Wednesday, April 29, 2009

This is a Title

I should shove out an update before May comes. So here it is! :D

I've not been on Sword as some may have noticed. Something inside of me is just...not able to be on there...I can't really explain it..I know I have work to do there...grinding, making Vis..and I still love the's that scene in Osmosis Jones, at the end where the fired Mayor pushes the 'DO NOT PUSH' Button, which is actually the farting button. In that its like something pushed the 'Blah! No Sword' button in my brain. o_o

So on ESO I've reached 18! I love flying on a cloud. And I wish you could fly in Granado. >_>
FLYING IN ESO>LEVITATION IN GE. Yeah, I said that. lol :3

I've found some animes I want to get, too! Macross Frontier, after seeing an amv for it.... 8D
I don't care if I spoiled something! D:< I read the whole Wiki article on Gundam SEED before watching it, lol. And that's a spoiler heaven. The other anime is My-HiME. I think that's the proper spelling. Below is the AMV that I saw :3 I brag and brag about hating romance, but theres exceptions. If your planning to look into it and don't want spoilers, well...Don't Watch? ;D

In other news: Apparently the man who played Charlie on Lost is going to be in Wolverine.
More proof I must go see it. I always end up seeing the first big action films of May. D: I MUST KEEP UP THE TRADITION!


  1. Congrats! 100% agreement on the cloud. Cloud is <3.

    That song is also <3. If you do end up seeing those, let me know if they're any good!

  2. Dominic Monaghan's gonna be playing Bolt. 8D

    No matter how many times I look at him though, he's still a hobbit to me.