Tuesday, May 25, 2010













Feeling. Those sum up how I've been lately. Saw Robin Hood last week. Once again Devs proves to be the man to go to about movies. He has not failed me yet. :P GOD I LOVED THAT MOVIE.

This day in specific has been crazy. Single handedly went through triumphant feelings from acing a bunch of biology quizzes one after the other, to being bored as fuck online, to doubting my story, to fretting about another, to recovering...oi. Its crazy, to just sit back and think about all you felt during the day. Try it sometime. It might surprise you.

Anyway, things are going well in GE. Sharif and Hel are 80, leveling Deirdre and Atlacoya now. Prox is 78. Oh did I mention I got Selva? Lawl I did not. Well I did get her. Wootwoot.

Taking a break from experting has been good, methinks.
Anyway, I'll just keep working. Get that gear, level that char, reach that crescendo!



I love WT. <3 Recently found these.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Movies And Stuff

Saw Ironman 2 on Friday.

It was awesome. If you go see, there be a teaser at the end, after the credits.

You know what was not awesome? The fact I had to see a twilight add at the theater.

Uhhmm what else. Still grinding to expert. Decided to drop Tech for a bit so Kharis could catch up with him, and have been using Lisa in his place. Ohmygosh I forgot how awesome of a blender she was. <3

I also have a symbol of Capricorn, now. Only need two more, one for Marceil and one for a Const. xD lol. I got a Levitation Ring for Zander, too. /o/

Of course, this means I am poorer....and when I need a le noir for Marceil. Oh eff. ~_~

Anyway, its time for some videos. Japan=win. That is all. And no, I'm not a...wapanese or whatever they call those Japan-fanatics. Lawl.

Annd to continue the funny, here's Robin Williams!

xD Bye now.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Le Sigh

You can live your life in a thousand ways, but it all comes down to that single day, when you realize, what you regret, what you can't reclaim, what you can't forget.

-After The Fall, Trans-Siberian Orchestra. <3

Derp, so things go and go. Tech and Kharis..I don't know if I'll ever expert them. Its still so far awayyy QQ Must. Persevere. Server-wide announcement, and the leetness of Flintlock and Occultism!

And...APUSH on Friday. FUCKING JOY. not. q_q Blargh. I wish I didn't have to do three essays. I suck at writing when its about things I don't care about/hate and I'm forced to write and I basically have to lie and write all "proper" ....sigh. Screw you, life. Get outa here with your copious amounts of crap.

I really wish things would turn upwards. I'm stuck in the muck. -headdesk- Let's see if I make it to summer.

A few nice things here and there help. Like ze new costume. <3

Owning up AA:

and Depri

:> Sigh, I wish I could get his pants for myself, too. They're so awesome.

TSO concert was copious amounts of win. Shoulda brought my camera. xD I want a Night Castle concert NAO.

In other news I got another musketeer, Kalestine Avorea.

Anyway I guees that's it.