Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Katovic Sickness Expert Samsung

Whew. So much has been going on.
For starters, my brother's got his computer all set up now. We actually make a pretty good team on GE. I am soooo jealous of his awesome 19'' Samsung monitor.
I've gotten about half of the Katovic questline finished aswell!
Zander was the only one who survived the journey to the Ice Wizard's Tower.
Some views of the snowy land

I think Invierno is a very nifty character. He wants me to make the infamous soup now, so I've got quite alot of work to do. I can't wait to find out the old secrets hidden in this land of frost and snow.

In other news, I got sick. o_O Tis rather annoying, but I've still been chugging along through school, snatching up some A's in math. :D

Teiron and Idge are making progress leveling, they're now 53 and 58, respectively. I can't wait for summer, that's when I'll start the grind to Expert.


  1. Invierno can diaf for all I care. There should be an option to tell him to screw off and collect the stupid ingredients himself. D:< Or drag a bunch of the Frozen Waste monsters to him and watch them eat him alive.


  2. ololololol.

    You really hatez0r him dontcha.