Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ahoy thar!

So, Vindictus-wise I burned myself out on it, leveling up my Kai. Someday I'll catch them up on the storyline, sigh.

I usually kept up on GE news since I'm subscribed to a few people-in-the-know, and prowl the forums. However, I forgot about the forums for some of September and October, and thus I was late on the Alphabet/Veronif events.

Let's just say I'm kind of sad about that, considering I don't think I'll be able to get anything I want from the token shop.(Like Asoka, Punisher or the weapons. I could get the dragon pet for instance, but I've never really cared about him) G1 needs to fix things, but that's all been said on the forums already.


I've gotten a few vet/expert levels from afk farming, and I'll probably Master my Lisa with the cards(she's exp7 anyway). Then Cath Torsche, then I don't know. There are a few candidates. Also debating cashing some earth stones and buying more vet scrolls.

Due to the event I got Grace a high-atk Dragon Fury Shotgun, so that was nice, even if it's not the best. Also did circus tonight with Bellza and her friend. Due to Vero and Cruz handing out princ pots like its air molecules, I decided to utilize them there.


Of course, the drops were mere chips and roughs. Gosh, the economy has really tanked. It's hard to sell anything but chips/boosters/rings once in awhile. :( It really hurts since I want to take advantage of cheaper Angel/Dragon weapons but can't make much more than 8m or so a night in my current afk area.

I'm also curious about the possibility of a halloween event. I don't mind if we don't have one, but I'd be quite happy if we had last year's. Flood of expert rings? Yes plz.

--And a shoutout to Ferra, congrats on all your token shop items! Boy. It's a wonder the old man is still there, you're cleaning him out. haha.