Sunday, May 2, 2010

Le Sigh

You can live your life in a thousand ways, but it all comes down to that single day, when you realize, what you regret, what you can't reclaim, what you can't forget.

-After The Fall, Trans-Siberian Orchestra. <3

Derp, so things go and go. Tech and Kharis..I don't know if I'll ever expert them. Its still so far awayyy QQ Must. Persevere. Server-wide announcement, and the leetness of Flintlock and Occultism!

And...APUSH on Friday. FUCKING JOY. not. q_q Blargh. I wish I didn't have to do three essays. I suck at writing when its about things I don't care about/hate and I'm forced to write and I basically have to lie and write all "proper" ....sigh. Screw you, life. Get outa here with your copious amounts of crap.

I really wish things would turn upwards. I'm stuck in the muck. -headdesk- Let's see if I make it to summer.

A few nice things here and there help. Like ze new costume. <3

Owning up AA:

and Depri

:> Sigh, I wish I could get his pants for myself, too. They're so awesome.

TSO concert was copious amounts of win. Shoulda brought my camera. xD I want a Night Castle concert NAO.

In other news I got another musketeer, Kalestine Avorea.

Anyway I guees that's it.


  1. You should have summit that 1st musk screenie to the contest Al al, his expression is priceless :D!!

  2. xD Its too late to change it, and its not in a "high level area"

  3. It's a high lvl are if you think about it, I can't survive there when i was Lvl 90!