Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy End of June!

Okay then. I have not posted in twenty days. I think I need a smack on the head Dx!!

So I'm just going to list what all has happened~

I actually bought some new clothes! o_o!!
I went to see Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen. ITWASFREAKINGAWESOMEKTHXBAI.
I went to an awesome pizza place, Zaffiro's.
I got a Veteran Caly and another Fighter. :>
I bought a Target Card. Yes I gave in.
I was Leader of Caliburn for like, a week. Which was hell.
Begari came back and I gladly dumped the rings back on him.
Kimiaru experted her fighter Reina at long last.
Astell actually got on.
I met a weird new person, Tsui...something.
I tried Oberweis icecream. Freaking delicious~
I watched Defiance. Twas really good.
Thanks to the Telos video topic, I've found alot of awesome~ :>
I joined a Forum RP
I've stopped reading Girl Genius. (Because I've found I get less enjoyment out of it, reading it weekly, so I am going to pick it up again later)
I've been enjoying watching Conan host the Tonight Show. (I still miss Leno. >__>)

And that pretty much sums it up. I've probably forgotten some things but whatevs~ xD

June sure has been an interesting month. o.O K2 has been going through alot of hell. BUT I AM STILL UNEFFECTED BY IT. xD I mean...I don't even know what all the rest of 2.9 brings. Aside from stupid lolicon Claire. Also, now that I'm in a clan again, I really really want instanced raids. ): TO OTHER NEWS:

Some famous peoples have died. Ed McMahon, Ferrah Fawcett, Micheal Jackson and Billy Mays.
I only really knew Mays. xD Jackson always came off as a nutcase to me and I never really listened to any of his music. McMahon seemed like a cool dude. Fawcett....uhh. I dunno. XD
But Mays was awesome in my book, I loved when he came on the Tonight Show (twice, once with Leno and then O'Brien)

So methinks that's all, and it's something to sort of round off this quiet month.

Reporting from somewhere, Al. o7


  1. /smackonthehead

    I watched Transformers this week too. Megan Fox is hot.

    Sword still have 6 things missing from v2.9, or 7 if you include Selva (who was released in v3.0 for sGE). See here.

  2. Transformerrrrrrs. *spaz* Yes, it was awesome.

    You're forgetting David Carradine in the dead list.