Monday, April 6, 2009

Mixed Feelings

Well this is gonna be quite a bittersweet entry. Let's have the bad news first.
Telos is no more. I guess the End met its End. Ah well...let's recap!

It all started so..long ago. I had just reached 72. I was enjoying new Andre armors and giddy about nearing the amazing mark of ten million Vis!! Then Warlust broaded. I broaded something along the lines of: "Look out Calypso, that stalkers around!" Then he pm'd me, and our dissucion spiraled into him wanting to recruit me. I was surprised to find they had changed to the Republican side.
So I said, "What the hell, I'll give you guys a try!" Now, before I had checked out Telos, and found they were Royalist. I was absorbed in the storyline (still am), and was basically like this:
Go Simon! Go Auch! Go Republicans! Screw Vespanola! Screw Lyndon and Gabriella! Screw the Royalists! \>:o/

I probably wouldn't have gotten Veteran if it weren't for you guys. So I thank you. Now I shall show my thanks below, in no particular order. (This is for Telos' current-ish members, if I haven't mentioned you, doesn't mean I don't <3 you.)

Astell - The one who never used an emoticon other then <3 when he was talking about Mia. 8) I could talk to you about science too! It's such a blast to find someone as excited about it as myself.

Kumigara - You helped me level in the Old Port. ;____; And then you gave me Viki. ;______;'' You were so awesome!

Idemair - I was just lol'ing so much when I first met you. :D And I was super sure you were a guy..../fail. And happy to find another homeschooler! Hope to see you around.

Kimiaru - WHAT CAN I SAY. You rawk<3 All your silly Japanese and Spanish that I can't understand, all your talk of partners in crime, and your all around funness. :D

Warlust - Well, you recruited me man. xD If you hadn't broadcasted that just when you did, I dunno where I would be.

D`Arwyn - You're almost like a brother. In that your awesome and tease me alot. :P I STILL WANT GAVIN. D:< (or at least lend me your leet gearz so I can get him myself..)

LovelySonata - Woooo. You're one of my best friends on here! I'm really glad you came back and that I had the chance to get to know you. :)

Nien and Iberison - You two are so awesome, and I'm really happy to see adults, married at that,
enjoying this game. XD Thanks so much for helping me level in AA. :)

Bosspower - I don't know you as much as I probably should, but you seem like a great fellow. :p
You'll get Expert in no time! (Because your not fail like me)

Misericordiia - Well, I wish I would've gotten to know you better. Aside from your scariness in pvp and general lust for characters' non-existant blood, you were cool. :)

Flurb - YOUR LIEK THE ONLY ONE WHO KNOWS OF HALO. To think I found you annoying when you first join...lulz. Now we're good pals! (right?) For you: TACOS.

Mancel - You seem like a good guy. Aside from when your blood gets boiling, your pretty fun. :P

Tiferet - I think I spelled that right. I'm so used to just saying Tife, lol. YOU ARE SUCH AN AWESOME ARTIST. Hurry up with that book, I wanna read it. :P

Shride - You were also like a brother. Cept very weird. :P Hope to see you back sometime

Rakuru - You were so silly. xD I'm glad to have known you. IRAWAIN LEAVES TRAILS OF BEEF IN HIS WAKE!

TheDaringThree - I've now made up my mind that you are one of the Orpesian BroadCast All-Stars. :P Say hi to Brunie for me, lol.

Hirojinn - Well, at first I found you very annoying, but in the end you're an..interesting fellow. You speak your mind, I admire that. (plus your automatically awesome for being the only Aussie)

Crias - Your name rocks. It reminds me of CRYSIS. o_o; Keep going, no matter what!

That's all I can think of. Don't eat me if you weren't mentioned. .___. Telos will remain alive in my heart, as long as I live on this Earth. I don't know where I'll go next, what I'll do next. But the first thing I most definately will do is get my former clanmates together in a Group Chat I'll make. :P

Lisa's reached 8%! I'm so happy. I think I could even get 12% by this Sunday. xD But then I might be being too over-optimistic. Branivyn's now 75! Evocation Fire is maxed, and I'm ready for The Elemental Lord. She's so awesome, she can take at least four hits from the mudmen before dying. And that's being ~30 levels lower, wearing the worst armor. lol. On Friday, I think, I got Branivyn the Ivory School Uniform. I love it<3 Someday...someday she'll be Expert. After I expert Sullivan, Marceil, Zander, Viki, Lisa, Grace and my Musketeers. 8D

My birthday was pretty nice. I got a pearl necklace from my mom, which was a huge surprise. o__o I got the Indiana Jones movie collection from my dad, yay! :p Not many presents, but I don't really care. xD

TTFN! (Ta Ta For Now. Yes, Tigger left a lasting impression on me.)


  1. Gavin is not for personal use.

  2. I think something great is going to come out of this... just a hunch. =)

    thank you for taking the initiative of keeping everyone together in the group chat, Al. that is very noble of you!

  3. Dar, just shaddup. D:

    And uh, no prob Mis. xD I dunno about anything great happening, lol..

  4. Oh wow...Telos disbanded...

    Fuck, and my last exam is this Wednesday! Bloody hell.