Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Gasp another update

So I'm back agaiiiiiiiin, and in a week!

you know, it's too it's not December.

First week of PTC has been, well. I'll just show you the log I've been keeping.

Wednesday, Aug. 18th - Mysterious Option, Result: Quarter Slot Permit. A bit disappointing but useful at least. :3
Thursday, Aug. 19th - Chose the daily route: got me some more enchant boosters!
Friday, Aug. 20th. - Mysterious Option again, Result: a failrific two metal armor crystals. booo. :|
Saturday, Aug. 21st. - Mysterious Option - Symbol of Aries YEAH BITCHES
Sunday, Aug. 22nd - Daily, grabbed some ring boxes. Opened next day: Abyss Flare ring LOLWUT and a divine blessing ring.
Monday, Aug. 23rd - mystery, oh goodie, how utterly lame, some offensive fillers. =_______= shoulda gotten the daily, damnit.
Tuesday, Aug. 24th - mystery, another symbol of Aries. o________O awesomeness, but weird.

I wonder what tomorrow holds. Oh wait, probably Enchant Boosters. xD
Whole reason I bought it was because G1 pulled another promo involving....buying that and receiving the wizard's Trump costume. I squee'd and promptly bought. Well, if I can get more nifty cs items and symbols out of it, it'll be well worth it.

School wise it seems I'll be doing meteorology and chemistry. and Latin, algebra 1/geometry. World historyy...hnng I think that's all. I hope it is. <_< Combined with mom no doubt wiggling disgusting grammar in, I'll have a good lot on my plate. BUT. I WILL PREVAIL. Also, motherface told me that if her adding things up was right, I got 12 college credits last year for the courses and tests I took. o_o

Recently (just before writing this infact lol) did Circuscircus with Jen and Irv. WE. KICKED. ASS.
And Zander was the last man standing lawl. They both died as Arsene had a smidge of health left and sadly I couldn't fire off something before they crystaled. Would've rocked. Ah well.

Today I leveled Darkness and Flintlock some more. 7 more levels between them till Whole Cancellation and Accuracy Shot. q_q Not to mention my Occultism is still sitting at like, 10. Or not even. >__________> why must they make expert stances so painfulllll.

Proxima now has all stances maxed and is about 20% from 101.
Helena's leveling Forgotten Magic, tis coo'. Amaranth is 101 now, nearly has Sabre Garde maxed. Then I think it's onto Greatswords. or maybe I should do firearms...yeah. Mrah, we'll seee.

Anyway, I am le tired so I'm just going to wrap this up annnnnd get some nutella. Nom nom nom.

If I ever get a cat, which is unlikely, but if I do; It must be brown so I can name it Nutella. >:D

Signing off, Goodbye, Sayonara, Over and out,

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

An Update

Soo, lessie.

I vetted Romina today, and bought the PTC for the first time evar, because, G1 keeps doing these costume promos and... D: augh. At least it wasn't a failrific explorer pack. I say that because the top two are nasty expensive for me and the cheapest is kind of...useless..for me. :c

Last week, I finally upgraded to XP. hurp. I don't really like it all that much but I'm getting used to it. I LOATHE AND ABHOR Word 2007. It's such an obnoxious little fucker. I miss my 2003. q_q

Faaahhh anyway. Computer, who has a name now, which is Oscar, has been running..a...little bit better? Lol I haven't noticed too much of a difference. And I'm using Pidgin..it's..ehhh. I hated it at first but it's not so horrible to me anymore. Trillian had some borky problems so, that's why I switched. I may switch back to it if and when they fix things.

School's been creeping closer, so I'm relishing these last weeks of freedom. I know I'll be moaning and crying for summer probably by the middle of September. >_> At least, it should be better then last year. I'm..being more involved in the planning of things, and I don't have any fucking AP courses, so woo. Plus I've got a world history course, instead of just REPETITIVE AMERICAN HISTORY.

And uh, I need to go makin' biscuits. /reminder. Anyway, I'm happy to update some things on the list of the last post!

