Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hark! An Update!

Wooooooow. I want to kick myself in the head for not updating this enough.
A lots happened since I last posted, and more is bound to! During the last two weeks that have passed, I went to Poison Yard, and got a Green Rough, which got turned into a normal Apatite. Still dunno what to do with this Apatite....
I got Assassin Daggers from Kimi and Erisia, much love to them!
I did something I never thought I would. xD I leveled alot the past week over night in Gigante. Yes. That's right. I did that. Romina got to 71, leveling them and maxed Defending Shot. Grace got to 68 leveling them there. Vincent's 36, only eight levels but meh, at the moment he's not too interesting to me. :| Branivyn REALLY shined there, I was She got TEN levels. And now she's 69! Mika has also taken advantage of it, reaching 60. Brister too used it and is 56.
But woe is me, for Plumbum's all out of food. He's gone on strike. *mutters about the cursed animal not being greatful enough and that his food is stupidly expensive*
Annnnd CW was boring this Saturday, for the hour I was on. But we still kept our Colonies! Good job guys!<3

And now I'll bombard you with screenshots of the past two weeks events.
Hanyuu casting the skill that causes killing power to reach OVER NINETHOUSANNNNNND!
Fighting those giants. I find that quite enjoyable with my epic dps'er.
Lisa showing off her new daggers in a duel against Rage. I like to call this screen
The Frequency of Death. ;3
Rio chillaxin' while Romina blasts pitiful crabs, lazy starfish and goofy coconut crabs away.
He really looks good with devil wings, like a perfect vampire! xD
Me giving Dar some shit during the 21st's Colony Wars. Wow...that was a pun. o_o
Balbanies is so silly.

AHUM. Well that's the end of the screenshots, cept for this last one...I think. ;D I find myself wanting to get a Pollux Greatsword. It looks soooo fantastic<3
This also brings me to my other point. I find myself wanting Soso more and more! But I don't know if I have the heart to spend effectively all my powders on her...I've been juggling around ideas, like buying a leveled up one, or leveling up Kaji and trading him for her...I just don't know. @_@ With the announcement of Fritz teaching our favorite fantastic five his stance, Soso is only tempting me more. Halpz.
In other news, it seems the Target Cards are working for most people, I guess you just have to sumbit a ticket for your boxes if they don't appear, like usual. So that's going on my gift list! ;)
Next week is my birthday! I can't wait, I'm starting to plan out the day and it's looking good.
My little Mint Green iPod Nano shall share its birthday with me, it's turning one! Lol, look at me, acting like it's a kitten instead of a media device. ^_____^;;
So far the things on my giftlist are:
I sort of want a PSP. But apparently theres different types. x__X Its confusing, oi.
And so far theres only one game that's not yet released that I want it for... D:
Target Cards. If I do get it, my brother who also plays this will be the one to get it once again.
I don't want a repeat of Christmas, when he spent THREE FARKING HOURS wrapping it up in boxes and adding dictionaries for weight-desieving...gosh...maybe I should just buy one myself. >_> (NOW PERHAPS YOU CAN FIGURE OUT WHY I DON'T WANT HIM IN TELOS)
Ironman DVD, as well as the four Indiana Jones adventures. 'Nuff said.
I don't want to break the tradition of me often getting a LEGO set for Christmas/birthdays, but honestly I can't think of anything I want from them. 8| I should stop being so lazy and check out their site. That's all I've got, so far. xD I should start thinking about my cake...

A big congrats to Fae for experting her Brunie and Scout recently! Let's see...what else.
I've probably forgotten half the stuff I wanted to say in my blogpost since I took so farking long to make one. 8| Ah well, don't worry, my alter-ego will kick me if I don't update more often!


  1. How many times do I have to tell you that I went pee. D:<

  2. he means poo


    happri birthday in advance -lazy-

  3. OOO Birthday next week! Telos better be throwing you a party in Auch main hall!

    Thanks for the gratz, your an Angel.

    Loving your screenies. Your making me think of vetting my Lisa (Klara) I have the daggers already....

  4. Haha, that's why I'm here, to bring some cheer. :D
    And Dar, what Ide said. XD
    I honestly don't expect much from Telos, for my birthday, its enough that I'm playing a fun game with some friends :)

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  6. Ohoho, trust me. If I took a crap, you'd DEFINITELY know it...

    Burn that into your brain.