Monday, September 19, 2011

Updates of Asskicking Proportions

Lei kicking some jumping fish face. 8D

So! Stuff has happened. Lei is steadily chugging along to Master, she's as of this moment about to hit Exp 7. I might go to CSA this weekend.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Some broad lulz.

So, I got some advice from Balbanies(yes, he's playing again) and decided to make an Elite La Luna.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Runnin' to craft it. Also, Floating Helicopter Bungie. Its currently at 3 Stun, 42 undead. Definitely rechipping but gah, chipping is not my friend at all. It's never been. But..speaking of crafting, I traded my White Bishop and made Zander a Whisper of the Forest. <3 But before hand, for lulz, I decided to see what the Dragon Heart looked like on the ground...

Later, I went through some spinelles with Sharif, Viki and Proxima.
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Takion, ftw.

I also ventured to Castilla Mines with Balb the other day, we stopped before Argus. I'll need to go back there sometime to get Basilisk's heart...and he is cool. Seems FUCKING ORIGINAL for once. lol.

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Abyssing a Locke of Chaos.
....and some Movingrock of Chaos for good measure.
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Whee fancy aesthetics
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Also yesterday I did Torsche's Basement is stupid and evil and I never want to go there again. It has heinous camera locking angles just like fucking circus....euuuuuuuuugehgehe. NEIN. But I did get Elemental Otite and so headed to Torsche's...I knew Jurgen would show up but like, wth why's he so beefed up. ._. Annoying. I'll have to take a crack at him with some other characters...Cath died even though she was expert, so, YAY, USELESS CHARACTER FILING UP MY SLOT AGAIN. Maybe Hapkido'll do some wonders. :I I think that wraps it up.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


I has it.

Which means I experted Lei! 8D

Now I just..need proper gaiters/knuckles .__. bleh. Wish I could get some golden ones but I don't have enough money for that. Herpyderp. I need way too many 32 ARs.

And..I've been doing Bounty Hunter missions more then usual simply because its fun to skill-spam a boss and hey, free chips. *shrug* I might try soloing Bahamar sometime to see if I, well, can. So far I've only done it a few times with Balbanies. xD

And I dislike that there's no movies coming out until next month. And by this I mean movies I actually want to see. Oh and Khan Academy is full of fucking genius and win and awesome.

NOVEMBER, GET HERE FASTER. So many games to watch. Bullshit Time ends(DST). Thanksgiving. Closer to Christmas and thus Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. Neee.

....fuck scratch that, my mom wants me to take the ACT in December, IT WON'T BE A MONTH OF WIN. e_e

Okay think that covers my stupid blathering.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Depressed/Stupid Ramblings, Proceed With Caution

Oh blah, I think I'm depressed. starts tomorrow. Its not so much the actual day, but...what it signifies. I'll start hating my house for more reasons again, more arguments and stress headaches, more tests.

I just need to take my songs to heart I guess. Stop being flipfloppy about college. Draw more, exercise more, write more, read more.

It might be the last year for me,'s still tough, because I know it'll just be similar to the last previous fourteen years or whatever I've already done.

Honestly I think I'd rather be in Seren's place right now...e_e ....and I just realized the lucky fucker didn't even go to high school. asdlakdwlkd

Take songs to heart.
Take songs to heart.
They're more powerful than you think.

Well, here's to hoping I can kick....some....goddamn....ASS. It will be hard. And I only have my motivation, which isn't very much at all.

Oh well. I guess this is another part of life I'm figuring out, another level of being alone. Time to fucking crush some stuff and smooth it out onto a staircase, which I'll STEP ON.

Siiiiiigh. Maybe now I'm just reflecting Seren.

Usual readers, feel free to ignore this shit, I need to vent or...whatever the fuck this is. It isn't really venting.

