Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Little Bit of History

So, I decided to take the time to dedicate a blog post to the history of my family.
I suppose for one, you wonder why my characters retain their last names, even though technically Almontri is their last name.

Well, for starters, no one in the family is blood-related. xD And the only ones who were, well one of them died. That was another scout, Yuki, and was cousin to Branivyn. However, she got deleted and the rest is history. :P
In the story I've been crafting for them since I started playing Sword, they're basically a bunch of friends together under one roof. (I've thought up an epic nice house in Auch for them to live in!)
I'll give you a little sketch about each character then. Not the UPCs though, since we already know about them. :P

Brister Devina
Is a mercenary, who sometimes works with Caly and Teiron at Pegadella.
He grew up in Bristia, parisipated in the Three Years War(*HINT*HINT*! Think, who else was in the Three Years War :D), and then headed off to Granado, albeit by the tides. If I talk too much more about him I won't have time for the others. xD

Teiron Vesco
Also a mercenary, is very level-headed. The way she joined the House was through Yuki and Branivyn who were in Coimbra for awhile, collecting cabosse for Lisa. As far as I know, she's a citizen of the New World. (ie, haven't figured out her past yet cept that her dad died. o_o)

Sullivan Black
The leader! She's the one who started the House of Almontri. Originally from Opoluto, she left when she was a young adult and headed for the New World. Named after her father, a semi-famous sea captain. Leaving behind her parents, and Marco, whom acted as Captain Black's assistant and then later became her adopted brother, was a tough choice for her, but she had to go see the New World.
Strong, confident in her goal and others, but not entirely in herself, she's yet to realize that the House owes everything to her.

Zander Escure
Now he has one of my favorite pasts<3
Born the son of an Illieran noble, Lord Cochrane Escure, he grew up with the finer things in life. His parents and more or less his bulter realized something unusual about him as he grew up. They realized he had an inherint nack for magic. So most of his life he went to exclusive magic schools, and didn't spend much time at home. Due to this lack of bonding time with his parents, they grew apart, and he eventually came to believe they didn't even care about him. They had anything but a nice farwell when he sailed off to the New World. He's changed alot from his former self though, no doubt thanks to Sullivan and Marceil. Logical, contemplating, and always searching for more magic-related knowledge.

Marceil Fiarreck
Born in the New World, her parents Joe and Donna were eager to plop down in Reboldeaux, as it was busiling at the time. Her father, a long time miner with an eye for things found a huge coal deposite ten miles east of the then new Stone Pit. However, before they could strike it rich, a noble murdered poor Joe and Donna, oblivious to the fact they now had a fifteen yearold daughter. She struggled and headed to Coimbra, where she helped out at the Sea Elephant Cafe, which is just where she eneded up meeting her long time friends, Zander and Sullivan. The jokester and medic of the family, she's goofy and silly as ever, in spite of her past.

Branivyn Alkin
Daughter of an important general of Vespanola, she came to have a love for magic under her mother. So, when she was eighteen she decided she wanted to see the New World. Amazingly, her parents let her go, the only escourt being her cousin Yuki. She has a special bond with Zander, as they are the only magic users in the family. She considers him a bit of a brother as he's always teaching and directing her in magical endevours. She also has a love for finery. Pretty dresses, elegent balls, and all that stuff.

Each of these characters reflect a part of my personality. Sullivan is the powerful, kind leader I hope I can one day be. Zander is the logical, highly educated and calm side of me. Marceil is the goofy, silly side. Brister is the tough, serious side that sometimes won't let go of something.
Teiron is the relaxed side who keeps things in check. Branivyn best reflects the part of me that is now gone. The part that I used to be when I was a little girl. Loving dress-up, tea parties, that stuff.

An off topicy side note to Lune and Ide and their comments on my last post- NO. He can't join Telos...D: (not exactly...he's a fine silly guy and all but I don't want my brother in my clan :|) And he is the one who inspired my gaming and online life. He's the one who started sGE, then I followed, we lost interest in that, and then later I rekindled my love for this game and asked him to look into Sword.

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  1. Oooh, neat little backgrounds. Most of my stock characters are based off of original characters of mine but they don't really tie in with GE xD.

    Hah, I made my sister join Telos just so I can bug her~ She doesn't play as much though since she works at Disneyland. 8P