Friday, May 8, 2009

This is a Title, V.2!


Finally the week is over. 8D It's been a nice Swordless week~ I just finished Macross...and...umm...WOW. SOME OF IT WAS SO FRIGGEN CHEESY. D8 But I guess it was okay. xD I'm usually never disappointed with the shows I watch. So if you've yammered to me, you'll know I've caught the V-Type Infection. No it's not Vajra, but Vocaloid. e_e And it's all thanks to Kimi. But yeah, found some fun artwork and wonderful songs. 8D Now I have even more of a reason to learn Japanese, so I can buy Vocaloid2 and start makin' music~! TV shows during the week were good. Astell's been much help translating songtitles for me too, *laughs* I'm rather jealous of him. >8\

Anyways, Latin's slowly getting alittle interesting...whaddya think Auris means? Sounds pretty right? I thought so to. But it means ear. o_o Hmmm. Maybe someday I'll type up a whole entry in Latin! >D Yeah....I'm in that huge inspired mood I usually get into after finishing a movie or series. I feel like I can take everything on! Hahahaha. xD Lately the writer in me has been dead, but thanks to a certain vocaloid and her song, it's alive again! I've got some great ideas for the story I'm crafting for Al. But...annoyingly so, I've yet to put anything into words, it's rather a movie in my head. NO MATTER! I shall eventually write it out.


So this is the one that's inspired my story. Rin's song just...made the possibilities expload. \o\ /o/

From the other twin, Len! I just love this song. It's so epic. o___o Reminds me of a few tracks that play in the new 3.0 areas. Also telephone cord weeds!
They both sound very human too, props to the creators~
Next up we have the Paprika ending song, Byakkoya no musume, sung by Kaito. Here he too sounds wonderfully human. I had my mom listen to it and she loved it. She was shocked that it was also, in a sense, a computer singing. <3 Goo Kaito~

AND BY THE WAY. I'm not a fangirl >:| I like Meiko's, Kaito's, the twins, Miku and Luka songs. I haven't heard Gakupo, but he can go die...stupid eggplant samurai..haven't really heard any fanmade vocaloid songs though, I'll probably run into them sometime. AND LASTLY. The strange and hilarious Triple Baka song....I guess vocals would be Miku, Teto just mutters stuff...and Neru just futses with her phone. K_K FLYING BREAD!

Kaythen. End of the vidars~ And frankly the end of post! Guten tag~


  1. Wow... the Paprika background sounds really weird done like that, but the lead's pretty much spot on. Actually, he might be better than the original singer.

    You know, if you don't stop posting these things, you're going to get me addicted too!

  2. Hahaha, well I'm certainly not trying. *whistles innocently*

  3. Proxy comment from Kimi:




  4. There's something about Kaito's voice I really hate. @_@

    I won't even bother listening to Miku's ear piercing voice. D8