I'm just talking to myself using Oscar instead of my voice, really.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Another August Update

Lots has happened since my last update! xD

I experted Frequency(Lisa), so that was fun. Maxed her Arnis, and got Grace Flintlock, maxed that as well. Leveled Gordon(Gert) and Deirdre(BSI) some too. I think I may need to go cardfarming again sometime soon. (That and I miss my masters. Q_Q)

Ancient Castilla can't come quick enough. I want to fricken level them! D:<

I also leveled Gavin(Garcia) and Belletrice(Adelina) to 100, and completed the first part of that Oswaltz quest. It was funny when Johnny asked me to go kill Walanche...and I get to the Deserted Quay's beach...and he's right. there. ._. loleasy. derp.

So now I'm leveling Arkantos(Nar) and Selene(Brunie) to 100. :P Then I have two more pairs to level: Irawain - 63, SumCath - 61, then Æmilia - 84, Jonathan(Trooper) - 81. Not looking forward to leveling Æmi. She's such a tard. Even with my upgraded, DR'd ERM she dies left and right.

She's just like Vincent. D:<


Oh and Kharis looks like a boss in La Fleur Escarlate. But I hate how my money's disappearing with no findable income, lol...

Anyway that wraps it up.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Hello August!

Hey hey hey~

Update time again.

Cadenza, Grace and Helena have maxed their stances, Death Chopping, Occultism and Superior Blaster. I need to level Grace a lot more to get SP for two of the skills, HERP DERP. Cath still needs a level to use her friggen personal skill. SP cost is retarded. Mages are the ones who need a butt-ton of sp. D:

Now, I've shifted my attention to leveling vets on my experting list. Reque and Atlacoya, but now I'm soloing Reque. :o Need to snag Selva's hat, continue slowly collecting runes, buy gold sometime and upgrade shiat, make more silver earrings, get all my lowbies to 100/vet. Get some fresh vets some levels and stances...yerp.

And I've been reading! Gotta get a bunch of fantastic novels in before crapsville starts again. And I even did some drawing the other night. /o/ Been writing too of course.

And I think that wraps things up. I vow to make this the most awesome August evar since I really really really doubt next August will be good.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Captain America & Catherine Torsche

Those two are awesome. Did you know that? No? Well now you do.

So yesterday I went to see the Cap in action, with my parents. Enjoyable film, fun graphic design at the first part of the credits. :) Hugo Weavinggggg you continue to play so many roles gaaaahhh. Tommy Lee Jones is a certified badass. 8D And Howard Stark was great lol.

Todayyyy I got Catherine Torsche at last! I was talking tactics with my friend Nino, and as he's come from many an RTS game, he thinks quite interestingly. The setup-

Master Fighter - Peltast
+7 Atk/Human Serpent Javelin, 2 DR 92e shield.
+6 2 DR EMS.

Master Musketeer - Outrage
+6 Elite Iron Pistol 38/17/ele damage, socketed for more speed, +5 Elite Iron Pistol 30/1 AR/Darkness/Fear.
+6 3 DR EDC.

Veteran Catherine of Strength - High Guard
+6 19 DEF LN, 1 DR Pio Shield.

AM Boost, Event Triumph Fillers, Sys Pet (cat that buffs lv11 Forte/Insistiendo/Divine Blessing and heals for 1k HP) Enhanced Antidote, Magic Resistance Potion (gives lv5 AMS), Intensified Health Regen potions (5k hp regen for 15 seconds). And of course Light Flow and Concentration.

So, with the above stuff, my strategy wasss this. I quickly left the blade room, then headed left to the first stairwell. There I picked off mobs while Zink finished buffing me. Then I left Amaranth to hang near the stairs while Sullivan and Tech mowed down mobs. Piercing Bound + Dancing Revolvers is a very nice combo, especially if they're timed a few seconds apart. The first skill hits, thus giving the second skill a safe window to go off.

The mods on my pistols came in handy, I was often fear-locking or stun-locking things. Outrage SHREDS through their HP, and I didn't even have what you'd call 'Epic' pistols. Stunlock came from Piercing Bound.

