Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hadoukens, Otite and Stuff

Well, the last few days have been interesting. I've been having bouts of demotivation, followed by bursts of inspiration. Recently I was soloing with Deirdre, and she's resting at 55 for the time being.

On Saturday I had a great time farming Pure Otites - Yes, it's possible. I did actually have fun.
And made my first 92 Elite - The awesome red pulsating Castor Wing! Later that day I watched the end of Avatar. I'm rather sad it ended, now I have nothing to watch! I got on for Colony Wars, pumped and ready for some fighting and fun. However, the only fun or fighting that happened was Kyral attempting to hadouken Sulli with Vincent's Tornado Holding.

Today has been alright. I farmed some more otite, and got seven. I don't really know why I am though, I'm holding out on the market to have a good Beam-Gun I can snatch up.
I later had the honor of trying on the only Wizard Elite Le Rouge in all of Orpesia. :]
I absolutely love how Zander looks in Le Rouge. I'll seriously have to get one someday for him.

I'm getting excited about the new computer coming. It's not mine, but my brother's. And it's not new, it's his friend's old one. But it's still exciting! Because now I'll have one less person to fight with about the compy. :P However, my only fear is that he'll be able to come on Granado and bug me...or worse, join Telos.

Not much else to report, so I'll see you all tomorrow.