Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Had Spaghetti For Dinner

Yo. So uh.

Had my last lecture in Meteorology today. I am a sadpanda because it's over. :( But daaaaaang, Fovell is awesomesauce. Someday I'll get money and go take a course he teaches bahaha.

Oh and figured I'd...drop this link here: http://cyanicaswriting.blogspot.com/

No clue as to updates for it, because blogger is a huge turn off with its craptastic HTML coding. And I'm not even doing advanced stuff! Criiiipes.

the title is indeed true. Alfredo sauce to top it off! :D yum yum.

Crafter out.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Dear Weather

I hate you.

WHAT IS THIS? You scream in disbelief. How could I hate weather?! Aren't I taking meteorology?! Aren't I obsessed with storms?! Don't I have characters relating to storms?!

Why yes yes I do.

But that doesn't mean I resign the right to pull my complaint-card. And I'm pulling it out right now.

Stupidly strong winds over the weekend and into today have thwarted any efforts on me and my dad's part to get a nice walk in. And its COLD. FUCK YOU, COLD. GO BACK TO WINTER WHERE YOU BELONG AND FUCK OFF.

Perhaps I should rephrase things above. Dear Wisconsin Weather, I hate you.

And yet this is one of the safest places it seems, in regards to natural dangers. Right where I am. Sure a tornado might've taken the window off my future bedroom but eeeeeeh. Sure floodwaters might've come up to our driveway(we live near a creek..but its across the street and stuff, we're not idiots that live right near a big body of water like all those fools near the Fox River...>___>) but eeeeeeeeh. Still.

-No yearly fires like in CA!
-No horrible constant wetyuckness like in Seattle!
-No complete blizzards!
-No earthquakes!
-No hurricanes!
-No superhuge tornado threat!

And so, I am even further irked. Why? Because this place is kinda safe. DERP. BUT I HATE IT. D:<


Rant Over, Crafter Out.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

May Flowers Indeed

I'm back!

April and May-thus-far have been quite eventful. Let's recap!

Birthday- It went decently, got some nice gifts. On the 8th I did end up seeing Hanna, hell yes it was awesome.

About a week later, my dad had off-pump bypass surgery on his heart. Five in total, as one artery had two blockages. I knew he'd be fine, and I was right. Everyone's pleased with the care he got at the hospital, and he's doing just great.

The 14th, I hit Master. Got some nice congrats from Synthius, Misericordiia, and others! Ever since then though, I haven't been on much, I guess since I don't have many goals now.

After that, April sort of wound down, but I was about to step into the new month frazzled and anxious. Why?

The SAT.

The test itself is never a problem. Its things leading up to it that get me frustrated and upset. I ended up doing decently, even though I didn't know there was an essay section. It was the first. The question was SO NICE. It wasn't horrible and I actually was able to think of something and coherently put together a little piece I'm quite proud of.

But goddamn- How do highschoolers, or middleschoolers, OR ANY schoolers do it? Sit in those horrible plastic chair-desk-combination-things. I got up and stretched and walked around at breaks and shifted positions, and my legs still hurt. They ended up hurting from sitting in those for the rest of the day. I am appalled. Ergonomics, people! WHY DON'T YOU USE IT?

Afterwards, as I was determined to balance the general Fail-ness of the SAT with some Win, me and my brother went out-To see Thor and grab some Taco Bell afterward.

Thor...was grand. I have a bigger rant upon the movie in my DA journal, which you can find a link to.

Writing goes good, I recently looked back on some work...and I realized just how damn proud I am.

I think that wraps it up, until next time.