Watch out for Wight and Pylig...Py...the fourlegged ambling thing of robots stuck together who's name starts with a out for their skills. They can take off a nice chunk of HP if you don't have epic armor, and have knockback.

It took awhile of just being careful and patient. I didn't need to mob too many things but my kill rate was still decent. I got Catherine to spawn at around 25 minutes on the clock. It then took me nine minutes to mow her down, finishing at 14:19. Of course, fighting her wasn't without setbacks.

She killed Tech (he died like three times total.....YOU AND YOUR SQUISHINESS. D8<), and I had to nearly SPAM my enhanced antidotes, yikes.

Nino's a genius and my own gear was good enough. Yaay.

So overall....I am very happy. Poor Torsche was so emo, he needed a hug there. Luckily I had the epic holy water and he refined it and then she remembered him~ I love the fact her poses fit her skeleton and everything. :>

Montoro called me a fucking rookie. In terms of pioneering and stuff, no, I'm a pro. Perhaps in terms of doing dastardly things, I am. I've yet to decimate a whole area or become immortal and wear nasty armor...lulz.

Surprisingly, he's kinda grown on me. I used to hate him with such a passion. But now that he wears an epic suit and keeps doing entirely douchebaggy things...I like him. LOL. He's a cool villain.

So, Cadenza is now on her way to Veteran. Grace and Viki are the best powerlevelerrrrs. <3

Saturday, July 16, 2011

And Moar Updates

...I need to fucking clean my keyboard.

and do algebra.

and look around for college related shit.

but I'm not cause I'm here with a blog post. I am a lazy fucker, I fully admit it. Granado goes okay lately. I decided to card Cagalli the last level to Master, and card Hel to expert. OCCULTISM I HATE YOU. I hate myself too that I decide to do this AFTER the event.

Uhh. So yeah...thinking about experting Ed next. Or Karj. Okay I still don't know. blergh. This post is loosing steam much quicker then usual.

I need to try Cath's or Val's quest sometime...siiighghg. Emi's is on hold cause I'm lazy to master Gordon(my Gert) atm.

Revelations is incoming, I am excite. Not as excite as I am for Assassin's Creed Revelations but. And I'm debating if I want to go see Captain America. I mean, I know I will eventually see it and enjoy it, but do I theater when it comes out, a week later, or wait for it to come out/go sailing. HMM. But I'm not into the movie sailing game really so eh.

Sorry for the rambliness, just how my mind's working today. Guess I'll head back tooo Topolo now to level Occultism and Lei and Gordon.

I think that wraps it up. merp.

Monday, July 11, 2011

A Very Strange & Almost Amusing Event

So...I was chilling in Auch, blathering to a few people...occassionally broading, trying to sell some wigs.

And then boom, this guy happens. *warning, F-bomb ahead*

...I was feeling shitty, but they cheered me up by how random and weird that was. I've never seen this name before in my whole Granado career, they insta-logged out after spamming....or I'm slow with a mouse? what? no. :l and I KNOW people can vouch for me that I'm not much of a big player in the server politics/drama. So...


And if they think they've succeeded because I'm paying attention to them, well, uh. Okay. No, don't think so. I've given you attention by reporting your arse.

I just wish they'd come clean, get off their alt, tell me why they hate me, so we can be clear on something.

I mean...I'm actually amused to the concept of having a nemesis. Has a certain...flare to it.

So, I'm going to go off loling. Also, you entirely failed to make me butthurt, Alizee~~. Good job cheering me up though. *thumbs up*

* I'm actually making a post about this stuff. Never thought I would, rofl.*

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Early July Update

Welp, a decent bit has happened since my June post! Don't you love my interesting, original titles.

Granado news, first, of course!

On Saturday, a very wonderful friend let me join his vesping excursion. Let me just say; VESPING IS MADNESS! Hoooollllyyyy crap. Epic stuff. Thanks to that, Tech and Kharis rocketed up to Master! <3 Some nice congrats from old friends and stuff. xD

Cagalli is set to be my next Master, she's currently at Expert 9, 91%. After that...I'll seriously need to expert someone. Or I'll just have toplevels and lowbies. @_@ oh god.

