about college. Draw more, exercise more, write more, read more.

It might be the last year for me,'s still tough, because I know it'll just be similar to the last previous fourteen years or whatever I've already done.

Honestly I think I'd rather be in Seren's place right now...e_e ....and I just realized the lucky fucker didn't even go to high school. asdlakdwlkd

Take songs to heart.
Take songs to heart.
They're more powerful than you think.

Well, here's to hoping I can kick....some....goddamn....ASS. It will be hard. And I only have my motivation, which isn't very much at all.

Oh well. I guess this is another part of life I'm figuring out, another level of being alone. Time to fucking crush some stuff and smooth it out onto a staircase, which I'll STEP ON.

Siiiiiigh. Maybe now I'm just reflecting Seren.

Usual readers, feel free to ignore this shit, I need to vent or...whatever the fuck this is. It isn't really venting.

I'm just talking to myself using Oscar instead of my voice, really.

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