Wednesday, April 29, 2009

This is a Title

I should shove out an update before May comes. So here it is! :D

I've not been on Sword as some may have noticed. Something inside of me is just...not able to be on there...I can't really explain it..I know I have work to do there...grinding, making Vis..and I still love the's that scene in Osmosis Jones, at the end where the fired Mayor pushes the 'DO NOT PUSH' Button, which is actually the farting button. In that its like something pushed the 'Blah! No Sword' button in my brain. o_o

So on ESO I've reached 18! I love flying on a cloud. And I wish you could fly in Granado. >_>
FLYING IN ESO>LEVITATION IN GE. Yeah, I said that. lol :3

I've found some animes I want to get, too! Macross Frontier, after seeing an amv for it.... 8D
I don't care if I spoiled something! D:< I read the whole Wiki article on Gundam SEED before watching it, lol. And that's a spoiler heaven. The other anime is My-HiME. I think that's the proper spelling. Below is the AMV that I saw :3 I brag and brag about hating romance, but theres exceptions. If your planning to look into it and don't want spoilers, well...Don't Watch? ;D

In other news: Apparently the man who played Charlie on Lost is going to be in Wolverine.
More proof I must go see it. I always end up seeing the first big action films of May. D: I MUST KEEP UP THE TRADITION!

Friday, April 24, 2009


Things go blahersome in Granado as of late. I got Brister to 73, Grace hit 83 powerleveling him, but I'm still so far from Gigantic Blaster and Outrage ;~;
This heres a screenshot from the other day:

I love pesting Begari. xD

Annnnnnnnnnnnd. Kimi got me and Astell to play Ether Saga Online. o_o
My Conjurer is finally level ten. The grind in that game is...compairable to the expert grind in Sword. WHICH MEANS I HATE IT AND IT MAKES ME CRY. D: And the layout still confuses me. <.< I find it a combination of CABAL, what with super fancy skills, Pangya, with good 3D rendering, and RO.

Not much else to report. D:

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Experts, Fringe and Glee

So, here we are with another April update! And, *GASP* it hasn't been over a week since my last one! Yaaaaaay. Al's doing his job again. :3

The last few days have been nice. Sunday was practically perfect, even though it was the start of three days, counting today of rain. BUT HEY. I'm not one of those weirdos who's emotions get floppy cause of the weather. >:] I had alot of fun with Shride. We went to the toxicwastedump land and had some fun. I only got ONE sun stone though...I tell ya, that place, is brutal sometimes. We ran into, of course, Leungs and his lameo TRIPLECALYTEAM. The Bust Shots nuked us all...except...Marceil. It was EPIC. XD Heres some screens:
Me and Shride awaiting the Gate. Goooo Hotdog Pants!
Lei using Enhanced Frostbite.
Because you have to have a ss of all your purdy baffs. :3

also got Caly to 60, woohoo! Areblast(I can't remember how its spelled) is up there on my list of awesome ingame sounds. It's as badass as Raid Assault and Anathema's trademark sounds!
I also successfully carried out Operation: Pizza that day and got my parents to buy some. :> Irvi and Shride will account for that!
Monday was filled with interestingness. Bones was hilarious, Heroes was good. I also was able to afk overnight, probably cause I did so with Shride. xD Brister got ten levels, and maxed Kneeling Shot. Gawd, I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate HATE THAT STANCE. But...I like having completeness...and according to Mis it's good for u_u But on the plus side to such hell, I got a million plus profits! *rubs hands in glee*
So far today has been okay. I watched an interesting thing about Tecumseh and his fighting the Americans in the War of 1812. Frankly as an American I am very peeved about that part of our history. I mean, the way he was willing to fight for his right to, practically live, is like...very American-y. <_< BUT NOOOO. We just have to be all stupid and wage war with the Indians... *cough* ANYWAYS. I'm learning some more new and interesting things in Latin....but...I also want to kill Rosetta Stone. Cause the last lesson I had was...kissing. D8 'Vir et femina inter se osculantur' is 'Man and woman kissing' pretty much. AND NOW. NOW IN THIS NEXT LESSON THEY HAVE CRAP ABOUT FRACTIONS. I MEAN WHAT THE HELL. ....oopsies. I forgot to turn off my rant button. :3 Mooooooooving on!
I expect Fringe to be fun tonight, as always. Sadly I come to expect screams when I watch mom's annoying like that. One time my older brother even just got up at the commercial and stomped off to his room to watch it, rofl. xD Time for a few more screens!
Brister and Plumbum
A recoloring of Lei's outfit using the Photobucket editor. I absolutely love it!

