Sunday, December 27, 2009


I'm considering letting this thing go inactive since I don't think anyone reads/cares.


Or is this post pointless like the rest.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Report!

Lawl. I wonder if I'll keep the tradition of "one post per month". xD

So hallo.

Recently, I've started watching Hellsing. And I must say, I love Alucard. :P But mind you, I'm not a stupid, crazed fangirl. >_>;;

My RPing is going nice, and I got two new veterans - Mika and Idge. 8D

I've started doing more things on dA as of late. Kind of nice there.

Hmm. I love TSO's new album Night Castle. It's EPIC WIN. And that's the truth.

And I think I'm going to attempt to write an essay on Ulyssess S. Grant. That's my own November Project. ;)

/short updates...blaaaah

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Gasp, I live. I just had a reeeeeeaaaaaaallllyyyy crappy September, that and I wasn't sure if anyone even read this. xD Anyway I feel like updating, so here it is.

I am currently: eating ice cream (Some Ben & Jerry's) in October. Yes. I am crazy. But also resistant to cold. \o/ Killing stuff in AA with my new Veteran, Tech :D And listening to Sonata Arctica's In The Dark.


Today I did the PSAT. And I just imagined I was fighting Obama, Novia, and Behemoth. Yeah....don't ask unless you want a long story. So, I may be seriously starting the expert grind soon.

/short update is short.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ohai September. The Nineth Month, When You're Actually Seven.

So yes. Here we are. September. It's funny, Sabaton's 40:1 song fits with my school.

"The 8th of September it starts..."

Gosh, I hate school. It's causing me to hate my mom too. :( I have sooo much shit to do, it's not funny. The only thing remotely cool is that thanks to my friend SpellCheck, and her violin ramblings, I'm back to the Piano! AND THIS TIME, I SHALT BECOME A MASTER OF IT.
Also, Steve Demme's Math-U-See course, Algebra 1 is what I'm's nice to work with, I'll admit.

Biology is lame and fail. I want my Chemistry plz. Q_Q
And History is lame too. I wanted to learn more world history, and then focus on Asian history. BUT NO. WE JUST HAVE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT U.S. HISTORY. ~__~ AND I have no Henty books. That was my one source of pure and complete joy, last year.

Gurg, growing up sucks.

Tracking back to Piano for a bit. I want to become as good as my mom, because, she is very good at it. And then I wanna become like Kim Junsung and Yunus. If you don't know who they are, PLEASE LOOK THEM UP. <_<

I'm very flipfloppy about my future as of now, in every single way. It's so...bothersome.

Moving on, even though for some retarded reason we haven't completely finished The Exiled, (or Esantri as Captain Stratus has dubbed them ;P), we've started another RP, this time run by SpellCheck. 8D Basically, once again, our RP is ahead of the Sword version. >.>



Lololololol. Yeah. Tis called End of Days. Theres lots of sadism, swearing, and space talk. 8D A wonderful combination, wouldn't you say~?

And Caliburn is steadily chugging along. We've been doing Diablo like crazy. I need to participate in it more, cause I gotta chip my daggers, and my new Conqueror Shotgun. Which I snatched off the market for 32m. -wins-

And back to Bands. I lurve Nightwish so much. Even though I miss Tarja...Anette can sing, so that's good. n___n~ Kamelot, of which I had one song, I have sort of rediscovered. Now I have...two more. Lol. Sabaton is still awesome, AND I am going to TSO's concert again.
-ish a happy girl-

Three songs, For The Heart I Once Had, Eva, and The Human Stain by Nightwish and Kamelot, respectively...reflect things for me. The first two...I sort of idenitify with. And then, 'Stain is pretty...deep. D: And awesome. Their all awesome. Gosh. So much awesome musi-


Anyway. They are epic. Unstoppable and ARISE are some singles of theirs which I recently found (I never keep up on things I like, lol), and I love them so.

Going back to EoD, my character is me. Different name, slightly different looks, older and such, but she's the closest yet to being me. xD I came up with the name Geneva Crux a million years ago, but then someone else used the last name of Crux (I'm looking at you, Balb.), and so I had to go with something else. I came up with Amsterdam.

Geneva Amsterdam.

Flows nicely, doesn't it? :3 Only a few days after I came up with it did I realize it's also the name of two cities. Lawl. I dun care, I think those places are awesome, so her name just has more underlying awesome.

Anywho, I'll wrap this up now. Buhbyes~

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Still Live

Hey guys, sorry I've been so silent. ~___~

So lemme give you a skimming of the last few weeks:

I went to Oshkosh for the world famous EAA Airventure. :D It was awesome! I saw the Airbus A380! AND WENT ON IT TOO! Ask for pictures if ya want em. xD We also saw the WhiteKnightTwo and VMS Eve, part of Virgin Galact1c. But, the price I paid for all the awesomeness was some bad sunburn. During that whole ordeal, my mother was of absolutely no help, lawl. I saw the Honda Jet too! Annnnd the Red Bull stunt Helicopter. It was pretty awesome.

Next...let's see...hmm. Well I've been busy with my RP, The Exiled. It's getting really epic. xD
We're having so much fun, and all growing as writers. It's really wonderful. You can easily find it on the forums.

I went to see District 9 last Friday, and boy was it worth it! I loved it! CGI was perfect, sound effects and concepts were grand...good job, Peter Jackson. :D

On some other great notes: I've learned more about Blazblue, and it has a pretty cool story. Songs are EPIC. But, I probably won't get it since I suck at anything I touch.
I've also downloaded's helped me get some songs, like Carlton's work. I've also grabbed up some mainstream Green Day, Linkin Park and Coldplay songs.

But what do you know, thanks to dear old mom, I'm winding into depression...about school. Q_Q
Like, yesterday she got some SAT/ACT PowerPrep thing...cause she wants me to take a PRACTICE SAT in October. ~__~ But like this program is for the real will anything I do in it even apply/help me? I'm likely to think not. Ugh..not even the 20th of August, and I'm already sad about school. My mom broke a new record....-sigh-

I really hate how my future's looking, right now.

I've just got to remember the things my heros have said...In the words of What I've Done, I'll start again. Thanks, Linkin Park, you just cheered me up. XD

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I've Been Lazy

Kay so.

I've done it again.


So let's see if we can compact things nicely....

Ancient Area is wonderful. I brought Freq, Kharis and Zander there the other day and gained 6% total, 2% gained each. Today I bought the Belly Dancer costume from the feso shop. I had enough, the fesos were just sitting there, and the costumes are still broken, so I figured what the hell and got it. She's of course, vary pretty in it~ <3
Which brings me to another point. For the anniversary of Sword, K2 gave out three different types of wings, of which Marceil and Freq are sporting. They were:
3 Pairs of Permenant Black Angel Wings - Which look nice on Mika, Sullivan and Zander. :3
3 Pairs of 15 Day Devil Wings - Cool, I can always use extra stats.
3 Pairs of 15 Day Black Angel Wings - Which give 8% Freq's usin them, and she's down to 21 speed. Not bad, considering that's the only speed buff she had. I probably should remove that point from AGI, but like....I'm lazy. And it costs gold. SPEAKING OF THAT.
I decided to make a Veteran's Ancestral Lightning Bracelet. Freaking Long Name. I ended up +5ing it cause I can't get a Ziz. QQ I ended up using my 36~76 chips trying to get a 100 one, finally used two 88s, three 92s and then three 96s to get one. >_>;;
So I was in Katovic earlier...I've gotta say I love using Lightning and Raid Assault there. ;3

I finally gave in. I can't keep hating on Claire. :/ And actually I've found I should just hate on Claude more then her, since HE's the one sending her around to do all this stupid crap, and she asks for help. AND ANOTHER THING. Claude AND Jose don't recognize me. Even though I DID BOTH OF THEIR QUESTS AGES AGO AND HELPED THEIR SORRY ASSES. O:< Stupid Devs and their inconsistencies with the storyline... I went around with Claire to collect debts from Vincent, Emilia and the Rebo Investigation Guy. Vincent really isn't helping his image by saying this to me...

Ahem. So yeah. I've gotten to the Unknown Ore part now...I sort of regret not afking last night trying to get it. .-. Blah, maybe it's good it has such a bad drop rate and that I'm lazy; it'll keep me from straying from my goal. Which is to Veteran all of my alts (or get to 100, in some cases).
I won't make any new characters till I do. Oh boy. How long will that resolve last, eh?

The G1 forums now have their Sword's....bleh. I hope it gets skinned to awesomeness soon like the WarRock forums. :< But they say it's in meh.