Thinking Mika, to try out Rapiere in its original glory. But first, I need to either: manage to chip my Elegant Rose, or buy one or two decent rapiers. Herpderp.

Then...Helena and Reque will probably get promoted...soon™. xD

I'm also slowly working towards the Tempest of Aquarius. I've got symbols and every now and then I buy some runes. I need to try and upgrade one of those Desert Storms I have in storage...
Curse you, crystals! *shakes fist*

Hurhur, at this rate I'll actually have the bayonet done by Tech's birthday, which is in December. >____>

*due to the RP, and such, I decided on one for him. yeah...*

Went to Circus yesterday with Kimiaru. That was a lot of fun. Peltast is awesome, I'm actually pro there. Years after it came out of course. Also Val's quest depressed me massively. I tried it since I had mastered Kharis and...first try: couldn't fully buff before getting murdered
second try: got off Principal, Strategy and Organization, ran around, got slaughtered.

Q____Q WRYYYYY. I dislike IMC catering to the endgame players. Sigh. I...dunno about trying Cath's quest again. I got some tips from Eoll but...I don't have clannies/armor her level really lol.


Zander and Kharis love me, yes. But everyone else is like QQ.

Anyway we'll see about trying this weekend. Maybe borrowing Mart's delicious human dagger again and..yeahidunno. Enough silly ranting and QQ! Moving on.

To some nongranadostuff.

I hope everyone had a Happy Freedom Day/Blow Shit Up Day/Explosion Day/Independence Day. Lul.

As of late, whenever I get the slightest urge/idea to draw or write, I've went and submitted to it.
And awesomeness is the result. x3 Hooray. Finally learning to do that and listen to my muse better. Usually with poems and stuff I'm good, but other things, not quite.

And I uh. Finally used a coupon for a dollar off of two bags of Ghirardelli squares. I got a caramel and assorted bag, figuring I'd give my dad the dark chocolate ones. But guess what? There were only two. fucking. squares. I was mad. Should've just got a mint bag instead. /Pfft

Oh and that brings me to my other point: lately I've kinda got back to RO. Not playing, but looking at/for arts, cosplay, reading some fanfiction(GOOD fanfiction I might add). It's pretty fun. <3 Gah, I love that game, I'm quite happy it was my first and I made so many good memories with it.

I guess that wraps things up for now!

Crafter out~

Monday, June 20, 2011

Another Sporatic Update!

Soo...I was readin' some other blogs and felt inspired. e.e

Granado, Granado, Granado. What am I gonna do with you? Even though you throw so many horrible things my way, I just can't leave you.


Anyway. Cagalli has now joined the true high-rankers of the family! She's my newest Expert, and first UPC to be experted~ She's leveling Shadow Sting with Tech and Kharis, while they grind to Master. The stance is 21 now, and I really love it! Animations, effects, and damage...everything! <3

I recently inherited some amazing gear, so now Kharis is quite outfitted in the armor department! Funny how my mages are the most well-geared...I got a +6 White Dagger, so prettiful +_+ Which Frequency(who thanks to an RP I like to refer to as Reque now) has been using to rend things in fifty pieces. :D And, a good shield, a 2DR Elite Aquila!

I've come to meet some amazing new friends, too! Them being Bellza and Ferragamo. How did I meet them? Caebolan. Secret. Citadel.

No kidding, we were in a squad. xD

Today specifically, I made some nice progress~ I finally did my first mission in Castilla, in the Mines, with Gambantein. We got to the Phob Chief, but the Imps bugged out and later swarmed us, instead of being there to begin with. :C But I completed part 1 of Episode 1, so...I'm happy! For now...