I've - Vetted Romina, I plan to get her to 'least 101 before I drop her to dusty-fy in the Quarters again. Amaranth is getting some hardcore Topolo leveling, I've already maxed about three stances on her. Workin' on Penetrar Cruz as I type. Proxima's almost got Cauchemar maxed, and ohmygawd, I love it. Twin Blades too. They hold the sabres so much more awesomely than in Bloody Feast. D: Hel has maxed all her Domination stances, so now I just need to...suffer and cough up the 850k feso required for her Forgotten Magic book. ;A; That and I need to get back to Darkness/Flintlock/Occultism one of these days...orz.

Cagalli's almost 101, and winderful~ I can't wait to expert her. Oh! I FINALLY got my hands on a nice Camisa, +6 and 2 DR for 50m~
As you can imagine, Frequency, Prox, Amaranth and Cagalli were squeeing.

I still haven't uploaded my photos from EAA. Goddamn I'm lazy. Oh well. I just hope I do it before school starts, LOL.

Me and bro are on the Netflix free trial (which is how I got Gredits as I call them, hurr, for my gold.) and Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs is here. Probably watch it tonight aftar dinnar.

I wish the stat caths would get a wig. .-. and my god I want her new costume alreadyyyy.
I need to do TA more...still missing some symbols for stances and I just want to build up my symbols to hopefully make a Constellation weapon. (me? const? lolrite.)

The whole reason I started leveling Romi to vet was because the Schwarseiz costume came out. God what a typo that is, but its one spiffy outfit. Sure, it's cleavage, and Romina is the last kind of person to flaunt that, but.., you just compare her in Schwarseiz to Reckless Emilia, she's the most modest, conservative Priest's daughter evar. ;D

OKAY. I think I'm done.

Bye now. I'll be amazed if I update this again before August ends. lol.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Lotsa stuff has happened since the last post! |D

Reallifey stuff, I went to EAA on Sunday. Got sunburned and bitten. I HATE YOU, MOSQUITOS AND SOL. ;_; It was okay, first airshow was the only..."worthwhile" type thing for me <.< I took a fuckton of pictures (not that many actually, only about...60?) which I have yet to upload, lulz.

Finished up my CLEP exam...holyfuckitwassomuchbetterthentheAP. Different subjects but like. JUST THE FUCKING TEST ITSELF WAS GRAND.
-For one, I got my scores instantly after I finished. Unlike AP. Where you must wait a couple months.
-For two, I did it on a computer (yesssss). Unlike AP. Where everything's all ancient with them thar pencils and paper crap(I kid, I don't think they're thuper old fashioned..just..old-ish).
-For three, I had a nice lil' room all to myself with no annoying noises! Unlike AP. Where I had to do it in a crappy school's library, and they couldn't close it off so there were always noisy students(ironic, considering its a library. plus the teachers and PA system were always going. I guess they had no clue about the library=quietness thing.) 8|

AND I HAVE THOUGHT OF A GRAND STORY. Still fleshing the characters and stuff out but...it's great. I've made up little stories all the time and now an actual large-y one, but...this one is different. SQUEEE~

Onto Granado stuff, I've managed to do TA more, which has been fun. Tis all pretty much thanks to Lusse. <3 And my bishop-ghost hunting paid off! I got myself a fine fine fish, which has been turned in to Emilia so she can eat magical, expensive sushi. Along with ze water-bearer. I think he's pouring her that, or something. She must've had it with her delicious magic sushi! :D

And uh, this~



Occultism and Flintlock are going slow, though. q_q Doesn't help that I always die in FW. Gahhh. I hate this. Epic buffs but Ryrin is a bitch sometimes, and then I'm always dying, and its not like the spawn is ubar, and there's all this crap dropping ALL THE FUCKING TIME GRAHG. Anyway.

So I'ma take a cue from Jen and list some shit out nao.




People who just generally need moar leveling-
Proxima, Helena, Grace, Kalestine, Frequency, Mika, Idge.

Equipment related-
Chip some goddamn DR on EMS/EDC/LNs

Hopefully I remember to update this list thing... xD

Over and out, then.