Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Updating for GREAT JUSTICE

An update. In June. ITS JUNE. PWAHAHAHA.

*aherm* Had to get that little bit o' crazy out. So...yeah. Tis Juuuunnnnnnnnneeeeeee :O
AND I AM DONE WITH SCHOOL. BOOYAH! \o/ Sometimes I keep thinking it's Sunday, but no, it's Monday. Or Tuesday. OR WEDNESDAY! XD And here I am listening to a damn Christmas carol while I write this? Lawl. I know nothing of the term 'seasonal music' 8D ~

Okay now I think I can write somewhat non crazily. First off, yesterday, for the first time. I did not feel useless! o_o I helped Begari hunt Golden Baaaats. Those things are ridiculous yo.
But today. I felt like a failure. Such happens when I try fighting Novia. :|
I'm claiming the Epic Failure: Orpesia Award nao. Cause I borrowed some of Mis' gear. (Elite Le Blancs, Ziz, etc. UBAR STUFF) AND I STILL DIED. Gosh...I hate that place .-. I hate Novia. But I don't know if I hate Invierno and Gavin alot too...their making me go through hell too ya know. o.o So maybe I should hate them. Onto other thiiiiiiinnnnnggggs~:
3.6 AS IN VERSION!!!!!!
Reckless Emilia looks like a Sith. lol
Real Catherine looks like a RO Assassin. 8D
Valeria...her grown up looking face does not fit her ten year-old like body. So that pictar of her is baad~
I wonder what the Elementalist's new stance is. I hope it's a kickass Dual LOE Bracelet one. For the Master rank. :> Then the Elementalist Master in the Master Room would make sense, yaknow? 8D
AND WIZARD EXPERT STANCE! I just wish it was a damager. Not another stupid debuff thing. 3:

Now to the Vocaloids. :D
I finally listened to Kokoro. Tis win. I like Rin's version better then Len's. Annnd. I guess that's it. o_o

So nothing really to tell. Just updating for the sake of updating, pretty much~



  1. Hm. What went wrong? Were you fighting Novia and her mobs together at the same time? You did move to the side to take them down one by one right?

  2. Uh, they just slaughter me before I can get even any buffs up.
    I can't just take one on one at a time, cause they mob me and I die.