Thursday, March 5, 2009

Crafting, Questing and Joy!

Been awhile since I updated huh. o_o Well here it is!
I am finally over my cold! *dances...then coughs* Except...for..that blasted effing piece of shit cough. D;
I'm chugging along through school, the work load's gotten a bit heavier...but I just have to imagine June. :D Sun, warmth, no school..yeah, that'll be the day.

So! In my Granadoings as of late, lots of great exciting stuff happened! Sullivan, Marceil and Zander have finished the Bahamar questline. It was quite exciting, and they've met new enemies, new allies and new friends during their excursion. Sullivan recalls what happened...
Leonora welcomes us.
After Sharon betrays us, we have no choice but to fight her. Afterwards, Leonora surmisses about who Sharon's actually loyal to. We later found out about another of the Ten Nobles, Duke Cortes, and that is who she works for.
Fritz is happy to find theres still some good folks around.
Sierra talks about some other visitors.

(I found this highly amusing, how she talked of Grandice. ;P)
Leonora is greatful for our help. She gives us an old, warn text. It is the recipe for the Blade of the Queen, one of eight amazing pieces made by the infamous Ignacio Valeron. I wonder if his name will show up elsewhere..?
Lastly, a picture's worth a thousand words. We're good friends with Sierra now, and hope one day she may come to Auch, and meet the rest of the House.

There you have it! ^^ I sure wish Sierra was a recruitable NPC. I really would love to welcome her into the House! xD

Now for some equally exciting news: Idge has hit 60! At long last our beloved Armorsmith has gotten some inspiration, and created a Tempered Breast Plate.
Idge relaxes with Plumbum after crafting her newest piece.
(thanks to Ash, about this quest!

Decked out in Pioneering Ancestral gear, she's ready to dish out some awesome work! Grace is racing up behind, and soon she'll be 60 too.

Now back to real life for a bit: I can't wait to go see the Watchmen movie. It looks spectatular! :D

That's all for now, folks!


  1. Um, why don't you post the pictures directly, instead of posting only the links? It's somewhat troublesome to have to keep clicking on multiple links. Just my 2cents.

  2. I can't post em directly, it always wants to put a giant sized one at the beginning of the post, so I have to link them. :/