Wednesday, February 18, 2009

So...This is What's Up

The nightmare is begun.
My brother's got his new compy up and running.
His new keyboard came today.
And his monitor's on its way.

He's already gotten on GE and pm'd me, or even popped up where I'm leveling. e__e

I'm making some progress in leveling Teiron, whose now 52. Only 48 more levels, yay...
I really need to get my hands on some good gear...I think the fact I'm boredly leveling my others instead of commencing the grind to Expert with the Original Three is because I'm worried they'll fair horribly...I need something to super motivate me! Aside from the obvious server-wide broadcast and up-coming Equitis.

Onto a different aspect of the game. The storyline. I AM DYING.
...To find out more, that is. I must learn who the Ten Nobles are! I must get Gavin Jameson!
I must figure out what's going on Bahamar! x___X

...I think I take this storyline too seriously....but I can't help it! IT'S SO DAMN GOOD. ;o;

I leave you with this:

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