Vespanola may be a very evil country, but they know how to make fantastic uniforms! *was admiring Adriana's outfit* When, G1, when will we have those....orz

I also moved along in the quest for Rio's Prelude....but he's not expert, I have no intention of making him such, and so..yeah. But I talked to Ortega before he left. I lol'd at AngryRio and AngryLorch. Fritz was awesome, as usual, and...Ortega, I suppose if you're a billionaire taco maker and alchemist/shotgun could sponsor Rio. o3o Also I realized Ortega has a beard. He is now more win to me.


So much delicious information in that talk! Gee! Vespanola's power is quickly crumbling, and Hernandez, Montoro and Stratavista are causing all kinds of havoc behind the scenes! I really must continue with these quests for the new ladies, Castilla, and others. The storyline is heating up, and I want more!

Meanwhile, the last...week, or so? I've been doing some good old partial script-RPing with Gambantein. Ahah, its been fun, and so addictive! I haven't done it in years. His Valleria, named Alouette, is positively wonderful. Makes me proud that I've used her as my blogger-pic for years, heheh. :D

Outside Granado, I did a self-portrait. I haven't done one in a decade, I'm sure. Hah. It was pretty fun to do.

I really hope they release some fantastic costumes this week in maintenance. Reallyreallyreally.
Preferably some musketeer, or more Serpent costumes...or Ed's Colonel, or Karj's! Ahhhhhhhh. So many costumes, and so little of them delivered. :'(

Anyway, I think that wraps it up. I should get to bed...

Crafter out!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Had Spaghetti For Dinner

Yo. So uh.

Had my last lecture in Meteorology today. I am a sadpanda because it's over. :( But daaaaaang, Fovell is awesomesauce. Someday I'll get money and go take a course he teaches bahaha.

Oh and figured I'd...drop this link here:

No clue as to updates for it, because blogger is a huge turn off with its craptastic HTML coding. And I'm not even doing advanced stuff! Criiiipes.

the title is indeed true. Alfredo sauce to top it off! :D yum yum.

Crafter out.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Dear Weather

I hate you.

WHAT IS THIS? You scream in disbelief. How could I hate weather?! Aren't I taking meteorology?! Aren't I obsessed with storms?! Don't I have characters relating to storms?!

Why yes yes I do.

But that doesn't mean I resign the right to pull my complaint-card. And I'm pulling it out right now.

Stupidly strong winds over the weekend and into today have thwarted any efforts on me and my dad's part to get a nice walk in. And its COLD. FUCK YOU, COLD. GO BACK TO WINTER WHERE YOU BELONG AND FUCK OFF.

Perhaps I should rephrase things above. Dear Wisconsin Weather, I hate you.

And yet this is one of the safest places it seems, in regards to natural dangers. Right where I am. Sure a tornado might've taken the window off my future bedroom but eeeeeeh. Sure floodwaters might've come up to our driveway(we live near a creek..but its across the street and stuff, we're not idiots that live right near a big body of water like all those fools near the Fox River...>___>) but eeeeeeeeh. Still.

-No yearly fires like in CA!
-No horrible constant wetyuckness like in Seattle!
-No complete blizzards!
-No earthquakes!
-No hurricanes!
-No superhuge tornado threat!

And so, I am even further irked. Why? Because this place is kinda safe. DERP. BUT I HATE IT. D:<


Rant Over, Crafter Out.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

May Flowers Indeed

I'm back!

April and May-thus-far have been quite eventful. Let's recap!

Birthday- It went decently, got some nice gifts. On the 8th I did end up seeing Hanna, hell yes it was awesome.

About a week later, my dad had off-pump bypass surgery on his heart. Five in total, as one artery had two blockages. I knew he'd be fine, and I was right. Everyone's pleased with the care he got at the hospital, and he's doing just great.

The 14th, I hit Master. Got some nice congrats from Synthius, Misericordiia, and others! Ever since then though, I haven't been on much, I guess since I don't have many goals now.

After that, April sort of wound down, but I was about to step into the new month frazzled and anxious. Why?

The SAT.

The test itself is never a problem. Its things leading up to it that get me frustrated and upset. I ended up doing decently, even though I didn't know there was an essay section. It was the first. The question was SO NICE. It wasn't horrible and I actually was able to think of something and coherently put together a little piece I'm quite proud of.