In other news, I've gotten Dar and Shride to join Caliburn. Muahahahaha. But Dar is usually afk (NO SURPRISE THERE, RITE GUISE?) and Shride is usually offline. D:

Annnnnnother thing. I went cabbage/apple farming with Rak the other night, and moar proof to my theory of the male Wizard and Caly being siblings: THEY WORK SO BLEEPING AWESOME TOGETHER. O_O Seriously it's like pewpewfwooshfwoosh AOE AOE AOE AOE AOE YOUR DEAD!

AND THE ZOO. I HAVEN'T FORGOT ABOUT THAT. It was great. :D The Wings From Down Under thing was pretty neat, there was this biiiiiiiiig cage that you walked into where the birds were. There were probably....two thousand of them or more. I'm not kidding they were everywhere. o_o

Admission to this was extra...which is LAME. But they gave us these popsicle sticks with seeds glued to em.
That's my hand. :P

This should probably be first, but uh whatever. 8D
I'm actually hiding behind that pillar next to the green recycling thing. (Brother is the dude in blue) Mom takes too many pictures. And it just so happens I can still be ninjar to you folks too. Talk about awesome.

Abit before we had lunch, we saw this guy. My brother's pretty good with pictures. Unlike Mom.

On our way to lunch, we saw this big guy. I think it was male, anyway.
Poor thing must've been so hot. D: I sure was.

Then we have ze lions. TYPICAL LAZY CATS. Seriously they look just like Oreo does. >_>

Another typical lazy cat. But Snow Leopards still pwn. <3 It was funny, there was this enclosed sitting area to see him, and we were sitting there all pooped out. And people kept coming in and walking past it, or turning around and finally seeing it and went all "ZOMGWTFBBQ THERE'S A SNOW LEOPARD IN THE CORNER AND IT STARTLED ME CAUSE I'M A NOOB LOL"

Now I should complain about the weather. iGoogle's always telling me it's going to rain lately but it doesn't. D: It'll be windy and sprikle....THEN IT WILL CLEAR UP. WTF MAN. :| The upper half of the state is in Severe Drought, according to the National Weather Service. QQ My mom was telling me we should go camping up there again but we probably won't cause the stupid sky is deciding not to rain.

Anywho, that be all!

Monday, July 13, 2009

I have a new Favorite Sandwich

So, quite a bit's happened since last Tuesday!

I'm making decent progress leveling Marceil and Sullivan in Topolo Durga. Yesterday I maxed Plow Guard, and today Marceil's Escrima reached 23. I switched to level Roof Guard now, it's 11.
Also last week I got a striking deal. Cresmein was cleaning out her storage, and I bought her +5 2DR Albeas for....*drumroll* 60m! :D Zander's finally getting some good gear. Funny how my magicians are the ones with the good armor.... =__=;

Whilst I've been leveling those two, the rest of my quarters plot my demise.
If I were a witty artist, I would've made some little comic to put up, but alas I am not. So I stick to what I know best: words!

"Gosh, I feel lucky that I got leveled Friday night when I did." Idge remarked from her comfy spot on the couch.
"Your welcome." Bernelli said with a roll of her eyes.
"Man...she WAS leveling us in the Prison....but we're just sitting here yet again." A particularly angry Musketeer named Technologic said in disgust.
Romina agreed. "I miss fighting those creatures."
Mika then proceeded to chide Idge "You haven't even gotten to 70 yet! You can't even join me in adventures!"
Idge replied with: "Hey, it's not MY fault! Al doesn't level me!"
Then Vincent and Kajitora appeared out of no where.
"YIKES! Where the hell did you guys come from?" Mika exclaimed, hiding behind Tech.
"Umm, Miss Idge, at least she's gotten you to 69. I'm still stuck at 50 and Kaji here is freaking 25! The LOWEST out of EVERYONE." Vincent said.
Then a Camisa-clad Fighter stepped up. "Why did I even join this family...?"
"Belletrix got rid of you for vis, remember?" Kharis explained. Max hung his head.
The Targan, and the confused little boy then put in. "Aye, we're stuck in the 40s too, you lute player." Sharif said.
"Yeah....she never brings me out. SHE HATES ME!" Vikster said and burst into tears. Caly tried comforting him.
"She doesn't bring me out either." Lorch stated.
"Same here." Freq said with a sigh. "And here I thought she wanted to Expert me during April...."
Deirdre and Ed put in their two cents as well.
The Wizard then tried to quel the brewing storm.
"Guys, come on, relax. You should be happy she's not on another break like back in May."
"Yeah yeah, keep playing Al's advocate Zander." Tech quipped.
"At least she's trying to help Marceil and Sullivan get somewhere!" Zander pleaded.
"You sure were won over with that Albeas, Zander." Kharis remarked.
"This has nothing to do with that silly green coat. You all are acting ridiculous." The Wizard shot back.
"I say....we show her who's boss around here." Tech said with a menacing grin.


Now I'll finally explain the title. Saturday night I tried an Arby's BBQ Bacon Cheddar Roast Burger(why the hell do they call it a burger...when it's not.) IT WAS FREAKING DELICIOUS.
It had yummy classic barbecue sauce, crispy onion rings, fresh lettuce and tomatos, perfectly cooked bacon...melted cheese....oh man I love that sandwich. So yeah, Arby's, you better thank me with a free sandwich for just promoting you. D:<

Sword updated to 2.9b on Monday. AND THEN ON THURSDAY PANGYA UPDATED TO SEASON 4! O____________________O
NEVER, have I ever had the two games update in the same week! Talk about awesome! \o/
I've gotten Mopsy, who's uber adorable and wonderful and awesome <3


And then here's Lucia! Need moar equips for her to come out plox.

Also I may be going to the Milwaukee Zoo on Wednesday. :O

Until next time, I'm Al, the Arby's lover and character neglecter. (^D^)b

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pollux Sword, Independence Day and 4.0

So, things are going nicely.

On July 4th we had my dad's friend John over. He made this kickass noodle salad. <3333
Next time he's over I've gotta ask for the recipe. We also had watermelon, chicken and beef shishkabobs, and some apple pie. :) We didn't go to any firework shows, though. I could care less, considering the ones Port has always suck.

Then on Sunday I decided to use twenty powders and farmed LoD all day long~ I made a Pollux Sword. Originally I planned to use it with my Idges, whenever they hit vet, but I couldn't resist using it with my fighter, heh. Plow Guard's 20 already. :3 Now I just need to figure out if I wanna get Sidewinder on her.

I've been soloing her in Topolo as of late, getting more Mega Ores and usually at least one piece of 80 equipment. This morning I reached 10%! I'm so happy! \o/
This is just after she leveled. I got 100~200 more HP and a pitiful but lol-worthy 5 more SP.
I'm wondering if I'll be able to hit 700 SP on my melee people when I expert them. I don't need to worry about Zander or Kharis, I mean, hell, Zander's already got 832 SP. xD

In other news, awhile ago I got Kharis from Begari, and now I've snagged Flurb's Caly.
I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. <33 (the characters not those two. they fail. ;D) Awhile ago I was leveling Domination Lightning in Katovic. e_e I wish I could get my hands on some good Zizes.
...Zizs? I have no idea how you would pluralize that. But here's some screens from that adventure.

Later Chivalhope, my new friend came along to help out. And apparently Gavin and Marceil have a thing for each other. 8D

Neume seems to be more hopeful about the 14th being the day for the rest of 2.9. I hope he's right, and I hope they fix Caly's quest. It technically doesn't matter since I have a veteran now, but...I love quests. :<
And Hardeh posted on the Sword forums about the kGE test server for.......4.0. So far it just seems like their making the UI better with changes to the zone map, adding a nifty mail box, a new Al Quelt Moreza raid, instanced raids(?) and made a better turtorial for newbies. Cool, I say! :D It just blows my mind that the Koreans are already working on 4.0....why couldn't I have been born in Korea or Japan? ._. Check out the SotNW Forums - General Chat for Hardeh's topic and for more info on 4.0. I'm not going to list everything. >_>

Onto another update related thing, Pangya should be promoting into the newest season, Season 4. I'm thinking it may be tomorrow or Thursday, but only time will tell. I definately think it'll be out this month, though. I can't wait, I got a popstar ticket for a free Lucia. :D

I've also found some new videos....sorta. Their new-ish to me. First ones Last Alliance's Shissou, which was the ending song for Ouran. I <3 the full version.

And then this is just epic awesome MS Paint shit. :> OH AND, JUNO REACTOR PWNS YOUR FACE! <3 Must get that song...

Excitedly reporting all the awesome shizz that's goin' on, Al~!

