Monday, May 16, 2011

Dear Weather

I hate you.

WHAT IS THIS? You scream in disbelief. How could I hate weather?! Aren't I taking meteorology?! Aren't I obsessed with storms?! Don't I have characters relating to storms?!

Why yes yes I do.

But that doesn't mean I resign the right to pull my complaint-card. And I'm pulling it out right now.

Stupidly strong winds over the weekend and into today have thwarted any efforts on me and my dad's part to get a nice walk in. And its COLD. FUCK YOU, COLD. GO BACK TO WINTER WHERE YOU BELONG AND FUCK OFF.

Perhaps I should rephrase things above. Dear Wisconsin Weather, I hate you.

And yet this is one of the safest places it seems, in regards to natural dangers. Right where I am. Sure a tornado might've taken the window off my future bedroom but eeeeeeh. Sure floodwaters might've come up to our driveway(we live near a creek..but its across the street and stuff, we're not idiots that live right near a big body of water like all those fools near the Fox River...>___>) but eeeeeeeeh. Still.

-No yearly fires like in CA!
-No horrible constant wetyuckness like in Seattle!
-No complete blizzards!
-No earthquakes!
-No hurricanes!
-No superhuge tornado threat!

And so, I am even further irked. Why? Because this place is kinda safe. DERP. BUT I HATE IT. D:<


Rant Over, Crafter Out.


  1. Haha... Same here.. same here.. *sigh* Altho i love this terribly windy weather just because crows have difficulties to attack people then.. |D me an my paranoia. fff
    But well. Look at everything from the bright side. at least try to. Nature is natural :3

  2. Lulz, crows.

    And I already listed the goods of being here, silly. I know that. :P

  3. Oh.. I didn't know there were any goods. T: Pardon my english *tard* if I read bad stuff then I read bad stuff till the very end of the post /shot