Monday, January 26, 2009

Quite Grand, These Last Three Days Were

As some of you may have known from my talking in clan chat last Friday and Thursday, I went to some classes at Discovery World. The first one was an introduction to chemistry. The teacher talked of the ph scale, and Periodic Table. We got to experiment with acids and bases, did a pink and blue litmus test, and then had a one of a kind ending to the class.
The teacher showed us some pure calcium balls. He then put them into a flask of water. They made it heat up and fizz, and it started letting off smoke. He then captured some of the smoke in a baloon.
That baloon he taped on the end of a yard stick. Another yard stick had a little candle secured to the end. He held out the two sticks and slowly brought the baloon closer to the flame. And then he was close enough. The baloon popped into a fantasic fireball that vanished as soon as it appeared. Pieces of scorched baloon had landed here and there. And then twenty seconds later, the fire alarm went off. The teacher was surprised, as he had done this many times and hadn't had the fire alarm go off. He just said to leave our goggles and gloves on and go outside. I was highly amused at the possiblity of danger that was nought.

Onto Saturday, I woke up with a mission. That mission: To find Eduardo Jameson! So I bought that Wheel of Destiny Pack and I stocked up on potions and made an ancestral coat. Then I was off to the Deserted Quay. Using one of the many otite perfumes, I entered Los Toldos. I was very amused to see Carlos there. And Dead-shot Johnny. I wondered what would happen if you brought Diego along. So I went to Kurt and was soon killing Muertos and cursed undead. I was highly annoyed to find that once again the damn Viscount Montoro was tied in with happenings in the Land of the Dead. And of course, Sir Lyndon was there as well. I was quite mad at Kurt when he made me make ten pure otites, of which I need for my Elite Castor Shield. But, hating Kurt as I always have I quickly got through it and continued the intriuging questline. I finally did get Eduardo. I was surprised he had a cape, and didn't retain it when you made him. I do so like the Sad Old Man. Since he's the same model as nifty Deon the Smith in Reboldeaux. But, I do owe Kurt this. He gave me about twenty Veteran Polish, so now I have a total of thirty-three.
And I had 22 100k 90 exp cards. xD

Sunday, wasn't as grand as the others. I didn't have to get up early or die farming LoD, granted.
I got Marceil to 99 with the help of one of my many AA passes and Kimi. I also had a success selling some AM Boosts, which were priced at 314,159V. And Soul Crystals, and that +5 General Laquer I shouldn't have bought. xD I traded Kumi a mercenary warrent for his Morgenstern<3!
The Star of Death is so wonderful<3 A funny thing happened when I chiped it. It had 10 Critical and 28 Fire Damage, I rechipped and traded the fire for 16ATK, retaining the ten critical. I'll wait till I can get an Enchantment Booster before I try again. I watched NBC's The Last Templar that night, and I hate that announcer guy so much. He kept saying "Come watch The Last Templer"
....Its an A. Not an E. LEARN HOW TO PRONOUCE.

I'd like to send a hearty congradulations to Mis, who got her first Expert! And to Shride who recently Experted Kurt! And to Wyrm for, apparently, getting his other Claude to 100% Veteran, but couldn't find a scroll. Also a congradulations to Ide for getting her Elite Sabre di Gavi! :]

Also I'd like to wish those who celebrate it, a Happy Chinese New Year!


  1. Thanks, Al. :3 And congratz on your LOD endeavors.

  2. If you ever need to farm Pure Otites over the weekend, I'd be happy to help.