Sunday, August 21, 2011

Another August Update

Lots has happened since my last update! xD

I experted Frequency(Lisa), so that was fun. Maxed her Arnis, and got Grace Flintlock, maxed that as well. Leveled Gordon(Gert) and Deirdre(BSI) some too. I think I may need to go cardfarming again sometime soon. (That and I miss my masters. Q_Q)

Ancient Castilla can't come quick enough. I want to fricken level them! D:<

I also leveled Gavin(Garcia) and Belletrice(Adelina) to 100, and completed the first part of that Oswaltz quest. It was funny when Johnny asked me to go kill Walanche...and I get to the Deserted Quay's beach...and he's right. there. ._. loleasy. derp.

So now I'm leveling Arkantos(Nar) and Selene(Brunie) to 100. :P Then I have two more pairs to level: Irawain - 63, SumCath - 61, then Æmilia - 84, Jonathan(Trooper) - 81. Not looking forward to leveling Æmi. She's such a tard. Even with my upgraded, DR'd ERM she dies left and right.

She's just like Vincent. D:<


Oh and Kharis looks like a boss in La Fleur Escarlate. But I hate how my money's disappearing with no findable income, lol...

Anyway that wraps it up.

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