Monday, May 11, 2009

The Void is Being Filled


I r back with an updatez. The void that was created when I stepped back from Sword is being filled quite nicely I daresay. <3 And by the strangest of combinations of things, at that, too. o_O

The Vocaloids
Macross Frontier
Sherlock Holmes

LIKE WTFLOL? Why is it that I'm using those to fill it. xD Granted I finished Macross a few days ago but it's still fresh in my mind and what not. I'm still hunting down vocaloid songs~ aaaaaaaand today and yesterday were the witnesses of the revival of Sherlock! o___o Boy I have missed his adventures. o_O Been waaaaaaay to fricken long since I read that. D: So I looked up some things about him! Via Wiki, of course. I ran into two new terms - Sherlockian and Holmesian. And apparently theres a Sherlock Holmes MUSEUM. A MUSEUM. IWANTTOGOTHERE. And I found that Sidney Paget who illustrated him...looks....ALOT like Holmes. I'm guessing he used himself as a model to create Holmes. o-o
I already knew Holmes was something of a chemist - a good one at that - but...he also was fluent in Latin. So basically I have come to the realization that I want to be like Sherlock Holmes, with some modern stuff thrown in. xD Sigh, one can only dream of that though.

Onto the other two, it's funny cause I found a fan-made version of one of the originals singing a song from Macross. xD And Yoko Kanno did the music for it! o_________o SHE'S SO AWESOME. D: I love TALLY HO!

(^ this was the fanmade vocaloid singing a Macross song) And actually, this song gave me a crazy idea for a video...but of course it would require good animation, and drawing is not my forte. :p
Heres another video. Miku and Luka sound <3 together. Their voices blend so nicely and they sound perfectly human!

And I've also thought up what Vocaloids would fit the Clue cast, lol. Probably thanks to Sherlock. >_>
Kaito - Mister Peacock (yeah, she's a lady but she's the blue one! D;)
Miku - Miss Midori (a play on Mister Green xD)
Meiko - Miss Scarlet (they're both smexylike ladies in red? o.o)
Rin - Miss White (seems like she'd fit the part of the evil maid!)
Len - Colonel Mustard (I'm not really sure about this one, the other option for him was to be the butler and Rin's partner in crime, and a butler doesn't exist! DX)
Now then...Professor Plum..I have absolutely no idea who would fit his part. Certainly not Gak cause Gak is an eggplant loving samurai that might be from the future...and isn't cool enough to be Plum. so meh. >_>

Moving on, I was on Sword abit today. I really felt like rambling about Holmes to you guys...but Nien and later Uchiha were the only ones around, and that didn't last long. WHICH SUCKS. D; I got on just to talk specially to you guys but noooooooo. you all decide to go MIA and quitzor like me. <_< I honestly don't think I'll come back even if we get updates...cause..I dunno..anything that held the game up on its feet is breaking now. If we actually do get new content I suppose I may end up recanting this though...maybe the magic will come back.

And on Saturday I started watching Eden of the East with my brother. Tis awesome so far! :O
I like the art style(people look real), music is nifty, the intro/outros look coool. And if there's like, English(I just mean people who speak the language, not Brits) people they just speak in English xD Tis cool. I'm dying for the next episode to get out and get subbed. ;_; So yeah I guess that rounds it up~ Sayonara o7


  1. Wtf indeed.

    I think Gakupo is supposed to be based off of Gackt the popular girly japanese singer dude. xD

  2. Yeah, he is. I still don't like him. >:|