Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pollux Sword, Independence Day and 4.0

So, things are going nicely.

On July 4th we had my dad's friend John over. He made this kickass noodle salad. <3333
Next time he's over I've gotta ask for the recipe. We also had watermelon, chicken and beef shishkabobs, and some apple pie. :) We didn't go to any firework shows, though. I could care less, considering the ones Port has always suck.

Then on Sunday I decided to use twenty powders and farmed LoD all day long~ I made a Pollux Sword. Originally I planned to use it with my Idges, whenever they hit vet, but I couldn't resist using it with my fighter, heh. Plow Guard's 20 already. :3 Now I just need to figure out if I wanna get Sidewinder on her.

I've been soloing her in Topolo as of late, getting more Mega Ores and usually at least one piece of 80 equipment. This morning I reached 10%! I'm so happy! \o/
This is just after she leveled. I got 100~200 more HP and a pitiful but lol-worthy 5 more SP.
I'm wondering if I'll be able to hit 700 SP on my melee people when I expert them. I don't need to worry about Zander or Kharis, I mean, hell, Zander's already got 832 SP. xD

In other news, awhile ago I got Kharis from Begari, and now I've snagged Flurb's Caly.
I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. <33 (the characters not those two. they fail. ;D) Awhile ago I was leveling Domination Lightning in Katovic. e_e I wish I could get my hands on some good Zizes.
...Zizs? I have no idea how you would pluralize that. But here's some screens from that adventure.

Later Chivalhope, my new friend came along to help out. And apparently Gavin and Marceil have a thing for each other. 8D

Neume seems to be more hopeful about the 14th being the day for the rest of 2.9. I hope he's right, and I hope they fix Caly's quest. It technically doesn't matter since I have a veteran now, but...I love quests. :<
And Hardeh posted on the Sword forums about the kGE test server for.......4.0. So far it just seems like their making the UI better with changes to the zone map, adding a nifty mail box, a new Al Quelt Moreza raid, instanced raids(?) and made a better turtorial for newbies. Cool, I say! :D It just blows my mind that the Koreans are already working on 4.0....why couldn't I have been born in Korea or Japan? ._. Check out the SotNW Forums - General Chat for Hardeh's topic and
http://starstorm-ge.blogspot.com/ for more info on 4.0. I'm not going to list everything. >_>

Onto another update related thing, Pangya should be promoting into the newest season, Season 4. I'm thinking it may be tomorrow or Thursday, but only time will tell. I definately think it'll be out this month, though. I can't wait, I got a popstar ticket for a free Lucia. :D

I've also found some new videos....sorta. Their new-ish to me. First ones Last Alliance's Shissou, which was the ending song for Ouran. I <3 the full version.

And then this is just epic awesome MS Paint shit. :> OH AND, JUNO REACTOR PWNS YOUR FACE! <3 Must get that song...

Excitedly reporting all the awesome shizz that's goin' on, Al~!

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