Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Prep (Or Something)

Tomorrow I'm making gingerbread.

Das right.

The famous, classic christmasy cookie.

Except I'm a rebel and they are not men. Or even women, or aliens. They will be stars and snowmen(okay so maybe they are men? still, i have never seen a man that is made out of three large balls)

Then on the weekend it is time to make a Nutella cheesecakeeeeeeee. Haven't had it since March.

Granado-wise, I am bored out of my fucking mind. I might go to Secret Tower to see if I can kill General Guard for Oswaltz, but...otherwise there is nothing to do. I hope the word change lets me buy a few more things, though.

Vindictus-wise, I have forgotten my security code..i'm not overly concerned at the moment, but it looks like if I can't remember, I'll have to try sending a ticket. 8luh. Nexon christmas event has received condemnation on their forums and tumblr alike. I'm disappointed the new santa outfits aren't tradeable, but otherwise I really don't much care.

Here's some musical pickings from today.

Delicious sax.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Doot Doot

So then, little update time.

I finally ended up making a pixiv account, and I'm so happy I did. SO MUCH GE AND VINDICTUS AND GENERALLY AWESOME ART TO FIEND OVER.

Got Meythea(Asoka) to 100 today! And now she's Expert, levelin' Sect of Moonlight. Woop woop. Helena joined her to level Augury since my recent const-boxing netted me FOUR MORE bloody Pisces.

I will be so rich once Unlimited Shots come. I can smell it.

I also purchased Jaspard's Rifling Revolver and an Iceberg Bangle from the Token Shop. Waiting on a word change to see if I can get anything's hoping I can net another weapon; leaning towards a Dual Structure Dagger. If less, I might get ICP. :>

I might draw up a list later of all the things I got out of the event, but...probably should wait on that, it's not over yet. lol

Also got around to making a christmas theme on my desktop, and have been sending out cards(largely to some GE friends). Who knows if this will be a tradition, I just liked the art on the cards. e_e

That takes careathat.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


My mom is making cookies as I write.

We put up the tree a few days ago.


Climate change, I hateth thee with a fiery passion. If we get two winters in a row with no snow I am gonna have to smack a bitch.

Anyway, yes, holiday season. Have a good one, readers, internet ghosts, and all!

GE wise, the alphabet event is tapering off, although boxes are still apparently dropping, if very slowly for me. I've only gotten the Punisher manual and the Black Dragon pet from the token shop...still trying to make up my mind between Jaspard's Rifling Revolver, two Iceberg Bangles, and Asoka and ICP.  D:

Wish I would have known about it from the start. Oh, well.

Currently, the weapon count for me is:

Angel Camael's Crossbow x2(traded one for Angel Ramiel's Rapier)
Angel Raziel's Revolver x1(enchanted with human)
Angel Uriel's Bracelet(bought it off the market)

Dragon's Magica Staff x3(jeebus)
Dragon's Fury Shotgun x1 I did buy one with atk, but later another dropped which I traded forrr a Dragon's Fury Rifle.
Dragon's Fury Pistol x1 (sitting unused in storage atm)
Dragon's Eye Bracelet (also sitting unused)
Dragon's Scales Sabre x2 (chipped with atk for Adelinaaa)

I have to say, I wish the other angel/dragon weapons would drop. :( I kind of want to expert my Vincent, but there's no lute for him. I'm stuck with having to make an Elite Trump.

Started off farming in El Ruina, and then Skele AA, with a few tries at Torsche FA. Finally wound up going to Fire Isle because wewt, chips. But...effing botters. They aggravate me to no end. And some of them, honestly, look like legit players just botting. You know, a non-jibberish name and unusual character combos and in a clan.

I hope they are purged with the fires of the transfer.

I also need to work on my sword christmas carol. Eeep.

Okay, that's all folks.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Oh Dear What Am I Doing

Ferra and Lusse are making me want to write stuff about my characters again. And so much has my skill level, and the family itself, compared to that last post from years ago.


I...I don't think much will come of this. I could never bring myself to really write a full blown story, and most of it followed canonical stuff when it came to UPCs and chasing Montoro and stuff. It's really just their personal stories...


i have a fucking story from the last 'whim' i followed.
yeah i see what you did brain.
you fucker.

Almontri out