Friday, January 30, 2009

Fun Times

This shall be a short post. I think. Just sending a few thoughts out during my lunch break(...which..hasn't started yet.)
So, I've got another person to add to my List Of Awesome Persons. Lunesca. She gave me Battlesmith Idge! :D She's very enjoyable to solo, but just like Sulli, has sooo many stances I can only hope to max them. My normal armorsmith is slowly and steadily chugging along on her way to Veteran. She's now 56. Thanks to Ash's post about her hidden little side quest, I've got some work to do leveling her to 60! Kimi, who as of late has been a big help in leveling, is working on powerleveling her Lisa. Mine is STILL 35. I seriously need to give her some love...Hell, I've got Brister and Caly left in the dust too. Let's just say if I don't post for awhile it's cause those three are...having a nice little 'talk' with me.

Currently, my goal is to get all my noobs to level 60. They've got a long way to go.
Grace - 52
Brister - 24
Lisa - 35
Caly - 40
Kaji - 25
Vince - 24
Cath - 31
Sharif - 47
Bran - 46
Teiron - 46
Are my priorities. Lorch, Karj, and Idge are close enough I don't have to worry too much about them. Eduardo and Romina have already taken advantage of the fact that I never used my level 60 polishes, and thus collected 100+. XD There will be guns, swords, bracelets and armor glaore for them!

Oh how I wish school would end. Alas, I have many more months of it. Once summer comes, you can expect me to churn out lots of Veterans. ;) That however might be too opitmistic of me...

So as my characters chug along to Veteran, dying along the way, I chug along to the end of school, crying on the way.

(Also, A Big Super Duper Uber Happy Birthday to Mis!)

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