Thursday, March 12, 2009


Ohshit. Ohshit. Ohshit. D:


I have to fight Novia. T________T

Dude this suckzorz. I'm like, closeeeee but faaaaar. Ugh. Seems I'll have to get like...50% into Veteran. And that's being real super duper optimistic on my part. Even borrowing a lovely Camisa from Dan and a Grimstick from Devi didn't help. @_@ I was only able to kill Montoro, before the others came and squished me. Now I've been wishing so much that it was an hour long instance, because if I had that much time I'd have more of an outlet to formulate a good plan and defeat them. But nooo. You're a fresh veteran and we'll give you twenty minutes to fight a Grand Master Novia, PLUS her 'summons' AND Viscount Turd. :D

....Evil Koreans... >_>

In other news, yesterday was my brother's birthday. And that meant lots of yummy food<3
My mom doesn't give herself enough credit, she's a good cook, and I'm inheriting some of that. ;D
As usual I'm doing rather weirdly in school, fluctuating grades are so annoying. I sort of wish I could have a spring break and go to the Dells. Just have some away-from-home-worry-free-fun-time. But factor in how my schooling is, the weather(which has been raining, cold, clouds, snow, sun and all sorts of shit), and the *gasp* economy! And you have a recipe for Al not getting to have fun. e_e

Back to GE, on a happier note then my other paragraph, I have another Veteran! Ryght's quitting Sword and has been holding a big give-away, and I got his Lisa. She went down to 98, but it shouldn't be hard to get her back up. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE RAID ASSULT. It's so yummy delicious slicey slicey chop chop your dead. :3 I've named her Frequency, inpart from Kimi's ramblings, my not being able to come up with a better creative name, and reading about the frequencies of stuff in science.

/end post


  1. If you're able to kill Montoro I don't think it'll be too long before you'll be able to get Novia down to 50%. I think you just need to borrow some more gear and you'll be fine. :>

    You can always try vetting your elementalist and sticking him/her as your lightning AoE whore.

  2. Thanks for the encouraging words Dar. Can I borrow your Vincent? 8D

  3. "frequencies of stuff in science." Brought a smile to my face. :)

    Keep on rocking and Novia will be done in no time!