Friday, July 3, 2009


Hellos~ So heres the first update of July.

My watch has finally run out of juice. xD So I'm (hopefully) gonna go to WalMart later and look for a new wall clock. Maybe I'll even post of picture of it, if I find one I like. <_<;

AFKing has been successful. One of these days I'll have Install Traps maxed on Marceil, haha.
DomIce is 19 on Kharis, it'll probably be awhile before that's maxed though, since I'm working on leveling Mika and Idge. I think once those two get to 74, I'll level them with Tech to Veteran.
I may be getting a new Musketeer, too. One of my clanmates is leveling her for me. xD
I'm not sure what I wanna name her....I was thinking Renee, I've always liked the name. But I also am considering Teiron again. I finally got my hands on an Adelina card, so I'll start leveling her one of these days. Adel sure is a cool character. :D Plus it'll be handy to have the bladesmith.
I think I'll level Middle Guard on her first, since A. I hate the stance. B. It's needed for Low Guard.
If my memory serves me, her stances are:
Bareknuckle (lol)
Middle Guard
Twin Blades
Heaven or Hell
Freestyle Shot
Double Gun Shot
and Low Guard.

I kinda wish I could get a Captain version, cause....Nien's made a big impression on me. xD
I only wish she would lose the hat and eyepatch and retain her crafting skill. ;P

Onto Vocaloids, I'm still digging for their songs. *laughs*
I found a wonderful Miku song called Cremation Melody, or Kasou Kyoku.

And ya know, this reminds me. I hate how people rant about Miku's voice being high pitched.
Cause honestly, she's yet to bother my ears. Rin and Teto, on the other hand, have had some terribly high pitches. <__<

I've also started something I'd never have guessed I would end up doing: partaking in a forum RP. Role play, for those noobs who don't get it. It's quite entertaining. Irving's also in it. :)

I watched an old 90's show last night. Sliders. It is LOL. Kinda like Quantum Leap.
It's about this genius kid who opens a portal which can take you to one of many alternate earths. His professor, Maximilian Arturo. A random singer named Rembrandt Brown and his friend from work, Wade get sucked along. The effects they used for the 'slide' is so terrible compaired to nowadays. xD
They ended up in Communist America. There was PT&T, for one. They were getting chased by the evil phone company, lawlz. And it turned out that in this earth Wade was leading rebels against the commies. So they ended up helping the rebels and freeing that places Wade. Who later died. Lol. I may watch more of it, I'm rather undecided.

Anywho, that be all for now!

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  1. I don't think it's the pitch, as much as the tone... there's a certain... squeakiness, maybe? to it that could bother people. Of course, it's also probably part of the appeal. (Real J-pop singers also sing like that sometimes.) Anyway, sounds like you're having fun. Happy July!