Friday, August 5, 2011

Hello August!

Hey hey hey~

Update time again.

Cadenza, Grace and Helena have maxed their stances, Death Chopping, Occultism and Superior Blaster. I need to level Grace a lot more to get SP for two of the skills, HERP DERP. Cath still needs a level to use her friggen personal skill. SP cost is retarded. Mages are the ones who need a butt-ton of sp. D:

Now, I've shifted my attention to leveling vets on my experting list. Reque and Atlacoya, but now I'm soloing Reque. :o Need to snag Selva's hat, continue slowly collecting runes, buy gold sometime and upgrade shiat, make more silver earrings, get all my lowbies to 100/vet. Get some fresh vets some levels and stances...yerp.

And I've been reading! Gotta get a bunch of fantastic novels in before crapsville starts again. And I even did some drawing the other night. /o/ Been writing too of course.

And I think that wraps things up. I vow to make this the most awesome August evar since I really really really doubt next August will be good.

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