Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lots of Stuff

Hey guys. Guess what?


I like pie.

But actually I just felt like doing that. o_o Sooooooooooo. We're verging on 96 hours of down time for Sword. K2 Fails. 8D I mean, I was wondering why they gave such a small timeframe (24h) for putting in new hardware. Like, don't they know of troubleshooting and the like? >.>
Once their back up, I think I'll work on leveling Kharis abit. In other news: Pangya and Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds have been filling the Swordless void. I'm doing the Island Tour for a second time, hopefully I'll get a swimsuit for a character I actually have. >__> Stupid randomness.
So SWGB is so fuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnn :D I used to play it years ago, but now I've picked it up again. The Wookiees' Advanced Berserkers are <3 And Royal Naboo...geez, their stuff is so FANCY. x_x;; But they have uber upgrades for the Jedi and planes. Annoyingly so, it likes to crash. Naboo's workers look like...little robotic worms.. I think I might wanna try out either the Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire next. It's pretty fun to play it with my brother. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnddd. Let's seeeeeeee. What elsee...
YOUTUBE! I made an account there. Gasp. Maybe if I ever upgrade to XP, I'll get Fraps and see if I can record some Audiosurfin' 8D The Playlist feature is <3 We went to see UP on Friday. Twas very fun. And the 3D was goooooood. OH OH AND! Last night I watched the eighth episode of Eden of the East with my brother, right? Well...there was this add...stuck in it.. The dubbers must've thought it too hilarious to remove. But it was an add for Star Trek with Japanese dubs. LOLOLOLOL. Our big hybrid popler was taken down last Wednesday. I just wish they would've taken it down before it started with the leaves..<_< I guess it really is a sign things are changing and your growing up when two of the things that have been with you your whole life are suddenly gone..

Okay, now I have an actual big announcement.


:D Can't waiiit. \o\ \o/ /o/

Friday, May 22, 2009

I've Been Busy

Very busy.
I came back to Sword. Oddly thanks to two things: The obvious one, K2-Raiden communicating more gave me hope. And the more obscure reason: keriberry's wonderful lineart that I colored o_o
Which reminds me I still haven't posted the one...
So, I have a veteran Elementalist. Whom I decided to call Kharis. Tis Latin :D I've been doing crappy in Latin lately. .___. And I have no bracelets H_H I have joined Begari's new clan Caliburn. I was seriously laughing before even five minutes of being in was up. :]
There's Kharis after getting Domination Ice. That things a damn PAIN to level.. I have maxed Anathema as of afking in AA last night! Woooo! Tactical is chugging along to 25 as well. Sullivan and Zander have reached four percent, and Marceil's at five. Mighty Cruz is very fun so far, so I guess it was worth spending my 25 MP on.

I have found more Vocaloid songs to love, thanks to Kimi and my own searchings. Vanatouli remarked to me yesterday that he prefered real voices as opposed to synthesized. But, I don't mind if they sound alittle robotic, and most of the time they sound just as damn good, if not better then some real human singers. >:| As I've said before, I love all kinds of music. At least I'd like to say that but some types of 'music' exists...that is like a man with a dry throat screaming, and such. :( Now, I have a few things to recommend to ye all, below:

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Well, he's the world's greatest fictional dectective! But seriously, you SHOULD read it. Watson's excellent at describing things and theres a nice lot of humor sprinkled throughout. And it might help you become more observant, who knows!

Star Trek
I saw this last Friday, and I must say it was good. The special effects were killer, the plot line good, and the music PURE WIN. Chris Pine did a decent job of portraying a young Kirk, I thought.(I admit I haven't seen much of the original though x.x) Zachary Quinto was pretty good as a younger Spock. :D And Jennifer Morrison was Kirk's mom! Wooo!

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian
This was fun. I saw it earlier today. But you should see the first before persuing this.
It was just really super fun! :D

Of course you can just ignore my suggestions, at your loss. <___< Nah I kid. OR DO I?!
Things are already starting to feel like summer here. The last two days were nice (damnit, a cold front moved in today!) in the 80's! <3 That and I just feel freer from's nice. So basically to sum up everything that's been going on lately: Things are really friggen awesome, and the bad stuff is minute.
I'm somewhat depressed that all our shows are coming to an end, to be replaced with stupid crap that ain't worth watching. I mean, people are generally less busy in the summer(right?) and thus have more time to watch TV, but...there's nothing worth watching, because for some reason the networks feel they have to put stupid shit on. D8 /rant
Ah well, I guess that's all!