But goddamn- How do highschoolers, or middleschoolers, OR ANY schoolers do it? Sit in those horrible plastic chair-desk-combination-things. I got up and stretched and walked around at breaks and shifted positions, and my legs still hurt. They ended up hurting from sitting in those for the rest of the day. I am appalled. Ergonomics, people! WHY DON'T YOU USE IT?

Afterwards, as I was determined to balance the general Fail-ness of the SAT with some Win, me and my brother went out-To see Thor and grab some Taco Bell afterward.

Thor...was grand. I have a bigger rant upon the movie in my DA journal, which you can find a link to.

Writing goes good, I recently looked back on some work...and I realized just how damn proud I am.

I think that wraps it up, until next time.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Yo ho ho and a Bottle of Rum

Random titles are random.

Anywho, just reportin' a bit cause I'm bored but still feel glued to my chair and not quite tired enough to trek to my bedroom.

Grinding away in CSA at the moment to gleam some goodness from the last days of the Exp Event buff. Methinks maybe...three-to-four more visits and I'll have enough cards and exp from grinding to master my original team~

I'm gonna miss this team so damn much, in leveling. Why? They don't need goddamn reloading.

After that, Tech and Kharis take the stage (with Marceil again probably) to grind to master and collect cards for a new expert, who, once there, will join in stance leveling. Not sure who, but Mika (Karj) and Cagalli (Caly) are in consideration for their wonderful stances.

In other news, I'm interested in seeing Thor, Priest and Pirates of the Caribbean: At Stranger Tides come May. April-wise, Hanna. Which I may go see cause of my birthday, which is on Tuesday. Fuckin' tuesdays.....

Starting the painful, scary and stressfilled process that is looking for a place to teach you stuff and not be superdouchey. AKA, college. I really hope I'm right in this and that it turns out like tests....

Project Gamma is going along nice, but slow. I don't mind, not in a rush. UV is goin' good too, and I think I've come up with some tasty stuff for origins in my mythos.

Well that about wraps it up, I'm feelin' sleepy enough to kerpoof.

Crafter signing off

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hey look its two months later

So here I am, its nearing midnight, and I'm listening to K-pop.
(specifically, this: )

On a Tuesday.


Anyway, stuff to report:


Zander is now the proud wearer of a +7 Le Noir 2S with 2 DR. I added spodumene and obsidian to the sockets.

I also finally have Enhanced Tactics, thanks to dear Irv <3

I decided to get Tronada Cruz, too. Its fun so far, only five more levels till I max it. Equipment wise, I wish I could get an Elite La Muerte. :C And a decent blunt/shield...since I have Crusader to level next. And my white bishop refuses to chip, still.

Hanging Guard and Arnis are epic, too, btw.


Novia, Jorgen and Ortega had to kiss my boots awwwyeaaah.

That sounded better in my head.

But yes, I finally conquered the ice bitch, I mean witch, and Lorch's unfortunate family. Muuuchhh thanks to Lusse, Shride and Martinellus for lending me their epic gear to get those done.

I admit, I had to pop on my sage necklaces from a promotion from forever ago...but it was worth it!

I only wish that I could've beat Catherine Torsche's instance mission today, with the few hours left on them. But no. The servers decided to go have a tea-party and told us to gtfo. Q_Q

Kharis, Marceil and Tech pwned Novia. Two Electric Blusters fueled by a +5 El Sol and +5 Vet Pio Lightning Bracelet....murdered the minibosses. Montoro is LAUGHABLE AS ALWAYS.

Seriously what gives. He's supposed to be this huge menace and powerful and all....yet in every instance he ever appears in he's always a fucking weakling. xD

I wanted to continue killing Novia LOL.

Later, I dropped Kharis for Sullivan and we went to the Holy Water Chamber~~ This time, I was prepared. D:< It took me one run to get the gist of things, and the second time, I succeeded, to my great relief. I'm really seeing the value of racial mods, now. Lawl.