Friday, July 3, 2009


Hellos~ So heres the first update of July.

My watch has finally run out of juice. xD So I'm (hopefully) gonna go to WalMart later and look for a new wall clock. Maybe I'll even post of picture of it, if I find one I like. <_<;

AFKing has been successful. One of these days I'll have Install Traps maxed on Marceil, haha.
DomIce is 19 on Kharis, it'll probably be awhile before that's maxed though, since I'm working on leveling Mika and Idge. I think once those two get to 74, I'll level them with Tech to Veteran.
I may be getting a new Musketeer, too. One of my clanmates is leveling her for me. xD
I'm not sure what I wanna name her....I was thinking Renee, I've always liked the name. But I also am considering Teiron again. I finally got my hands on an Adelina card, so I'll start leveling her one of these days. Adel sure is a cool character. :D Plus it'll be handy to have the bladesmith.
I think I'll level Middle Guard on her first, since A. I hate the stance. B. It's needed for Low Guard.
If my memory serves me, her stances are:
Bareknuckle (lol)
Middle Guard
Twin Blades
Heaven or Hell
Freestyle Shot
Double Gun Shot
and Low Guard.

I kinda wish I could get a Captain version, cause....Nien's made a big impression on me. xD
I only wish she would lose the hat and eyepatch and retain her crafting skill. ;P

Onto Vocaloids, I'm still digging for their songs. *laughs*
I found a wonderful Miku song called Cremation Melody, or Kasou Kyoku.

And ya know, this reminds me. I hate how people rant about Miku's voice being high pitched.
Cause honestly, she's yet to bother my ears. Rin and Teto, on the other hand, have had some terribly high pitches. <__<

I've also started something I'd never have guessed I would end up doing: partaking in a forum RP. Role play, for those noobs who don't get it. It's quite entertaining. Irving's also in it. :)

I watched an old 90's show last night. Sliders. It is LOL. Kinda like Quantum Leap.
It's about this genius kid who opens a portal which can take you to one of many alternate earths. His professor, Maximilian Arturo. A random singer named Rembrandt Brown and his friend from work, Wade get sucked along. The effects they used for the 'slide' is so terrible compaired to nowadays. xD
They ended up in Communist America. There was PT&T, for one. They were getting chased by the evil phone company, lawlz. And it turned out that in this earth Wade was leading rebels against the commies. So they ended up helping the rebels and freeing that places Wade. Who later died. Lol. I may watch more of it, I'm rather undecided.

Anywho, that be all for now!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy End of June!

Okay then. I have not posted in twenty days. I think I need a smack on the head Dx!!

So I'm just going to list what all has happened~

I actually bought some new clothes! o_o!!
I went to see Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen. ITWASFREAKINGAWESOMEKTHXBAI.
I went to an awesome pizza place, Zaffiro's.
I got a Veteran Caly and another Fighter. :>
I bought a Target Card. Yes I gave in.
I was Leader of Caliburn for like, a week. Which was hell.
Begari came back and I gladly dumped the rings back on him.
Kimiaru experted her fighter Reina at long last.
Astell actually got on.
I met a weird new person, Tsui...something.
I tried Oberweis icecream. Freaking delicious~
I watched Defiance. Twas really good.
Thanks to the Telos video topic, I've found alot of awesome~ :>
I joined a Forum RP
I've stopped reading Girl Genius. (Because I've found I get less enjoyment out of it, reading it weekly, so I am going to pick it up again later)
I've been enjoying watching Conan host the Tonight Show. (I still miss Leno. >__>)

And that pretty much sums it up. I've probably forgotten some things but whatevs~ xD

June sure has been an interesting month. o.O K2 has been going through alot of hell. BUT I AM STILL UNEFFECTED BY IT. xD I mean...I don't even know what all the rest of 2.9 brings. Aside from stupid lolicon Claire. Also, now that I'm in a clan again, I really really want instanced raids. ): TO OTHER NEWS:

Some famous peoples have died. Ed McMahon, Ferrah Fawcett, Micheal Jackson and Billy Mays.
I only really knew Mays. xD Jackson always came off as a nutcase to me and I never really listened to any of his music. McMahon seemed like a cool dude. Fawcett....uhh. I dunno. XD
But Mays was awesome in my book, I loved when he came on the Tonight Show (twice, once with Leno and then O'Brien)

So methinks that's all, and it's something to sort of round off this quiet month.

Reporting from somewhere, Al. o7

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Updating for GREAT JUSTICE

An update. In June. ITS JUNE. PWAHAHAHA.

*aherm* Had to get that little bit o' crazy out. So...yeah. Tis Juuuunnnnnnnnneeeeeee :O
AND I AM DONE WITH SCHOOL. BOOYAH! \o/ Sometimes I keep thinking it's Sunday, but no, it's Monday. Or Tuesday. OR WEDNESDAY! XD And here I am listening to a damn Christmas carol while I write this? Lawl. I know nothing of the term 'seasonal music' 8D ~

Okay now I think I can write somewhat non crazily. First off, yesterday, for the first time. I did not feel useless! o_o I helped Begari hunt Golden Baaaats. Those things are ridiculous yo.
But today. I felt like a failure. Such happens when I try fighting Novia. :|
I'm claiming the Epic Failure: Orpesia Award nao. Cause I borrowed some of Mis' gear. (Elite Le Blancs, Ziz, etc. UBAR STUFF) AND I STILL DIED. Gosh...I hate that place .-. I hate Novia. But I don't know if I hate Invierno and Gavin alot too...their making me go through hell too ya know. o.o So maybe I should hate them. Onto other thiiiiiiinnnnnggggs~:
3.6 AS IN VERSION!!!!!!
Reckless Emilia looks like a Sith. lol
Real Catherine looks like a RO Assassin. 8D
Valeria...her grown up looking face does not fit her ten year-old like body. So that pictar of her is baad~
I wonder what the Elementalist's new stance is. I hope it's a kickass Dual LOE Bracelet one. For the Master rank. :> Then the Elementalist Master in the Master Room would make sense, yaknow? 8D
AND WIZARD EXPERT STANCE! I just wish it was a damager. Not another stupid debuff thing. 3:

Now to the Vocaloids. :D
I finally listened to Kokoro. Tis win. I like Rin's version better then Len's. Annnd. I guess that's it. o_o

So nothing really to tell. Just updating for the sake of updating, pretty much~


Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lots of Stuff

Hey guys. Guess what?


I like pie.

But actually I just felt like doing that. o_o Sooooooooooo. We're verging on 96 hours of down time for Sword. K2 Fails. 8D I mean, I was wondering why they gave such a small timeframe (24h) for putting in new hardware. Like, don't they know of troubleshooting and the like? >.>
Once their back up, I think I'll work on leveling Kharis abit. In other news: Pangya and Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds have been filling the Swordless void. I'm doing the Island Tour for a second time, hopefully I'll get a swimsuit for a character I actually have. >__> Stupid randomness.
So SWGB is so fuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnn :D I used to play it years ago, but now I've picked it up again. The Wookiees' Advanced Berserkers are <3 And Royal Naboo...geez, their stuff is so FANCY. x_x;; But they have uber upgrades for the Jedi and planes. Annoyingly so, it likes to crash. Naboo's workers look like...little robotic worms.. I think I might wanna try out either the Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire next. It's pretty fun to play it with my brother. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnddd. Let's seeeeeeee. What elsee...
YOUTUBE! I made an account there. Gasp. Maybe if I ever upgrade to XP, I'll get Fraps and see if I can record some Audiosurfin' 8D The Playlist feature is <3 We went to see UP on Friday. Twas very fun. And the 3D was goooooood. OH OH AND! Last night I watched the eighth episode of Eden of the East with my brother, right? Well...there was this add...stuck in it.. The dubbers must've thought it too hilarious to remove. But it was an add for Star Trek with Japanese dubs. LOLOLOLOL. Our big hybrid popler was taken down last Wednesday. I just wish they would've taken it down before it started with the leaves..<_< I guess it really is a sign things are changing and your growing up when two of the things that have been with you your whole life are suddenly gone..

Okay, now I have an actual big announcement.


:D Can't waiiit. \o\ \o/ /o/

Friday, May 22, 2009

I've Been Busy

Very busy.
I came back to Sword. Oddly thanks to two things: The obvious one, K2-Raiden communicating more gave me hope. And the more obscure reason: keriberry's wonderful lineart that I colored o_o
Which reminds me I still haven't posted the one...
So, I have a veteran Elementalist. Whom I decided to call Kharis. Tis Latin :D I've been doing crappy in Latin lately. .___. And I have no bracelets H_H I have joined Begari's new clan Caliburn. I was seriously laughing before even five minutes of being in was up. :]
There's Kharis after getting Domination Ice. That things a damn PAIN to level.. I have maxed Anathema as of afking in AA last night! Woooo! Tactical is chugging along to 25 as well. Sullivan and Zander have reached four percent, and Marceil's at five. Mighty Cruz is very fun so far, so I guess it was worth spending my 25 MP on.

