Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Art Museum and Expert

Hello~ :D A relatively short update today.
Firstly, I've found some more songs through the wonderousness of the internetz.

This song really inspires me. I'm gonna make a list sometime filled with songs that do just that.
And then, this one below is an interesting find. I usually dislike rap, but this ones pretty nice.
Yay for variety~!

So tomorrow I'm heading off to Discovery World yet again. It's rather pleasant to go there.
This time my class is about the wonders of dioxyribonucleic acid. Afterwards we'll be heading next door to the Art Museum. My mom wants to see Jan Lievans' work. I'm honestly not too interested in it. :| But its the only way I convinced my mom to let me go to just one class at DW, so..bleh, sometimes one must compromise.
Note: the museum is the, apparently world famous Milwaukee Art Museum. Which I don't give a rat's ass about. lol. :D
I guess that's more proof that I should be a scientist if I don't care for art. ;) I can enjoy paintings and all that, but...I just..dislike going to art museums.
I went and got a Target Card, my wonderful gold's here(still waiting on the boxes).
I'll break out a pass, Lucifer wings, get a feso hat, and start. :D I'm considering getting an Expert Battle Pack...but I think I'll wait till I get on tomorrow..I like giving each and every purchase some careful thought, even if it's only a minute or two of debating within my mind. I am absolutely determined to get Lisa to Expert by 11:59 PM April 30th 2009.

So with that, I bid ye adieu!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hark! An Update!

Wooooooow. I want to kick myself in the head for not updating this enough.
A lots happened since I last posted, and more is bound to! During the last two weeks that have passed, I went to Poison Yard, and got a Green Rough, which got turned into a normal Apatite. Still dunno what to do with this Apatite....
I got Assassin Daggers from Kimi and Erisia, much love to them!
I did something I never thought I would. xD I leveled alot the past week over night in Gigante. Yes. That's right. I did that. Romina got to 71, leveling them and maxed Defending Shot. Grace got to 68 leveling them there. Vincent's 36, only eight levels but meh, at the moment he's not too interesting to me. :| Branivyn REALLY shined there, I was just..wow. She got TEN levels. And now she's 69! Mika has also taken advantage of it, reaching 60. Brister too used it and is 56.
But woe is me, for Plumbum's all out of food. He's gone on strike. *mutters about the cursed animal not being greatful enough and that his food is stupidly expensive*
Annnnd CW was boring this Saturday, for the hour I was on. But we still kept our Colonies! Good job guys!<3

And now I'll bombard you with screenshots of the past two weeks events.
Hanyuu casting the skill that causes killing power to reach OVER NINETHOUSANNNNNND!
Fighting those giants. I find that quite enjoyable with my epic dps'er.
Lisa showing off her new daggers in a duel against Rage. I like to call this screen
The Frequency of Death. ;3
Rio chillaxin' while Romina blasts pitiful crabs, lazy starfish and goofy coconut crabs away.
He really looks good with devil wings, like a perfect vampire! xD
Me giving Dar some shit during the 21st's Colony Wars. Wow...that was a pun. o_o
Balbanies is so silly.

AHUM. Well that's the end of the screenshots, cept for this last one...I think. ;D I find myself wanting to get a Pollux Greatsword. It looks soooo fantastic<3
This also brings me to my other point. I find myself wanting Soso more and more! But I don't know if I have the heart to spend effectively all my powders on her...I've been juggling around ideas, like buying a leveled up one, or leveling up Kaji and trading him for her...I just don't know. @_@ With the announcement of Fritz teaching our favorite fantastic five his stance, Soso is only tempting me more. Halpz.
In other news, it seems the Target Cards are working for most people, I guess you just have to sumbit a ticket for your boxes if they don't appear, like usual. So that's going on my gift list! ;)
Next week is my birthday! I can't wait, I'm starting to plan out the day and it's looking good.
My little Mint Green iPod Nano shall share its birthday with me, it's turning one! Lol, look at me, acting like it's a kitten instead of a media device. ^_____^;;
So far the things on my giftlist are:
I sort of want a PSP. But apparently theres different types. x__X Its confusing, oi.
And so far theres only one game that's not yet released that I want it for... D:
Target Cards. If I do get it, my brother who also plays this will be the one to get it once again.
I don't want a repeat of Christmas, when he spent THREE FARKING HOURS wrapping it up in boxes and adding dictionaries for weight-desieving...gosh...maybe I should just buy one myself. >_> (NOW PERHAPS YOU CAN FIGURE OUT WHY I DON'T WANT HIM IN TELOS)
Ironman DVD, as well as the four Indiana Jones adventures. 'Nuff said.
I don't want to break the tradition of me often getting a LEGO set for Christmas/birthdays, but honestly I can't think of anything I want from them. 8| I should stop being so lazy and check out their site. That's all I've got, so far. xD I should start thinking about my cake...