Next on the agenda: Complete Catherine's fight
Rack up money to buy an expert Gertrude and do the hapkido quest, then Reckless Emi.

So that pretty much covers GE stuff. E.S. Posthumus' third album, Makara, IS SO AWESOMEEEEEE. Go YouTube it. Omfg. I love itt.

Its inspired and given the writer in me a wake-up call. (is reminded of the Vindi mission, QQs)
Let's just say I have a little something in the works, for now it'll be called Project Gamma.

Such an awesome name, huh?

that was sarcasm. its not thaaaat awesome. and has probably been used nine thousand times before.

Vindictussss....I'm slowly grinding to 52. q_q I want Shining Will blargh.

Aaaand I have the SAT and ACT coming up. OH JOY.
not. >:I

Aaaanywho, The Leet One (Or So She Likes To Think), signing off.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So, I watched Red. Awesome movie.

I'm here to answer Ash's request of Vindictus screenshots. :P White Tyrant says hi.
Information Chief Kalis says hi.
He's also a fucking bastard.
Nifty perspective of my Evie owning that silly Kobold. Yes, that's something weird with Vindictus...kobolds appear to be undead-ish things...not antro-doggies. The dye place. I looove that set. ;_;
I give you, the most fucking awesome boss ever, The Spark. <3 href=""> Thank goodness for Large Shields.
Owning up the Gnolls in the Perilous Ruins. Scythe is so fun, but I like staff too. It's not an easy choice for me, with Evie.
With Fiona, I knew I'd go hammers.
Fishing~ Fishing is silly. You get so much random, useless crap...the river is the most polluted thing ever. Evie is great cause she'll let the pole levitate and chill out. xD Nyphid is Balbanies, by the way. Killing with Life Drain ftw. Yes that is a football. Thing is fucking overpowered. You kill bosses with it, get coupons and turn them in for a football jersey in honor of the upcoming Superbowl XLV. xD Speaking of which, FUCK YEAH PACKERS VERSUS STEELERS.
My brother, playing Lann. His expression is priceless.
Moonchopper is cool shit too. xD
Chillin' in Colhen.
Have a lovely giant blood stain.
A nifty shot of Lann and Evie owning Laghodessa.
I just realized he's facepalming.
That, my friends, is a fully charged Stigma. The final and very very epic move for Hammers. Firebolt (more like fireball) owning Embermain. More chilling in Colhen. Shield Bash. The fury of a thousand suns, as my brother said.

Okay, I'm done. xD
My god I hate linking stuff with blogspot.
If you want more, check that out. It's pretty cool stuff, running on Source.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Aaaand Three-ish Months Later...



I wandered over to Ritnberns' blog and felt inspired.

So, let's seeee where I left off. The PSAT went well, I got my scores in December, they panned out as expected. That is, good in writing/critical analysis and not that good in math. Ah well.

I'll probably be doing the SAT in a few months, oh god. ~___~

Anyway, the months have been their usual ups and downs. December was generally full of win, except for the beginning, because I got sick following Thanksgiving, and that stuck around into the new month. >:C

I saw True Grit and Tron Legacy, hellyeah Jeff Bridgeeess. And Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund. xD Christmas was nice. I got two pairs of PJs, both of which are fabulous, and some new books.

Some might be like ohmygodhowlaaaaame but eh, I wanted the books and needed the PJs, so I am content.

I'm still pretty much on hiatus from GE, at this point. Vindictus just feels more absorbing. I still read the G1 forums every day, though, so I'm not out of ze loop. And Ash's blog. Heh.

I made some resolutions for the new year:
Draw moar
Write moar
Exercise moar (and generally be healthy moar)

So far I've kept with teh first two pretty damn good. The third is a work in progress...orz

I'm thinking about trying to redesign the blog's layout. Hm. We'll see if I learn anything of webdesign in the coming weeks. Hah.

Farewell, Internet-Ghosts who read my blog. Until the next post.