I have found more Vocaloid songs to love, thanks to Kimi and my own searchings. Vanatouli remarked to me yesterday that he prefered real voices as opposed to synthesized. But, I don't mind if they sound alittle robotic, and most of the time they sound just as damn good, if not better then some real human singers. >:| As I've said before, I love all kinds of music. At least I'd like to say that but some types of 'music' exists...that is like a man with a dry throat screaming, and such. :( Now, I have a few things to recommend to ye all, below:

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Well, he's the world's greatest fictional dectective! But seriously, you SHOULD read it. Watson's excellent at describing things and theres a nice lot of humor sprinkled throughout. And it might help you become more observant, who knows!

Star Trek
I saw this last Friday, and I must say it was good. The special effects were killer, the plot line good, and the music PURE WIN. Chris Pine did a decent job of portraying a young Kirk, I thought.(I admit I haven't seen much of the original though x.x) Zachary Quinto was pretty good as a younger Spock. :D And Jennifer Morrison was Kirk's mom! Wooo!

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian
This was fun. I saw it earlier today. But you should see the first before persuing this.
It was just really super fun! :D

Of course you can just ignore my suggestions, at your loss. <___< Nah I kid. OR DO I?!
Things are already starting to feel like summer here. The last two days were nice (damnit, a cold front moved in today!) in the 80's! <3 That and I just feel freer from's nice. So basically to sum up everything that's been going on lately: Things are really friggen awesome, and the bad stuff is minute.
I'm somewhat depressed that all our shows are coming to an end, to be replaced with stupid crap that ain't worth watching. I mean, people are generally less busy in the summer(right?) and thus have more time to watch TV, but...there's nothing worth watching, because for some reason the networks feel they have to put stupid shit on. D8 /rant
Ah well, I guess that's all!

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Void is Being Filled


I r back with an updatez. The void that was created when I stepped back from Sword is being filled quite nicely I daresay. <3 And by the strangest of combinations of things, at that, too. o_O

The Vocaloids
Macross Frontier
Sherlock Holmes

LIKE WTFLOL? Why is it that I'm using those to fill it. xD Granted I finished Macross a few days ago but it's still fresh in my mind and what not. I'm still hunting down vocaloid songs~ aaaaaaaand today and yesterday were the witnesses of the revival of Sherlock! o___o Boy I have missed his adventures. o_O Been waaaaaaay to fricken long since I read that. D: So I looked up some things about him! Via Wiki, of course. I ran into two new terms - Sherlockian and Holmesian. And apparently theres a Sherlock Holmes MUSEUM. A MUSEUM. IWANTTOGOTHERE. And I found that Sidney Paget who illustrated him...looks....ALOT like Holmes. I'm guessing he used himself as a model to create Holmes. o-o
I already knew Holmes was something of a chemist - a good one at that - but...he also was fluent in Latin. So basically I have come to the realization that I want to be like Sherlock Holmes, with some modern stuff thrown in. xD Sigh, one can only dream of that though.

Onto the other two, it's funny cause I found a fan-made version of one of the originals singing a song from Macross. xD And Yoko Kanno did the music for it! o_________o SHE'S SO AWESOME. D: I love TALLY HO!

(^ this was the fanmade vocaloid singing a Macross song) And actually, this song gave me a crazy idea for a video...but of course it would require good animation, and drawing is not my forte. :p
Heres another video. Miku and Luka sound <3 together. Their voices blend so nicely and they sound perfectly human!

And I've also thought up what Vocaloids would fit the Clue cast, lol. Probably thanks to Sherlock. >_>
Kaito - Mister Peacock (yeah, she's a lady but she's the blue one! D;)
Miku - Miss Midori (a play on Mister Green xD)
Meiko - Miss Scarlet (they're both smexylike ladies in red? o.o)
Rin - Miss White (seems like she'd fit the part of the evil maid!)
Len - Colonel Mustard (I'm not really sure about this one, the other option for him was to be the butler and Rin's partner in crime, and a butler doesn't exist! DX)
Now then...Professor Plum..I have absolutely no idea who would fit his part. Certainly not Gak cause Gak is an eggplant loving samurai that might be from the future...and isn't cool enough to be Plum. so meh. >_>

Moving on, I was on Sword abit today. I really felt like rambling about Holmes to you guys...but Nien and later Uchiha were the only ones around, and that didn't last long. WHICH SUCKS. D; I got on just to talk specially to you guys but noooooooo. you all decide to go MIA and quitzor like me. <_< I honestly don't think I'll come back even if we get updates...cause..I dunno..anything that held the game up on its feet is breaking now. If we actually do get new content I suppose I may end up recanting this though...maybe the magic will come back.

And on Saturday I started watching Eden of the East with my brother. Tis awesome so far! :O
I like the art style(people look real), music is nifty, the intro/outros look coool. And if there's like, English(I just mean people who speak the language, not Brits) people they just speak in English xD Tis cool. I'm dying for the next episode to get out and get subbed. ;_; So yeah I guess that rounds it up~ Sayonara o7

Friday, May 8, 2009

This is a Title, V.2!


Finally the week is over. 8D It's been a nice Swordless week~ I just finished Macross...and...umm...WOW. SOME OF IT WAS SO FRIGGEN CHEESY. D8 But I guess it was okay. xD I'm usually never disappointed with the shows I watch. So if you've yammered to me, you'll know I've caught the V-Type Infection. No it's not Vajra, but Vocaloid. e_e And it's all thanks to Kimi. But yeah, found some fun artwork and wonderful songs. 8D Now I have even more of a reason to learn Japanese, so I can buy Vocaloid2 and start makin' music~! TV shows during the week were good. Astell's been much help translating songtitles for me too, *laughs* I'm rather jealous of him. >8\

Anyways, Latin's slowly getting alittle interesting...whaddya think Auris means? Sounds pretty right? I thought so to. But it means ear. o_o Hmmm. Maybe someday I'll type up a whole entry in Latin! >D Yeah....I'm in that huge inspired mood I usually get into after finishing a movie or series. I feel like I can take everything on! Hahahaha. xD Lately the writer in me has been dead, but thanks to a certain vocaloid and her song, it's alive again! I've got some great ideas for the story I'm crafting for Al. But...annoyingly so, I've yet to put anything into words, it's rather a movie in my head. NO MATTER! I shall eventually write it out.


So this is the one that's inspired my story. Rin's song just...made the possibilities expload. \o\ /o/

From the other twin, Len! I just love this song. It's so epic. o___o Reminds me of a few tracks that play in the new 3.0 areas. Also telephone cord weeds!
They both sound very human too, props to the creators~
Next up we have the Paprika ending song, Byakkoya no musume, sung by Kaito. Here he too sounds wonderfully human. I had my mom listen to it and she loved it. She was shocked that it was also, in a sense, a computer singing. <3 Goo Kaito~

AND BY THE WAY. I'm not a fangirl >:| I like Meiko's, Kaito's, the twins, Miku and Luka songs. I haven't heard Gakupo, but he can go die...stupid eggplant samurai..haven't really heard any fanmade vocaloid songs though, I'll probably run into them sometime. AND LASTLY. The strange and hilarious Triple Baka song....I guess vocals would be Miku, Teto just mutters stuff...and Neru just futses with her phone. K_K FLYING BREAD!

Kaythen. End of the vidars~ And frankly the end of post! Guten tag~

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Free Time - Sword = Vocaloids?!

So yeah, those who know me have probably seen my topics on the ole members forums/official forums regarding my decision to leave the game. I might come back in a week or so...and I might pop on to get Shride to powerlevel my musketeer. lolol 8D A heart felt thank you to those who I have had the fortune of meeting in the New World. I haven't completely quit...just a break, I suppose. It's not really because of K2, or no 3.0, or any ingame drama crap. I sort of talked about this in my previous entry, so yeah...honestly the thing that ticked me off the most was the community bullshit lines- oh I mean community guidelines. >.> And a mod abiding by them by deleting a topic I made. It just seriously ticked me off and pushed me over the edge. >:E I get SO tired of all these stupid rules...*sigh* MOOOOOOOVING ON.

