Saturday, February 14, 2009

Current Happenings!

So, today is the stupid holiday. I can hardly contain my joy.
There are advantages to Valentines, though. Like candy. Yes...lots of yummy candy.

So in my Granadoings as of late, I've gotten the Original Three all to 1%. Only 99 more to go! XD
Bahamar proves to be a fresh challenge, but I'm iching to max Anathema and Defender there so I can go back to the Toubkal Plane and level Avant Garde and Incantation, which I plan to get after Anathema. Hopefully by then I'll have an excellent Rod with which to use it. And also hopefully by then I'll have an Elite 84 Graciegote. I desperately want one. :/
I'm leveling an uber fun team, which I like to call the Slicey Specialists Squad. It consists of Caly, Sharif and Viki. I've maxed Escrima as of last night, yay! And now I'm using Dolbalada Corte and Twin Blades. I've been having thoughts of the future lately, and I do think Sharif will become a Veteran. This Targan's just to awesome not to be <3

Ide's introduced me to the world of DJ Max, a game for the PSP. She linked me to Colors, and then I dug around YT and found more gems, below. :D

He's so much like the Wizard! However this video confuses me in that...why does she like die when they hold hands and flowers burst out? xD

I hope Ide unlocks the images from Colors, because I'm determined to make that guy my new all-around avatar. :>

I plan to be on for CW tonight, however I have a feeling it'll be emtpy and dry, especially since it's Valentine's Night.

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  1. Too much love for Najib. I swear as of late he's been becoming too popular. He's my love, gosh darn it! D:<