Friday, May 3, 2013

Painted World

Welp, not much to report from April. I ended up getting Sorang, while leveling Selene(Brunie), along with Teoxihl(Natalie), Clint(Jack), Lorch and Belletrice(Adelina). Wanted Shot is maxed, refreshing to have an expert stance that doesn't take FOREVARZ to level. Destroyer is still sitting at 21.

Kind of waiting around to see if there's a new playtime event for this month, occasionally getting on to check the market. Still can't determine names for a buncha characters, but I also need more barrack slots.

On the non-granado front, my Vella is now 56, steadily making progress on her. I'm horribly lacking in reading stuff for to get back to Homestuck(a reread) and Silentium.

I think I'll have to try follow Ferra's random naming conventions for posts, I just can't think of anything right now.

*a Two Steps From Hell song