I've been maybe three, four or five days without Sword. So far so good. o_o Progressing slowly but surely on ESO. I was checking out my skills and apparently theres one at level which you can turn the targeted player into a SHEEP. That's right. A SHEEP. I was rofling when I read that. 8D Pangya-wise, well...things are pretty much as they are. NTreev's still got it in once that's overwith and we have new content and cookies back things might become more interesting for me. :D

NOW TO THE EQUATION. Thanks to Kimi, who...posts Vocaloid stuff on the video topic in our forums...this latest one is so WEIRD. I want to rip my hair out....because firstly I can't figure out if Kaito's in a duet with Miku, or if it's just him. :E SECONDLY.
Why is he the Super Creepy Phantom of the Opera? THIRDLY. Miku as a loli= epic fail.
His costume is kinda cool, cept for the hat. The hat is fail.

And let's talk about today alittle. Namely, my teee veee watching!
I started Macross Frontier with my brother this morning...I gotta say, Ranka's cute. And I feel sorry for Alto, being dragged into Sheryl's ridiculousness and Micheal calling him Princess...rofl. xD But yeah, so far...I am hating the lyrics for the intro song. >____> Cause it's so OBVIOUSLY about the whole yet-to-be triangle thing between Ranka, Sheryl and Alto. ¬0¬

AND I WATCHED THE LAST CRUSADE. It was fun :D Connery sure played an interesting part.. xD I'm going to start saying "Intolerable!" now.

So that's about it. :D

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

This is a Title

I should shove out an update before May comes. So here it is! :D

I've not been on Sword as some may have noticed. Something inside of me is just...not able to be on there...I can't really explain it..I know I have work to do there...grinding, making Vis..and I still love the's that scene in Osmosis Jones, at the end where the fired Mayor pushes the 'DO NOT PUSH' Button, which is actually the farting button. In that its like something pushed the 'Blah! No Sword' button in my brain. o_o

So on ESO I've reached 18! I love flying on a cloud. And I wish you could fly in Granado. >_>
FLYING IN ESO>LEVITATION IN GE. Yeah, I said that. lol :3

I've found some animes I want to get, too! Macross Frontier, after seeing an amv for it.... 8D
I don't care if I spoiled something! D:< I read the whole Wiki article on Gundam SEED before watching it, lol. And that's a spoiler heaven. The other anime is My-HiME. I think that's the proper spelling. Below is the AMV that I saw :3 I brag and brag about hating romance, but theres exceptions. If your planning to look into it and don't want spoilers, well...Don't Watch? ;D

In other news: Apparently the man who played Charlie on Lost is going to be in Wolverine.
More proof I must go see it. I always end up seeing the first big action films of May. D: I MUST KEEP UP THE TRADITION!

Friday, April 24, 2009


Things go blahersome in Granado as of late. I got Brister to 73, Grace hit 83 powerleveling him, but I'm still so far from Gigantic Blaster and Outrage ;~;
This heres a screenshot from the other day:

I love pesting Begari. xD

Annnnnnnnnnnnd. Kimi got me and Astell to play Ether Saga Online. o_o
My Conjurer is finally level ten. The grind in that game is...compairable to the expert grind in Sword. WHICH MEANS I HATE IT AND IT MAKES ME CRY. D: And the layout still confuses me. <.< I find it a combination of CABAL, what with super fancy skills, Pangya, with good 3D rendering, and RO.

Not much else to report. D:

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Experts, Fringe and Glee

So, here we are with another April update! And, *GASP* it hasn't been over a week since my last one! Yaaaaaay. Al's doing his job again. :3

The last few days have been nice. Sunday was practically perfect, even though it was the start of three days, counting today of rain. BUT HEY. I'm not one of those weirdos who's emotions get floppy cause of the weather. >:] I had alot of fun with Shride. We went to the toxicwastedump land and had some fun. I only got ONE sun stone though...I tell ya, that place, is brutal sometimes. We ran into, of course, Leungs and his lameo TRIPLECALYTEAM. The Bust Shots nuked us all...except...Marceil. It was EPIC. XD Heres some screens:
Me and Shride awaiting the Gate. Goooo Hotdog Pants!
Lei using Enhanced Frostbite.
Because you have to have a ss of all your purdy baffs. :3

also got Caly to 60, woohoo! Areblast(I can't remember how its spelled) is up there on my list of awesome ingame sounds. It's as badass as Raid Assault and Anathema's trademark sounds!
I also successfully carried out Operation: Pizza that day and got my parents to buy some. :> Irvi and Shride will account for that!
Monday was filled with interestingness. Bones was hilarious, Heroes was good. I also was able to afk overnight, probably cause I did so with Shride. xD Brister got ten levels, and maxed Kneeling Shot. Gawd, I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate HATE THAT STANCE. But...I like having completeness...and according to Mis it's good for u_u But on the plus side to such hell, I got a million plus profits! *rubs hands in glee*
So far today has been okay. I watched an interesting thing about Tecumseh and his fighting the Americans in the War of 1812. Frankly as an American I am very peeved about that part of our history. I mean, the way he was willing to fight for his right to, practically live, is like...very American-y. <_< BUT NOOOO. We just have to be all stupid and wage war with the Indians... *cough* ANYWAYS. I'm learning some more new and interesting things in Latin....but...I also want to kill Rosetta Stone. Cause the last lesson I had was...kissing. D8 'Vir et femina inter se osculantur' is 'Man and woman kissing' pretty much. AND NOW. NOW IN THIS NEXT LESSON THEY HAVE CRAP ABOUT FRACTIONS. I MEAN WHAT THE HELL. ....oopsies. I forgot to turn off my rant button. :3 Mooooooooving on!
I expect Fringe to be fun tonight, as always. Sadly I come to expect screams when I watch mom's annoying like that. One time my older brother even just got up at the commercial and stomped off to his room to watch it, rofl. xD Time for a few more screens!
Brister and Plumbum
A recoloring of Lei's outfit using the Photobucket editor. I absolutely love it!

Now for a few congrats: Congratulations to AutumnFae for experting Grace and her Elementalist! Both today! You go girl~(wow I just used that stupid phrase 8D)
Shride, for experting Lisa at long last. Now I have just another thing to be jealous of you about.

I guess that's all for now, folks! and don't forget to check out my other new blog for writing-related-ramblings!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Nine Days Later...

So yeah, it's an UPDATE. :D
I sold Soho The Turd last night, yaaaaaaay. Got 38m for him. 8D
Let us welcome the newest member to the House, Lei-May! \o/
I'm glad I have her. :D Martial Elements: Ice is rather interesting. I wonder what it's based on.
I still don't know what to put her point in...*sigh*
Freq hit 13% the other day, so I'm getting there. I need to start afking more overnight and TRAIN MY MUSKETEERS. x_x Sigh, I wish there was a faster way to do it.
TODAY started nice. Weather was great in the morning, and I went to McDonalds for breakfast. xD Oddly enough, as I got into conversing with Tife, he too had been at McDonalds. And he too ordered a Sausage McMuffin. o___o FREEEAAAAKKKKYY.
But yes, Tife the Artist/Writer/Nub has finally gotten into Ark. And Kimi's on break.
Just like Rake. And Dairy. And Astell. And Shride. >:|
It's so depressing to see everyone leeeeave. D: And PangYa's back up! Annnnd...uh...nothing really worth mentioning...actually none of this is really worth mentioning, it's pretty much just a teeny update to let you know that yes, I'm still alive. I'm doing science and I'm still alive. And while your dying I'll be still alive. And when your dead I will be still alive. Still alive, Still Alive.

hahah...GlaDOS got to me there. So much boringness as of late...*sighs again*
ANYWAYS. While writing this I came up with an idea...I think it should be a good way to practice writing. I'm gonna make another blog devoted to fanfiction! 8D Also, Al says hi. He's been slacking off as much as I have, in not REMINDING ME TO POST MORE. *glares at him* ¬_¬

What's that? You thought I was Al? Well, Almontri is my alter-ego. Or perhaps my yang. Opposite.
Whateveryouwannacallit. This is supposed to be dodgey, weird and confusing. But it will soon be explained. <3

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Moving On

So, as the penalty week chugs on, I've been able to make some progress.
Grace hit 71, and I'm zooming along to getting Level 25 Freestyle Shot on her.
Branivyn is 76, and I'm massively enjoying Elemental Lord. IT SOUNDS SO FARKIN AWESOME. o___o I've still got like five more levels till INSTANUKE, though. I've gone back to the Prison de Joaquin, and I forgot how fun it was there. Plenty of mobs, decent place to afk(as I have been doing with them at night when I go watch tv), and the amount of money you can rack up there from just bulks of gold is epic. lol.

