Thursday, January 22, 2009

Discovery World, Lost, and the Weekend

So, come tomorrow I'll be off to Discovery World at Pier Wisconsin. I'll be taking a chemistry and radiocontrol class. Should be fun, I've been there once before. But frankly, I hate the fact I'll have to get up early. D:

Lost last night was CRAZY. And entertaining, of course. The Island is moving around in time! Gah!
What is going to happennn.

Also yesterday I got Astell an Expert Scroll, and now Mia's ready for Raipere. :D I also got some fesos, and bought Zander the Chapeau de Blanc! <3 (stupid confusing thing won't let me post an image, apparently <_<) He also got promoted to Veteran, since K2 FINALLY gave out the wings and scrolls. I found some cheapo Mega Aidaniums, and thus got Anathema. It's really fun! The new animations and skills are nifty. THE SOUNDS ARE SO DAMN AWESOME. I made him a Veteran Ancestral Staff, and now he has 56 Attack Rate. Epic, right? According to Mis, getting a wizard to expert...well...let's say getting an Ele to expert is a piece of cake compaired to that. D: This is horrible since I plan to expert my original three. But, I'll probably never get there anyway. xD

It's really killing me, leveling my scout. I really shouldn't have left her behind. x_x If I can't handle the last two levels til Veteran...God help me if I attempt Expert. So, my ticket went through and I got my six mystery boxes. What dropped is as follows:
Seven Otite Perfumes
Twenty AM Boosts
Twenty Soul Crystals
Twenty Triumph Fillers
Ten Veteran Polishes. The only good thing that dropped. I can't remember the rest.

Another thing that's killing me: The Weekend. IS NOT HERE YET. ;-; I want to go to Los Toldos alreaddyy. Eduardo I'm cominnnggg. x_x Then you can meet your brother, who, for some reason(he MUST'VE had his mind poisoned by Montoro and joined the D`Arwyn family for some demented reason) But your financee, well...who knows where the hell she is. >_>; But don't worry! We'll find them together! :D

So, just as some finish, or just about reach that glorious promotion, others embark on the very same journey, filled with hope, bound to be crushed.

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  1. Joined me for some demented reason? WHAT'S THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN. D8<