Wednesday, February 4, 2009


So it's here. The month of shortness, the useless holiday, and the Super Bowl.
Hooray for the Steelers, they won! xD
There weren't too many good commercials, sadly. The Doritos were the best, secondly the bugs teaming up for the coke. Jennifer Hudson sung the anthem very well, I liked how she gave it something of an edge.

I'm nearing the end of Avatar, and I forgot how much I loved the show. Makes me wonder how M. Night Shyamalan's possible live-action movie will be.

Last night I watched one of my favorite series, Fringe. And there were two characters in it that made me freak out. Because of their names. Ernesto and Gavin. o______________o

But hey, if anyone can make game characters come alive, it's Walter! 8D
(I kid, I kid, of course. The one looked nothing like Gavin and Ernesto was never seen)

Not too much has been happening in the world of Granado, just been training people. I can't seem to powerlevel Grace too well, so I'll leave her to level with Mika, Idge or Deirdre.
My musketeers are chugging along, Teiron's almost 50. Caly and Lisa are alllllllllmost to 48. It's killing me, I want Corte already. x_x

Not too much more to report, other then I plan to join in on Colony Wars this Saturday. I wonder if we'll see some action.

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