As you might've figured out, I've taken a break from grinding Lisa. I've realized I don't need to have such a hopeless outlook on her grind. In less then a week I've almost gotten one complete level in Veteran, and I think that's pretty damn good. :D Plus, I'm not going to make myself hate Abertal or AA, since I can just level other characters. Its weird how you people complain of it numing your can afk, you can do other stuff, hell you can get off. xD

I've created the Ark groupchat, and it's rather successful. Astell, Mis, Dar, Belle, Dan, Gobber, Mancel, Kimi, Iber, Nien, Uchi and Rak have successfully been snagged. xP I wish Flurb and Ide would get on, so I can get them into the chat. That and I might've forgot who else is there...orz

I've been tossing around a few ideas in my head about this whole Telos-Went-Kaboom thing..
and I was thinking maybe over the summer when alot less of us are busy, we could perhaps create a clan, for just even the summer. Might be fun, tell me what you think. And I even thought of a name for a clan. Atomus. Which you can probably figure out with ease, what that means. For the slow ones: Atom in Latin. xD I suppose the dream I've always had in my online life is trying to manifest itself now...but I know in the end it won't.
That dream is, effectively, to run a guild. To be a good leader, to be a menace(in a good way) to other guilds..I wished that in RO, in A18, and now I'm starting to wish that here too. Ah well, that's what dreams are...figments of what could be, but will not and can't be.

I leave you with this song I found recently, and I larve it. ;D

Monday, April 6, 2009

Mixed Feelings

Well this is gonna be quite a bittersweet entry. Let's have the bad news first.
Telos is no more. I guess the End met its End. Ah well...let's recap!

It all started so..long ago. I had just reached 72. I was enjoying new Andre armors and giddy about nearing the amazing mark of ten million Vis!! Then Warlust broaded. I broaded something along the lines of: "Look out Calypso, that stalkers around!" Then he pm'd me, and our dissucion spiraled into him wanting to recruit me. I was surprised to find they had changed to the Republican side.
So I said, "What the hell, I'll give you guys a try!" Now, before I had checked out Telos, and found they were Royalist. I was absorbed in the storyline (still am), and was basically like this:
Go Simon! Go Auch! Go Republicans! Screw Vespanola! Screw Lyndon and Gabriella! Screw the Royalists! \>:o/

I probably wouldn't have gotten Veteran if it weren't for you guys. So I thank you. Now I shall show my thanks below, in no particular order. (This is for Telos' current-ish members, if I haven't mentioned you, doesn't mean I don't <3 you.)

Astell - The one who never used an emoticon other then <3 when he was talking about Mia. 8) I could talk to you about science too! It's such a blast to find someone as excited about it as myself.

Kumigara - You helped me level in the Old Port. ;____; And then you gave me Viki. ;______;'' You were so awesome!

Idemair - I was just lol'ing so much when I first met you. :D And I was super sure you were a guy..../fail. And happy to find another homeschooler! Hope to see you around.

Kimiaru - WHAT CAN I SAY. You rawk<3 All your silly Japanese and Spanish that I can't understand, all your talk of partners in crime, and your all around funness. :D

Warlust - Well, you recruited me man. xD If you hadn't broadcasted that just when you did, I dunno where I would be.

D`Arwyn - You're almost like a brother. In that your awesome and tease me alot. :P I STILL WANT GAVIN. D:< (or at least lend me your leet gearz so I can get him myself..)

LovelySonata - Woooo. You're one of my best friends on here! I'm really glad you came back and that I had the chance to get to know you. :)

Nien and Iberison - You two are so awesome, and I'm really happy to see adults, married at that,
enjoying this game. XD Thanks so much for helping me level in AA. :)

Bosspower - I don't know you as much as I probably should, but you seem like a great fellow. :p
You'll get Expert in no time! (Because your not fail like me)

Misericordiia - Well, I wish I would've gotten to know you better. Aside from your scariness in pvp and general lust for characters' non-existant blood, you were cool. :)

Flurb - YOUR LIEK THE ONLY ONE WHO KNOWS OF HALO. To think I found you annoying when you first join...lulz. Now we're good pals! (right?) For you: TACOS.

Mancel - You seem like a good guy. Aside from when your blood gets boiling, your pretty fun. :P

Tiferet - I think I spelled that right. I'm so used to just saying Tife, lol. YOU ARE SUCH AN AWESOME ARTIST. Hurry up with that book, I wanna read it. :P

Shride - You were also like a brother. Cept very weird. :P Hope to see you back sometime

Rakuru - You were so silly. xD I'm glad to have known you. IRAWAIN LEAVES TRAILS OF BEEF IN HIS WAKE!

TheDaringThree - I've now made up my mind that you are one of the Orpesian BroadCast All-Stars. :P Say hi to Brunie for me, lol.

Hirojinn - Well, at first I found you very annoying, but in the end you're an..interesting fellow. You speak your mind, I admire that. (plus your automatically awesome for being the only Aussie)

Crias - Your name rocks. It reminds me of CRYSIS. o_o; Keep going, no matter what!

That's all I can think of. Don't eat me if you weren't mentioned. .___. Telos will remain alive in my heart, as long as I live on this Earth. I don't know where I'll go next, what I'll do next. But the first thing I most definately will do is get my former clanmates together in a Group Chat I'll make. :P

Lisa's reached 8%! I'm so happy. I think I could even get 12% by this Sunday. xD But then I might be being too over-optimistic. Branivyn's now 75! Evocation Fire is maxed, and I'm ready for The Elemental Lord. She's so awesome, she can take at least four hits from the mudmen before dying. And that's being ~30 levels lower, wearing the worst armor. lol. On Friday, I think, I got Branivyn the Ivory School Uniform. I love it<3 Someday...someday she'll be Expert. After I expert Sullivan, Marceil, Zander, Viki, Lisa, Grace and my Musketeers. 8D

My birthday was pretty nice. I got a pearl necklace from my mom, which was a huge surprise. o__o I got the Indiana Jones movie collection from my dad, yay! :p Not many presents, but I don't really care. xD

TTFN! (Ta Ta For Now. Yes, Tigger left a lasting impression on me.)

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Art Museum and Expert

Hello~ :D A relatively short update today.
Firstly, I've found some more songs through the wonderousness of the internetz.

This song really inspires me. I'm gonna make a list sometime filled with songs that do just that.
And then, this one below is an interesting find. I usually dislike rap, but this ones pretty nice.
Yay for variety~!

So tomorrow I'm heading off to Discovery World yet again. It's rather pleasant to go there.
This time my class is about the wonders of dioxyribonucleic acid. Afterwards we'll be heading next door to the Art Museum. My mom wants to see Jan Lievans' work. I'm honestly not too interested in it. :| But its the only way I convinced my mom to let me go to just one class at DW, so..bleh, sometimes one must compromise.
Note: the museum is the, apparently world famous Milwaukee Art Museum. Which I don't give a rat's ass about. lol. :D
I guess that's more proof that I should be a scientist if I don't care for art. ;) I can enjoy paintings and all that, but...I just..dislike going to art museums.
I went and got a Target Card, my wonderful gold's here(still waiting on the boxes).
I'll break out a pass, Lucifer wings, get a feso hat, and start. :D I'm considering getting an Expert Battle Pack...but I think I'll wait till I get on tomorrow..I like giving each and every purchase some careful thought, even if it's only a minute or two of debating within my mind. I am absolutely determined to get Lisa to Expert by 11:59 PM April 30th 2009.

So with that, I bid ye adieu!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hark! An Update!

Wooooooow. I want to kick myself in the head for not updating this enough.
A lots happened since I last posted, and more is bound to! During the last two weeks that have passed, I went to Poison Yard, and got a Green Rough, which got turned into a normal Apatite. Still dunno what to do with this Apatite....
I got Assassin Daggers from Kimi and Erisia, much love to them!
I did something I never thought I would. xD I leveled alot the past week over night in Gigante. Yes. That's right. I did that. Romina got to 71, leveling them and maxed Defending Shot. Grace got to 68 leveling them there. Vincent's 36, only eight levels but meh, at the moment he's not too interesting to me. :| Branivyn REALLY shined there, I was She got TEN levels. And now she's 69! Mika has also taken advantage of it, reaching 60. Brister too used it and is 56.
But woe is me, for Plumbum's all out of food. He's gone on strike. *mutters about the cursed animal not being greatful enough and that his food is stupidly expensive*
Annnnd CW was boring this Saturday, for the hour I was on. But we still kept our Colonies! Good job guys!<3

And now I'll bombard you with screenshots of the past two weeks events.
Hanyuu casting the skill that causes killing power to reach OVER NINETHOUSANNNNNND!
Fighting those giants. I find that quite enjoyable with my epic dps'er.
Lisa showing off her new daggers in a duel against Rage. I like to call this screen
The Frequency of Death. ;3
Rio chillaxin' while Romina blasts pitiful crabs, lazy starfish and goofy coconut crabs away.
He really looks good with devil wings, like a perfect vampire! xD
Me giving Dar some shit during the 21st's Colony Wars. Wow...that was a pun. o_o
Balbanies is so silly.