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Void is Being Filled


I r back with an updatez. The void that was created when I stepped back from Sword is being filled quite nicely I daresay. <3 And by the strangest of combinations of things, at that, too. o_O

The Vocaloids
Macross Frontier
Sherlock Holmes

LIKE WTFLOL? Why is it that I'm using those to fill it. xD Granted I finished Macross a few days ago but it's still fresh in my mind and what not. I'm still hunting down vocaloid songs~ aaaaaaaand today and yesterday were the witnesses of the revival of Sherlock! o___o Boy I have missed his adventures. o_O Been waaaaaaay to fricken long since I read that. D: So I looked up some things about him! Via Wiki, of course. I ran into two new terms - Sherlockian and Holmesian. And apparently theres a Sherlock Holmes MUSEUM. A MUSEUM. IWANTTOGOTHERE. And I found that Sidney Paget who illustrated him...looks....ALOT like Holmes. I'm guessing he used himself as a model to create Holmes. o-o
I already knew Holmes was something of a chemist - a good one at that - but...he also was fluent in Latin. So basically I have come to the realization that I want to be like Sherlock Holmes, with some modern stuff thrown in. xD Sigh, one can only dream of that though.

Onto the other two, it's funny cause I found a fan-made version of one of the originals singing a song from Macross. xD And Yoko Kanno did the music for it! o_________o SHE'S SO AWESOME. D: I love TALLY HO!

(^ this was the fanmade vocaloid singing a Macross song) And actually, this song gave me a crazy idea for a video...but of course it would require good animation, and drawing is not my forte. :p
Heres another video. Miku and Luka sound <3 together. Their voices blend so nicely and they sound perfectly human!

And I've also thought up what Vocaloids would fit the Clue cast, lol. Probably thanks to Sherlock. >_>
Kaito - Mister Peacock (yeah, she's a lady but she's the blue one! D;)
Miku - Miss Midori (a play on Mister Green xD)
Meiko - Miss Scarlet (they're both smexylike ladies in red? o.o)
Rin - Miss White (seems like she'd fit the part of the evil maid!)
Len - Colonel Mustard (I'm not really sure about this one, the other option for him was to be the butler and Rin's partner in crime, and a butler doesn't exist! DX)
Now then...Professor Plum..I have absolutely no idea who would fit his part. Certainly not Gak cause Gak is an eggplant loving samurai that might be from the future...and isn't cool enough to be Plum. so meh. >_>

Moving on, I was on Sword abit today. I really felt like rambling about Holmes to you guys...but Nien and later Uchiha were the only ones around, and that didn't last long. WHICH SUCKS. D; I got on just to talk specially to you guys but noooooooo. you all decide to go MIA and quitzor like me. <_< I honestly don't think I'll come back even if we get updates...cause..I dunno..anything that held the game up on its feet is breaking now. If we actually do get new content I suppose I may end up recanting this though...maybe the magic will come back.

And on Saturday I started watching Eden of the East with my brother. Tis awesome so far! :O
I like the art style(people look real), music is nifty, the intro/outros look coool. And if there's like, English(I just mean people who speak the language, not Brits) people they just speak in English xD Tis cool. I'm dying for the next episode to get out and get subbed. ;_; So yeah I guess that rounds it up~ Sayonara o7

Friday, May 8, 2009

This is a Title, V.2!


