Saturday, May 2, 2009

Free Time - Sword = Vocaloids?!

So yeah, those who know me have probably seen my topics on the ole members forums/official forums regarding my decision to leave the game. I might come back in a week or so...and I might pop on to get Shride to powerlevel my musketeer. lolol 8D A heart felt thank you to those who I have had the fortune of meeting in the New World. I haven't completely quit...just a break, I suppose. It's not really because of K2, or no 3.0, or any ingame drama crap. I sort of talked about this in my previous entry, so yeah...honestly the thing that ticked me off the most was the community bullshit lines- oh I mean community guidelines. >.> And a mod abiding by them by deleting a topic I made. It just seriously ticked me off and pushed me over the edge. >:E I get SO tired of all these stupid rules...*sigh* MOOOOOOOVING ON.

I've been maybe three, four or five days without Sword. So far so good. o_o Progressing slowly but surely on ESO. I was checking out my skills and apparently theres one at level which you can turn the targeted player into a SHEEP. That's right. A SHEEP. I was rofling when I read that. 8D Pangya-wise, well...things are pretty much as they are. NTreev's still got it in once that's overwith and we have new content and cookies back things might become more interesting for me. :D

NOW TO THE EQUATION. Thanks to Kimi, who...posts Vocaloid stuff on the video topic in our forums...this latest one is so WEIRD. I want to rip my hair out....because firstly I can't figure out if Kaito's in a duet with Miku, or if it's just him. :E SECONDLY.
Why is he the Super Creepy Phantom of the Opera? THIRDLY. Miku as a loli= epic fail.
His costume is kinda cool, cept for the hat. The hat is fail.

And let's talk about today alittle. Namely, my teee veee watching!
I started Macross Frontier with my brother this morning...I gotta say, Ranka's cute. And I feel sorry for Alto, being dragged into Sheryl's ridiculousness and Micheal calling him Princess...rofl. xD But yeah, so far...I am hating the lyrics for the intro song. >____> Cause it's so OBVIOUSLY about the whole yet-to-be triangle thing between Ranka, Sheryl and Alto. ¬0¬

AND I WATCHED THE LAST CRUSADE. It was fun :D Connery sure played an interesting part.. xD I'm going to start saying "Intolerable!" now.

So that's about it. :D


  1. In World of Warcraft, mages can learn to sheep enemies at level 10. 8D


  2. LOL. So thats where you went? WoW? XD

  3. No, WoW was my first MMO. I still play it occassionally but I'm taking a break from it too, lol.