Now for a few congrats: Congratulations to AutumnFae for experting Grace and her Elementalist! Both today! You go girl~(wow I just used that stupid phrase 8D)
Shride, for experting Lisa at long last. Now I have just another thing to be jealous of you about.

I guess that's all for now, folks! and don't forget to check out my other new blog for writing-related-ramblings!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Nine Days Later...

So yeah, it's an UPDATE. :D
I sold Soho The Turd last night, yaaaaaaay. Got 38m for him. 8D
Let us welcome the newest member to the House, Lei-May! \o/
I'm glad I have her. :D Martial Elements: Ice is rather interesting. I wonder what it's based on.
I still don't know what to put her point in...*sigh*
Freq hit 13% the other day, so I'm getting there. I need to start afking more overnight and TRAIN MY MUSKETEERS. x_x Sigh, I wish there was a faster way to do it.
TODAY started nice. Weather was great in the morning, and I went to McDonalds for breakfast. xD Oddly enough, as I got into conversing with Tife, he too had been at McDonalds. And he too ordered a Sausage McMuffin. o___o FREEEAAAAKKKKYY.
But yes, Tife the Artist/Writer/Nub has finally gotten into Ark. And Kimi's on break.
Just like Rake. And Dairy. And Astell. And Shride. >:|
It's so depressing to see everyone leeeeave. D: And PangYa's back up! Annnnd...uh...nothing really worth mentioning...actually none of this is really worth mentioning, it's pretty much just a teeny update to let you know that yes, I'm still alive. I'm doing science and I'm still alive. And while your dying I'll be still alive. And when your dead I will be still alive. Still alive, Still Alive.

hahah...GlaDOS got to me there. So much boringness as of late...*sighs again*
ANYWAYS. While writing this I came up with an idea...I think it should be a good way to practice writing. I'm gonna make another blog devoted to fanfiction! 8D Also, Al says hi. He's been slacking off as much as I have, in not REMINDING ME TO POST MORE. *glares at him* ¬_¬

What's that? You thought I was Al? Well, Almontri is my alter-ego. Or perhaps my yang. Opposite.
Whateveryouwannacallit. This is supposed to be dodgey, weird and confusing. But it will soon be explained. <3

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Moving On

So, as the penalty week chugs on, I've been able to make some progress.
Grace hit 71, and I'm zooming along to getting Level 25 Freestyle Shot on her.
Branivyn is 76, and I'm massively enjoying Elemental Lord. IT SOUNDS SO FARKIN AWESOME. o___o I've still got like five more levels till INSTANUKE, though. I've gone back to the Prison de Joaquin, and I forgot how fun it was there. Plenty of mobs, decent place to afk(as I have been doing with them at night when I go watch tv), and the amount of money you can rack up there from just bulks of gold is epic. lol.

As you might've figured out, I've taken a break from grinding Lisa. I've realized I don't need to have such a hopeless outlook on her grind. In less then a week I've almost gotten one complete level in Veteran, and I think that's pretty damn good. :D Plus, I'm not going to make myself hate Abertal or AA, since I can just level other characters. Its weird how you people complain of it numing your can afk, you can do other stuff, hell you can get off. xD

I've created the Ark groupchat, and it's rather successful. Astell, Mis, Dar, Belle, Dan, Gobber, Mancel, Kimi, Iber, Nien, Uchi and Rak have successfully been snagged. xP I wish Flurb and Ide would get on, so I can get them into the chat. That and I might've forgot who else is there...orz

I've been tossing around a few ideas in my head about this whole Telos-Went-Kaboom thing..
and I was thinking maybe over the summer when alot less of us are busy, we could perhaps create a clan, for just even the summer. Might be fun, tell me what you think. And I even thought of a name for a clan. Atomus. Which you can probably figure out with ease, what that means. For the slow ones: Atom in Latin. xD I suppose the dream I've always had in my online life is trying to manifest itself now...but I know in the end it won't.
That dream is, effectively, to run a guild. To be a good leader, to be a menace(in a good way) to other guilds..I wished that in RO, in A18, and now I'm starting to wish that here too. Ah well, that's what dreams are...figments of what could be, but will not and can't be.

I leave you with this song I found recently, and I larve it. ;D

Monday, April 6, 2009

Mixed Feelings

Well this is gonna be quite a bittersweet entry. Let's have the bad news first.
Telos is no more. I guess the End met its End. Ah well...let's recap!

