Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lots of Stuff

Hey guys. Guess what?


I like pie.

But actually I just felt like doing that. o_o Sooooooooooo. We're verging on 96 hours of down time for Sword. K2 Fails. 8D I mean, I was wondering why they gave such a small timeframe (24h) for putting in new hardware. Like, don't they know of troubleshooting and the like? >.>
Once their back up, I think I'll work on leveling Kharis abit. In other news: Pangya and Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds have been filling the Swordless void. I'm doing the Island Tour for a second time, hopefully I'll get a swimsuit for a character I actually have. >__> Stupid randomness.
So SWGB is so fuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnn :D I used to play it years ago, but now I've picked it up again. The Wookiees' Advanced Berserkers are <3 And Royal Naboo...geez, their stuff is so FANCY. x_x;; But they have uber upgrades for the Jedi and planes. Annoyingly so, it likes to crash. Naboo's workers look like...little robotic worms.. I think I might wanna try out either the Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire next. It's pretty fun to play it with my brother. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnddd. Let's seeeeeeee. What elsee...
YOUTUBE! I made an account there. Gasp. Maybe if I ever upgrade to XP, I'll get Fraps and see if I can record some Audiosurfin' 8D The Playlist feature is <3 We went to see UP on Friday. Twas very fun. And the 3D was goooooood. OH OH AND! Last night I watched the eighth episode of Eden of the East with my brother, right? Well...there was this add...stuck in it.. The dubbers must've thought it too hilarious to remove. But it was an add for Star Trek with Japanese dubs. LOLOLOLOL. Our big hybrid popler was taken down last Wednesday. I just wish they would've taken it down before it started with the leaves..<_< I guess it really is a sign things are changing and your growing up when two of the things that have been with you your whole life are suddenly gone..

Okay, now I have an actual big announcement.


:D Can't waiiit. \o\ \o/ /o/


  1. Imagine K2 decided to shut Sword down entirely and is just using this maintenance period as an excuse. That would be kinda funny actually. Make thousands of people incredibly pissed. 8D

  2. It would be LOL if K2 shuts down Sword while everyone is still waiting for the servers to go up.

  3. It's a bit cruel even to suggest that.... Not impossible, but it does seem unlikely.