AHUM. Well that's the end of the screenshots, cept for this last one...I think. ;D I find myself wanting to get a Pollux Greatsword. It looks soooo fantastic<3
This also brings me to my other point. I find myself wanting Soso more and more! But I don't know if I have the heart to spend effectively all my powders on her...I've been juggling around ideas, like buying a leveled up one, or leveling up Kaji and trading him for her...I just don't know. @_@ With the announcement of Fritz teaching our favorite fantastic five his stance, Soso is only tempting me more. Halpz.
In other news, it seems the Target Cards are working for most people, I guess you just have to sumbit a ticket for your boxes if they don't appear, like usual. So that's going on my gift list! ;)
Next week is my birthday! I can't wait, I'm starting to plan out the day and it's looking good.
My little Mint Green iPod Nano shall share its birthday with me, it's turning one! Lol, look at me, acting like it's a kitten instead of a media device. ^_____^;;
So far the things on my giftlist are:
I sort of want a PSP. But apparently theres different types. x__X Its confusing, oi.
And so far theres only one game that's not yet released that I want it for... D:
Target Cards. If I do get it, my brother who also plays this will be the one to get it once again.
I don't want a repeat of Christmas, when he spent THREE FARKING HOURS wrapping it up in boxes and adding dictionaries for weight-desieving...gosh...maybe I should just buy one myself. >_> (NOW PERHAPS YOU CAN FIGURE OUT WHY I DON'T WANT HIM IN TELOS)
Ironman DVD, as well as the four Indiana Jones adventures. 'Nuff said.
I don't want to break the tradition of me often getting a LEGO set for Christmas/birthdays, but honestly I can't think of anything I want from them. 8| I should stop being so lazy and check out their site. That's all I've got, so far. xD I should start thinking about my cake...

A big congrats to Fae for experting her Brunie and Scout recently! Let's see...what else.
I've probably forgotten half the stuff I wanted to say in my blogpost since I took so farking long to make one. 8| Ah well, don't worry, my alter-ego will kick me if I don't update more often!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Fire Gate & Ideas

Yesterday I got Freq back up to Veteran, and we attempted Fire Gate. I found it very exciting, my second raid! Some screens:
It was enjoyable as it was chaotic, for me. We had trouble being organized, but all in all I had fun.
And that's what matters. I'm looking at you, clanmates. You guys were spazzing out quite abit. Whilst things didn't go according to plan, and I understand you were upset, frustrated at what transpired, you need to remember that it is a game. :P

I feel a bit awkward about Mis wanting us to train more Elementalists and Musketeers. I would like to train my original three, seems like she hates the idea of Expert Wizards, Scouts and Fighters. :x
Recently, I made up my mind and planned I would solo a Musketeer to Expert, but that seems like a hopeless endevour. Teiron's only 54. x.x Oh well, maybe I'll figure something out.
Lately I've been thinking how I wish I could go back in time to when I first started. Have a new family, a new ideaology. I'm mightly tempted to poke around Bristia with this. :o
So for the time being, I'm not sure of what direction I'll take. In the end there will be some sort of reward, no matter which path I choose. And after all, it is a game. ;P

So today, not much happened. I read about magnetism and the likes of that in science(oh I love you science<33), and other usual schoolings. I got a headache in the middle of the afternoon, thank goodness it's passed. Listening to Granado Espada and just relaxing in my dark room for awhile sure helped. Not much has happened or will happen on Sword for me today. I'm just leveling Teiron and Grace, with the help of Plumbum and Marceil, in the background. El Tejado Verde sure makes a good spot to train 50's. :D Perhaps I'll afk them there tonight during dinner, House and Heroes. Lastly, but not least, I have some songs which I recently found from Vanessa Carlton. I absolutely love them and they're quite often running through my head. ;)

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Ohshit. Ohshit. Ohshit. D:


I have to fight Novia. T________T

Dude this suckzorz. I'm like, closeeeee but faaaaar. Ugh. Seems I'll have to get like...50% into Veteran. And that's being real super duper optimistic on my part. Even borrowing a lovely Camisa from Dan and a Grimstick from Devi didn't help. @_@ I was only able to kill Montoro, before the others came and squished me. Now I've been wishing so much that it was an hour long instance, because if I had that much time I'd have more of an outlet to formulate a good plan and defeat them. But nooo. You're a fresh veteran and we'll give you twenty minutes to fight a Grand Master Novia, PLUS her 'summons' AND Viscount Turd. :D

....Evil Koreans... >_>

In other news, yesterday was my brother's birthday. And that meant lots of yummy food<3
My mom doesn't give herself enough credit, she's a good cook, and I'm inheriting some of that. ;D
As usual I'm doing rather weirdly in school, fluctuating grades are so annoying. I sort of wish I could have a spring break and go to the Dells. Just have some away-from-home-worry-free-fun-time. But factor in how my schooling is, the weather(which has been raining, cold, clouds, snow, sun and all sorts of shit), and the *gasp* economy! And you have a recipe for Al not getting to have fun. e_e

Back to GE, on a happier note then my other paragraph, I have another Veteran! Ryght's quitting Sword and has been holding a big give-away, and I got his Lisa. She went down to 98, but it shouldn't be hard to get her back up. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE RAID ASSULT. It's so yummy delicious slicey slicey chop chop your dead. :3 I've named her Frequency, inpart from Kimi's ramblings, my not being able to come up with a better creative name, and reading about the frequencies of stuff in science.

/end post

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Crafting, Questing and Joy!

Been awhile since I updated huh. o_o Well here it is!
I am finally over my cold! *dances...then coughs* Except...for..that blasted effing piece of shit cough. D;
I'm chugging along through school, the work load's gotten a bit heavier...but I just have to imagine June. :D Sun, warmth, no school..yeah, that'll be the day.

So! In my Granadoings as of late, lots of great exciting stuff happened! Sullivan, Marceil and Zander have finished the Bahamar questline. It was quite exciting, and they've met new enemies, new allies and new friends during their excursion. Sullivan recalls what happened...
Leonora welcomes us.
After Sharon betrays us, we have no choice but to fight her. Afterwards, Leonora surmisses about who Sharon's actually loyal to. We later found out about another of the Ten Nobles, Duke Cortes, and that is who she works for.
Fritz is happy to find theres still some good folks around.
Sierra talks about some other visitors.

(I found this highly amusing, how she talked of Grandice. ;P)
Leonora is greatful for our help. She gives us an old, warn text. It is the recipe for the Blade of the Queen, one of eight amazing pieces made by the infamous Ignacio Valeron. I wonder if his name will show up elsewhere..?
Lastly, a picture's worth a thousand words. We're good friends with Sierra now, and hope one day she may come to Auch, and meet the rest of the House.

There you have it! ^^ I sure wish Sierra was a recruitable NPC. I really would love to welcome her into the House! xD

Now for some equally exciting news: Idge has hit 60! At long last our beloved Armorsmith has gotten some inspiration, and created a Tempered Breast Plate.
Idge relaxes with Plumbum after crafting her newest piece.
(thanks to Ash, about this quest!

Decked out in Pioneering Ancestral gear, she's ready to dish out some awesome work! Grace is racing up behind, and soon she'll be 60 too.

Now back to real life for a bit: I can't wait to go see the Watchmen movie. It looks spectatular! :D

That's all for now, folks!

