Friday, April 24, 2009


Things go blahersome in Granado as of late. I got Brister to 73, Grace hit 83 powerleveling him, but I'm still so far from Gigantic Blaster and Outrage ;~;
This heres a screenshot from the other day:

I love pesting Begari. xD

Annnnnnnnnnnnd. Kimi got me and Astell to play Ether Saga Online. o_o
My Conjurer is finally level ten. The grind in that game is...compairable to the expert grind in Sword. WHICH MEANS I HATE IT AND IT MAKES ME CRY. D: And the layout still confuses me. <.< I find it a combination of CABAL, what with super fancy skills, Pangya, with good 3D rendering, and RO.

Not much else to report. D:

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