Friday, February 27, 2009

A Bit of Happiness

I write to you today with some happy and hope. :P
The Girl Scout cookies came today, and thats something great. Oh how I missed you, thin mints and trefoil shortbread<3 *insert om nom nom here*
I'm also feeling alot better, and within a few days, methinks, I shall be completely better :3

I've recently been playing Albatross18 again, with a happy, blissful demur. OGPlanet is shutting down operations on March 10th. But the game's original creators, NTreev are taking over sometime in March. They shall again dub it with its proper name, PangYa! I have just been fully enjoying the game, tomahawking, spiking, putting and grinning, with hardly a care in the world~
With NTreev in charge, I highly believe things will change for the better. Below are but a few screenshots portraying the wonderful adventures I have there. Arin[featured in the obvious two] is the pretty sorceress and current character I'm using, along with Lola my caddy, seen in the first picture.
[A note to fellow Telos': Contact me about PangYa! later in March if you wish to join me on the green! ;)]

My information comes from NTreev's site:


  1. this game always made me wanna sleep tbh :(

  2. Then you fai. ):