Friday, February 27, 2009

A Bit of Happiness

I write to you today with some happy and hope. :P
The Girl Scout cookies came today, and thats something great. Oh how I missed you, thin mints and trefoil shortbread<3 *insert om nom nom here*
I'm also feeling alot better, and within a few days, methinks, I shall be completely better :3

I've recently been playing Albatross18 again, with a happy, blissful demur. OGPlanet is shutting down operations on March 10th. But the game's original creators, NTreev are taking over sometime in March. They shall again dub it with its proper name, PangYa! I have just been fully enjoying the game, tomahawking, spiking, putting and grinning, with hardly a care in the world~
With NTreev in charge, I highly believe things will change for the better. Below are but a few screenshots portraying the wonderful adventures I have there. Arin[featured in the obvious two] is the pretty sorceress and current character I'm using, along with Lola my caddy, seen in the first picture.
[A note to fellow Telos': Contact me about PangYa! later in March if you wish to join me on the green! ;)]

My information comes from NTreev's site:

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Katovic Sickness Expert Samsung

Whew. So much has been going on.
For starters, my brother's got his computer all set up now. We actually make a pretty good team on GE. I am soooo jealous of his awesome 19'' Samsung monitor.
I've gotten about half of the Katovic questline finished aswell!
Zander was the only one who survived the journey to the Ice Wizard's Tower.
Some views of the snowy land

I think Invierno is a very nifty character. He wants me to make the infamous soup now, so I've got quite alot of work to do. I can't wait to find out the old secrets hidden in this land of frost and snow.

In other news, I got sick. o_O Tis rather annoying, but I've still been chugging along through school, snatching up some A's in math. :D

Teiron and Idge are making progress leveling, they're now 53 and 58, respectively. I can't wait for summer, that's when I'll start the grind to Expert.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

So...This is What's Up

The nightmare is begun.
My brother's got his new compy up and running.
His new keyboard came today.
And his monitor's on its way.

He's already gotten on GE and pm'd me, or even popped up where I'm leveling. e__e

I'm making some progress in leveling Teiron, whose now 52. Only 48 more levels, yay...
I really need to get my hands on some good gear...I think the fact I'm boredly leveling my others instead of commencing the grind to Expert with the Original Three is because I'm worried they'll fair horribly...I need something to super motivate me! Aside from the obvious server-wide broadcast and up-coming Equitis.

Onto a different aspect of the game. The storyline. I AM DYING.
...To find out more, that is. I must learn who the Ten Nobles are! I must get Gavin Jameson!
I must figure out what's going on Bahamar! x___X

...I think I take this storyline too seriously....but I can't help it! IT'S SO DAMN GOOD. ;o;

I leave you with this:

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Current Happenings!

So, today is the stupid holiday. I can hardly contain my joy.
There are advantages to Valentines, though. Like candy. Yes...lots of yummy candy.

So in my Granadoings as of late, I've gotten the Original Three all to 1%. Only 99 more to go! XD
Bahamar proves to be a fresh challenge, but I'm iching to max Anathema and Defender there so I can go back to the Toubkal Plane and level Avant Garde and Incantation, which I plan to get after Anathema. Hopefully by then I'll have an excellent Rod with which to use it. And also hopefully by then I'll have an Elite 84 Graciegote. I desperately want one. :/
I'm leveling an uber fun team, which I like to call the Slicey Specialists Squad. It consists of Caly, Sharif and Viki. I've maxed Escrima as of last night, yay! And now I'm using Dolbalada Corte and Twin Blades. I've been having thoughts of the future lately, and I do think Sharif will become a Veteran. This Targan's just to awesome not to be <3

Ide's introduced me to the world of DJ Max, a game for the PSP. She linked me to Colors, and then I dug around YT and found more gems, below. :D

He's so much like the Wizard! However this video confuses me in that...why does she like die when they hold hands and flowers burst out? xD

I hope Ide unlocks the images from Colors, because I'm determined to make that guy my new all-around avatar. :>

I plan to be on for CW tonight, however I have a feeling it'll be emtpy and dry, especially since it's Valentine's Night.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Little Bit of History

So, I decided to take the time to dedicate a blog post to the history of my family.
I suppose for one, you wonder why my characters retain their last names, even though technically Almontri is their last name.

Well, for starters, no one in the family is blood-related. xD And the only ones who were, well one of them died. That was another scout, Yuki, and was cousin to Branivyn. However, she got deleted and the rest is history. :P
In the story I've been crafting for them since I started playing Sword, they're basically a bunch of friends together under one roof. (I've thought up an epic nice house in Auch for them to live in!)
I'll give you a little sketch about each character then. Not the UPCs though, since we already know about them. :P

Brister Devina
Is a mercenary, who sometimes works with Caly and Teiron at Pegadella.
He grew up in Bristia, parisipated in the Three Years War(*HINT*HINT*! Think, who else was in the Three Years War :D), and then headed off to Granado, albeit by the tides. If I talk too much more about him I won't have time for the others. xD

Teiron Vesco
Also a mercenary, is very level-headed. The way she joined the House was through Yuki and Branivyn who were in Coimbra for awhile, collecting cabosse for Lisa. As far as I know, she's a citizen of the New World. (ie, haven't figured out her past yet cept that her dad died. o_o)

Sullivan Black
The leader! She's the one who started the House of Almontri. Originally from Opoluto, she left when she was a young adult and headed for the New World. Named after her father, a semi-famous sea captain. Leaving behind her parents, and Marco, whom acted as Captain Black's assistant and then later became her adopted brother, was a tough choice for her, but she had to go see the New World.
Strong, confident in her goal and others, but not entirely in herself, she's yet to realize that the House owes everything to her.

Zander Escure
Now he has one of my favorite pasts<3
Born the son of an Illieran noble, Lord Cochrane Escure, he grew up with the finer things in life. His parents and more or less his bulter realized something unusual about him as he grew up. They realized he had an inherint nack for magic. So most of his life he went to exclusive magic schools, and didn't spend much time at home. Due to this lack of bonding time with his parents, they grew apart, and he eventually came to believe they didn't even care about him. They had anything but a nice farwell when he sailed off to the New World. He's changed alot from his former self though, no doubt thanks to Sullivan and Marceil. Logical, contemplating, and always searching for more magic-related knowledge.

Marceil Fiarreck
Born in the New World, her parents Joe and Donna were eager to plop down in Reboldeaux, as it was busiling at the time. Her father, a long time miner with an eye for things found a huge coal deposite ten miles east of the then new Stone Pit. However, before they could strike it rich, a noble murdered poor Joe and Donna, oblivious to the fact they now had a fifteen yearold daughter. She struggled and headed to Coimbra, where she helped out at the Sea Elephant Cafe, which is just where she eneded up meeting her long time friends, Zander and Sullivan. The jokester and medic of the family, she's goofy and silly as ever, in spite of her past.

Branivyn Alkin
Daughter of an important general of Vespanola, she came to have a love for magic under her mother. So, when she was eighteen she decided she wanted to see the New World. Amazingly, her parents let her go, the only escourt being her cousin Yuki. She has a special bond with Zander, as they are the only magic users in the family. She considers him a bit of a brother as he's always teaching and directing her in magical endevours. She also has a love for finery. Pretty dresses, elegent balls, and all that stuff.

Each of these characters reflect a part of my personality. Sullivan is the powerful, kind leader I hope I can one day be. Zander is the logical, highly educated and calm side of me. Marceil is the goofy, silly side. Brister is the tough, serious side that sometimes won't let go of something.
Teiron is the relaxed side who keeps things in check. Branivyn best reflects the part of me that is now gone. The part that I used to be when I was a little girl. Loving dress-up, tea parties, that stuff.

An off topicy side note to Lune and Ide and their comments on my last post- NO. He can't join Telos...D: (not exactly...he's a fine silly guy and all but I don't want my brother in my clan :|) And he is the one who inspired my gaming and online life. He's the one who started sGE, then I followed, we lost interest in that, and then later I rekindled my love for this game and asked him to look into Sword.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hadoukens, Otite and Stuff

Well, the last few days have been interesting. I've been having bouts of demotivation, followed by bursts of inspiration. Recently I was soloing with Deirdre, and she's resting at 55 for the time being.

On Saturday I had a great time farming Pure Otites - Yes, it's possible. I did actually have fun.
And made my first 92 Elite - The awesome red pulsating Castor Wing! Later that day I watched the end of Avatar. I'm rather sad it ended, now I have nothing to watch! I got on for Colony Wars, pumped and ready for some fighting and fun. However, the only fun or fighting that happened was Kyral attempting to hadouken Sulli with Vincent's Tornado Holding.

Today has been alright. I farmed some more otite, and got seven. I don't really know why I am though, I'm holding out on the market to have a good Beam-Gun I can snatch up.
I later had the honor of trying on the only Wizard Elite Le Rouge in all of Orpesia. :]
I absolutely love how Zander looks in Le Rouge. I'll seriously have to get one someday for him.

I'm getting excited about the new computer coming. It's not mine, but my brother's. And it's not new, it's his friend's old one. But it's still exciting! Because now I'll have one less person to fight with about the compy. :P However, my only fear is that he'll be able to come on Granado and bug me...or worse, join Telos.

Not much else to report, so I'll see you all tomorrow.