Finally the week is over. 8D It's been a nice Swordless week~ I just finished Macross...and...umm...WOW. SOME OF IT WAS SO FRIGGEN CHEESY. D8 But I guess it was okay. xD I'm usually never disappointed with the shows I watch. So if you've yammered to me, you'll know I've caught the V-Type Infection. No it's not Vajra, but Vocaloid. e_e And it's all thanks to Kimi. But yeah, found some fun artwork and wonderful songs. 8D Now I have even more of a reason to learn Japanese, so I can buy Vocaloid2 and start makin' music~! TV shows during the week were good. Astell's been much help translating songtitles for me too, *laughs* I'm rather jealous of him. >8\

Anyways, Latin's slowly getting alittle interesting...whaddya think Auris means? Sounds pretty right? I thought so to. But it means ear. o_o Hmmm. Maybe someday I'll type up a whole entry in Latin! >D Yeah....I'm in that huge inspired mood I usually get into after finishing a movie or series. I feel like I can take everything on! Hahahaha. xD Lately the writer in me has been dead, but thanks to a certain vocaloid and her song, it's alive again! I've got some great ideas for the story I'm crafting for Al. But...annoyingly so, I've yet to put anything into words, it's rather a movie in my head. NO MATTER! I shall eventually write it out.


So this is the one that's inspired my story. Rin's song just...made the possibilities expload. \o\ /o/

From the other twin, Len! I just love this song. It's so epic. o___o Reminds me of a few tracks that play in the new 3.0 areas. Also telephone cord weeds!
They both sound very human too, props to the creators~
Next up we have the Paprika ending song, Byakkoya no musume, sung by Kaito. Here he too sounds wonderfully human. I had my mom listen to it and she loved it. She was shocked that it was also, in a sense, a computer singing. <3 Goo Kaito~

AND BY THE WAY. I'm not a fangirl >:| I like Meiko's, Kaito's, the twins, Miku and Luka songs. I haven't heard Gakupo, but he can go die...stupid eggplant samurai..haven't really heard any fanmade vocaloid songs though, I'll probably run into them sometime. AND LASTLY. The strange and hilarious Triple Baka song....I guess vocals would be Miku, Teto just mutters stuff...and Neru just futses with her phone. K_K FLYING BREAD!

Kaythen. End of the vidars~ And frankly the end of post! Guten tag~

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Free Time - Sword = Vocaloids?!

So yeah, those who know me have probably seen my topics on the ole members forums/official forums regarding my decision to leave the game. I might come back in a week or so...and I might pop on to get Shride to powerlevel my musketeer. lolol 8D A heart felt thank you to those who I have had the fortune of meeting in the New World. I haven't completely quit...just a break, I suppose. It's not really because of K2, or no 3.0, or any ingame drama crap. I sort of talked about this in my previous entry, so yeah...honestly the thing that ticked me off the most was the community bullshit lines- oh I mean community guidelines. >.> And a mod abiding by them by deleting a topic I made. It just seriously ticked me off and pushed me over the edge. >:E I get SO tired of all these stupid rules...*sigh* MOOOOOOOVING ON.

I've been maybe three, four or five days without Sword. So far so good. o_o Progressing slowly but surely on ESO. I was checking out my skills and apparently theres one at level which you can turn the targeted player into a SHEEP. That's right. A SHEEP. I was rofling when I read that. 8D Pangya-wise, well...things are pretty much as they are. NTreev's still got it in once that's overwith and we have new content and cookies back things might become more interesting for me. :D

NOW TO THE EQUATION. Thanks to Kimi, who...posts Vocaloid stuff on the video topic in our forums...this latest one is so WEIRD. I want to rip my hair out....because firstly I can't figure out if Kaito's in a duet with Miku, or if it's just him. :E SECONDLY.
Why is he the Super Creepy Phantom of the Opera? THIRDLY. Miku as a loli= epic fail.
His costume is kinda cool, cept for the hat. The hat is fail.

And let's talk about today alittle. Namely, my teee veee watching!
I started Macross Frontier with my brother this morning...I gotta say, Ranka's cute. And I feel sorry for Alto, being dragged into Sheryl's ridiculousness and Micheal calling him Princess...rofl. xD But yeah, so far...I am hating the lyrics for the intro song. >____> Cause it's so OBVIOUSLY about the whole yet-to-be triangle thing between Ranka, Sheryl and Alto. ¬0¬

AND I WATCHED THE LAST CRUSADE. It was fun :D Connery sure played an interesting part.. xD I'm going to start saying "Intolerable!" now.

So that's about it. :D