Monday, March 16, 2009

Fire Gate & Ideas

Yesterday I got Freq back up to Veteran, and we attempted Fire Gate. I found it very exciting, my second raid! Some screens:
It was enjoyable as it was chaotic, for me. We had trouble being organized, but all in all I had fun.
And that's what matters. I'm looking at you, clanmates. You guys were spazzing out quite abit. Whilst things didn't go according to plan, and I understand you were upset, frustrated at what transpired, you need to remember that it is a game. :P

I feel a bit awkward about Mis wanting us to train more Elementalists and Musketeers. I would like to train my original three, seems like she hates the idea of Expert Wizards, Scouts and Fighters. :x
Recently, I made up my mind and planned I would solo a Musketeer to Expert, but that seems like a hopeless endevour. Teiron's only 54. x.x Oh well, maybe I'll figure something out.
Lately I've been thinking how I wish I could go back in time to when I first started. Have a new family, a new ideaology. I'm mightly tempted to poke around Bristia with this. :o
So for the time being, I'm not sure of what direction I'll take. In the end there will be some sort of reward, no matter which path I choose. And after all, it is a game. ;P

So today, not much happened. I read about magnetism and the likes of that in science(oh I love you science<33), and other usual schoolings. I got a headache in the middle of the afternoon, thank goodness it's passed. Listening to Granado Espada and just relaxing in my dark room for awhile sure helped. Not much has happened or will happen on Sword for me today. I'm just leveling Teiron and Grace, with the help of Plumbum and Marceil, in the background. El Tejado Verde sure makes a good spot to train 50's. :D Perhaps I'll afk them there tonight during dinner, House and Heroes. Lastly, but not least, I have some songs which I recently found from Vanessa Carlton. I absolutely love them and they're quite often running through my head. ;)


  1. Lol, that looked like fun. Did you guys kill him or not?

    God, I hope Mis isn't mad at me for missing it since I was supposed to be the tank. >.> I was so busy yesterday.

  2. Nope, we didn't kill him, the summoning tower slowly got killed and he despawned. D:

  3. Well....
    Firstly: You should expert who ever YOU want, it's YOUR team and who YOU feel comfy using.
    Secondly: I'm going to be levelling my level 50+ Stock Musk soon so your welcome to wait and squad with me to vet.
    Thirdly: I wubs ya ^^

  4. Aww, thanks for that Fae. :) Teiron's now 55, so lemme know when you plan on leveling yours! <3

  5. Al, if you expert your wizard i will LOVE YOU.

    Like Sarah said, I'm aware that it's YOUR team, and you all can expert WHOEVER you like. i'm just REEEEAAAALLY pushing for eles and musks because they're important for what i want us to do.

  6. Ah, thanks for the reply Mis! Yeah that's one of my DREAMS, to expert Zander<3 I do plan to expert Grace or a muske or both, for Flintlock. But that's all up in the air, for the time being until I figure something out. @_@