Friday, May 22, 2009

I've Been Busy

Very busy.
I came back to Sword. Oddly thanks to two things: The obvious one, K2-Raiden communicating more gave me hope. And the more obscure reason: keriberry's wonderful lineart that I colored o_o
Which reminds me I still haven't posted the one...
So, I have a veteran Elementalist. Whom I decided to call Kharis. Tis Latin :D I've been doing crappy in Latin lately. .___. And I have no bracelets H_H I have joined Begari's new clan Caliburn. I was seriously laughing before even five minutes of being in was up. :]
There's Kharis after getting Domination Ice. That things a damn PAIN to level.. I have maxed Anathema as of afking in AA last night! Woooo! Tactical is chugging along to 25 as well. Sullivan and Zander have reached four percent, and Marceil's at five. Mighty Cruz is very fun so far, so I guess it was worth spending my 25 MP on.

I have found more Vocaloid songs to love, thanks to Kimi and my own searchings. Vanatouli remarked to me yesterday that he prefered real voices as opposed to synthesized. But, I don't mind if they sound alittle robotic, and most of the time they sound just as damn good, if not better then some real human singers. >:| As I've said before, I love all kinds of music. At least I'd like to say that but some types of 'music' exists...that is like a man with a dry throat screaming, and such. :( Now, I have a few things to recommend to ye all, below:

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Well, he's the world's greatest fictional dectective! But seriously, you SHOULD read it. Watson's excellent at describing things and theres a nice lot of humor sprinkled throughout. And it might help you become more observant, who knows!

Star Trek
I saw this last Friday, and I must say it was good. The special effects were killer, the plot line good, and the music PURE WIN. Chris Pine did a decent job of portraying a young Kirk, I thought.(I admit I haven't seen much of the original though x.x) Zachary Quinto was pretty good as a younger Spock. :D And Jennifer Morrison was Kirk's mom! Wooo!

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian
This was fun. I saw it earlier today. But you should see the first before persuing this.
It was just really super fun! :D

Of course you can just ignore my suggestions, at your loss. <___< Nah I kid. OR DO I?!
Things are already starting to feel like summer here. The last two days were nice (damnit, a cold front moved in today!) in the 80's! <3 That and I just feel freer from's nice. So basically to sum up everything that's been going on lately: Things are really friggen awesome, and the bad stuff is minute.
I'm somewhat depressed that all our shows are coming to an end, to be replaced with stupid crap that ain't worth watching. I mean, people are generally less busy in the summer(right?) and thus have more time to watch TV, but...there's nothing worth watching, because for some reason the networks feel they have to put stupid shit on. D8 /rant
Ah well, I guess that's all!


  1. You should be excited for the Sherlock Holmes movie coming out at the end of this year in December. :)

  2. lol hell no. Downey is NOT HOLMES. D:

  3. I don't think he's a great choice, but he's not a bad choice either... can't assume too quickly~