It all started so..long ago. I had just reached 72. I was enjoying new Andre armors and giddy about nearing the amazing mark of ten million Vis!! Then Warlust broaded. I broaded something along the lines of: "Look out Calypso, that stalkers around!" Then he pm'd me, and our dissucion spiraled into him wanting to recruit me. I was surprised to find they had changed to the Republican side.
So I said, "What the hell, I'll give you guys a try!" Now, before I had checked out Telos, and found they were Royalist. I was absorbed in the storyline (still am), and was basically like this:
Go Simon! Go Auch! Go Republicans! Screw Vespanola! Screw Lyndon and Gabriella! Screw the Royalists! \>:o/

I probably wouldn't have gotten Veteran if it weren't for you guys. So I thank you. Now I shall show my thanks below, in no particular order. (This is for Telos' current-ish members, if I haven't mentioned you, doesn't mean I don't <3 you.)

Astell - The one who never used an emoticon other then <3 when he was talking about Mia. 8) I could talk to you about science too! It's such a blast to find someone as excited about it as myself.

Kumigara - You helped me level in the Old Port. ;____; And then you gave me Viki. ;______;'' You were so awesome!

Idemair - I was just lol'ing so much when I first met you. :D And I was super sure you were a guy..../fail. And happy to find another homeschooler! Hope to see you around.

Kimiaru - WHAT CAN I SAY. You rawk<3 All your silly Japanese and Spanish that I can't understand, all your talk of partners in crime, and your all around funness. :D

Warlust - Well, you recruited me man. xD If you hadn't broadcasted that just when you did, I dunno where I would be.

D`Arwyn - You're almost like a brother. In that your awesome and tease me alot. :P I STILL WANT GAVIN. D:< (or at least lend me your leet gearz so I can get him myself..)

LovelySonata - Woooo. You're one of my best friends on here! I'm really glad you came back and that I had the chance to get to know you. :)

Nien and Iberison - You two are so awesome, and I'm really happy to see adults, married at that,
enjoying this game. XD Thanks so much for helping me level in AA. :)

Bosspower - I don't know you as much as I probably should, but you seem like a great fellow. :p
You'll get Expert in no time! (Because your not fail like me)

Misericordiia - Well, I wish I would've gotten to know you better. Aside from your scariness in pvp and general lust for characters' non-existant blood, you were cool. :)

Flurb - YOUR LIEK THE ONLY ONE WHO KNOWS OF HALO. To think I found you annoying when you first join...lulz. Now we're good pals! (right?) For you: TACOS.

Mancel - You seem like a good guy. Aside from when your blood gets boiling, your pretty fun. :P

Tiferet - I think I spelled that right. I'm so used to just saying Tife, lol. YOU ARE SUCH AN AWESOME ARTIST. Hurry up with that book, I wanna read it. :P

Shride - You were also like a brother. Cept very weird. :P Hope to see you back sometime

Rakuru - You were so silly. xD I'm glad to have known you. IRAWAIN LEAVES TRAILS OF BEEF IN HIS WAKE!

TheDaringThree - I've now made up my mind that you are one of the Orpesian BroadCast All-Stars. :P Say hi to Brunie for me, lol.

Hirojinn - Well, at first I found you very annoying, but in the end you're an..interesting fellow. You speak your mind, I admire that. (plus your automatically awesome for being the only Aussie)

Crias - Your name rocks. It reminds me of CRYSIS. o_o; Keep going, no matter what!

That's all I can think of. Don't eat me if you weren't mentioned. .___. Telos will remain alive in my heart, as long as I live on this Earth. I don't know where I'll go next, what I'll do next. But the first thing I most definately will do is get my former clanmates together in a Group Chat I'll make. :P

Lisa's reached 8%! I'm so happy. I think I could even get 12% by this Sunday. xD But then I might be being too over-optimistic. Branivyn's now 75! Evocation Fire is maxed, and I'm ready for The Elemental Lord. She's so awesome, she can take at least four hits from the mudmen before dying. And that's being ~30 levels lower, wearing the worst armor. lol. On Friday, I think, I got Branivyn the Ivory School Uniform. I love it<3 Someday...someday she'll be Expert. After I expert Sullivan, Marceil, Zander, Viki, Lisa, Grace and my Musketeers. 8D

My birthday was pretty nice. I got a pearl necklace from my mom, which was a huge surprise. o__o I got the Indiana Jones movie collection from my dad, yay! :p Not many presents, but I don't really care. xD

TTFN! (Ta Ta For Now. Yes, Tigger left a lasting impression on me.)