A big congrats to Fae for experting her Brunie and Scout recently! Let's see...what else.
I've probably forgotten half the stuff I wanted to say in my blogpost since I took so farking long to make one. 8| Ah well, don't worry, my alter-ego will kick me if I don't update more often!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Fire Gate & Ideas

Yesterday I got Freq back up to Veteran, and we attempted Fire Gate. I found it very exciting, my second raid! Some screens:
It was enjoyable as it was chaotic, for me. We had trouble being organized, but all in all I had fun.
And that's what matters. I'm looking at you, clanmates. You guys were spazzing out quite abit. Whilst things didn't go according to plan, and I understand you were upset, frustrated at what transpired, you need to remember that it is a game. :P

I feel a bit awkward about Mis wanting us to train more Elementalists and Musketeers. I would like to train my original three, but...it seems like she hates the idea of Expert Wizards, Scouts and Fighters. :x
Recently, I made up my mind and planned I would solo a Musketeer to Expert, but that seems like a hopeless endevour. Teiron's only 54. x.x Oh well, maybe I'll figure something out.
Lately I've been thinking how I wish I could go back in time to when I first started. Have a new family, a new ideaology. I'm mightly tempted to poke around Bristia with this. :o
So for the time being, I'm not sure of what direction I'll take. In the end there will be some sort of reward, no matter which path I choose. And after all, it is a game. ;P

So today, not much happened. I read about magnetism and the likes of that in science(oh I love you science<33), and other usual schoolings. I got a headache in the middle of the afternoon, thank goodness it's passed. Listening to Granado Espada and just relaxing in my dark room for awhile sure helped. Not much has happened or will happen on Sword for me today. I'm just leveling Teiron and Grace, with the help of Plumbum and Marceil, in the background. El Tejado Verde sure makes a good spot to train 50's. :D Perhaps I'll afk them there tonight during dinner, House and Heroes. Lastly, but not least, I have some songs which I recently found from Vanessa Carlton. I absolutely love them and they're quite often running through my head. ;)

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Ohshit. Ohshit. Ohshit. D:


I have to fight Novia. T________T

Dude this suckzorz. I'm like, closeeeee but faaaaar. Ugh. Seems I'll have to get like...50% into Veteran. And that's being real super duper optimistic on my part. Even borrowing a lovely Camisa from Dan and a Grimstick from Devi didn't help. @_@ I was only able to kill Montoro, before the others came and squished me. Now I've been wishing so much that it was an hour long instance, because if I had that much time I'd have more of an outlet to formulate a good plan and defeat them. But nooo. You're a fresh veteran and we'll give you twenty minutes to fight a Grand Master Novia, PLUS her 'summons' AND Viscount Turd. :D

....Evil Koreans... >_>

In other news, yesterday was my brother's birthday. And that meant lots of yummy food<3
My mom doesn't give herself enough credit, she's a good cook, and I'm inheriting some of that. ;D
As usual I'm doing rather weirdly in school, fluctuating grades are so annoying. I sort of wish I could have a spring break and go to the Dells. Just have some away-from-home-worry-free-fun-time. But factor in how my schooling is, the weather(which has been raining, cold, clouds, snow, sun and all sorts of shit), and the *gasp* economy! And you have a recipe for Al not getting to have fun. e_e

Back to GE, on a happier note then my other paragraph, I have another Veteran! Ryght's quitting Sword and has been holding a big give-away, and I got his Lisa. She went down to 98, but it shouldn't be hard to get her back up. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE RAID ASSULT. It's so yummy delicious slicey slicey chop chop your dead. :3 I've named her Frequency, inpart from Kimi's ramblings, my not being able to come up with a better creative name, and reading about the frequencies of stuff in science.

/end post

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Crafting, Questing and Joy!

Been awhile since I updated huh. o_o Well here it is!
I am finally over my cold! *dances...then coughs* Except...for..that blasted effing piece of shit cough. D;
I'm chugging along through school, the work load's gotten a bit heavier...but I just have to imagine June. :D Sun, warmth, no school..yeah, that'll be the day.

So! In my Granadoings as of late, lots of great exciting stuff happened! Sullivan, Marceil and Zander have finished the Bahamar questline. It was quite exciting, and they've met new enemies, new allies and new friends during their excursion. Sullivan recalls what happened...
Leonora welcomes us.
After Sharon betrays us, we have no choice but to fight her. Afterwards, Leonora surmisses about who Sharon's actually loyal to. We later found out about another of the Ten Nobles, Duke Cortes, and that is who she works for.
Fritz is happy to find theres still some good folks around.
Sierra talks about some other visitors.

(I found this highly amusing, how she talked of Grandice. ;P)
Leonora is greatful for our help. She gives us an old, warn text. It is the recipe for the Blade of the Queen, one of eight amazing pieces made by the infamous Ignacio Valeron. I wonder if his name will show up elsewhere..?
Lastly, a picture's worth a thousand words. We're good friends with Sierra now, and hope one day she may come to Auch, and meet the rest of the House.

There you have it! ^^ I sure wish Sierra was a recruitable NPC. I really would love to welcome her into the House! xD

Now for some equally exciting news: Idge has hit 60! At long last our beloved Armorsmith has gotten some inspiration, and created a Tempered Breast Plate.
Idge relaxes with Plumbum after crafting her newest piece.
(thanks to Ash, about this quest!

Decked out in Pioneering Ancestral gear, she's ready to dish out some awesome work! Grace is racing up behind, and soon she'll be 60 too.

Now back to real life for a bit: I can't wait to go see the Watchmen movie. It looks spectatular! :D

That's all for now, folks!