Sunday, August 1, 2010


Lotsa stuff has happened since the last post! |D

Reallifey stuff, I went to EAA on Sunday. Got sunburned and bitten. I HATE YOU, MOSQUITOS AND SOL. ;_; It was okay, first airshow was the only..."worthwhile" type thing for me <.< I took a fuckton of pictures (not that many actually, only about...60?) which I have yet to upload, lulz.

Finished up my CLEP exam...holyfuckitwassomuchbetterthentheAP. Different subjects but like. JUST THE FUCKING TEST ITSELF WAS GRAND.
-For one, I got my scores instantly after I finished. Unlike AP. Where you must wait a couple months.
-For two, I did it on a computer (yesssss). Unlike AP. Where everything's all ancient with them thar pencils and paper crap(I kid, I don't think they're thuper old fashioned..just..old-ish).
-For three, I had a nice lil' room all to myself with no annoying noises! Unlike AP. Where I had to do it in a crappy school's library, and they couldn't close it off so there were always noisy students(ironic, considering its a library. plus the teachers and PA system were always going. I guess they had no clue about the library=quietness thing.) 8|

AND I HAVE THOUGHT OF A GRAND STORY. Still fleshing the characters and stuff out's great. I've made up little stories all the time and now an actual large-y one, but...this one is different. SQUEEE~

Onto Granado stuff, I've managed to do TA more, which has been fun. Tis all pretty much thanks to Lusse. <3 And my bishop-ghost hunting paid off! I got myself a fine fine fish, which has been turned in to Emilia so she can eat magical, expensive sushi. Along with ze water-bearer. I think he's pouring her that, or something. She must've had it with her delicious magic sushi! :D

And uh, this~

Occultism and Flintlock are going slow, though. q_q Doesn't help that I always die in FW. Gahhh. I hate this. Epic buffs but Ryrin is a bitch sometimes, and then I'm always dying, and its not like the spawn is ubar, and there's all this crap dropping ALL THE FUCKING TIME GRAHG. Anyway.

So I'ma take a cue from Jen and list some shit out nao.




People who just generally need moar leveling-
Proxima, Helena, Grace, Kalestine, Frequency, Mika, Idge.

Equipment related-
Chip some goddamn DR on EMS/EDC/LNs

Hopefully I remember to update this list thing... xD

Over and out, then.

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