Saturday, April 18, 2009

Nine Days Later...

So yeah, it's an UPDATE. :D
I sold Soho The Turd last night, yaaaaaaay. Got 38m for him. 8D
Let us welcome the newest member to the House, Lei-May! \o/
I'm glad I have her. :D Martial Elements: Ice is rather interesting. I wonder what it's based on.
I still don't know what to put her point in...*sigh*
Freq hit 13% the other day, so I'm getting there. I need to start afking more overnight and TRAIN MY MUSKETEERS. x_x Sigh, I wish there was a faster way to do it.
TODAY started nice. Weather was great in the morning, and I went to McDonalds for breakfast. xD Oddly enough, as I got into conversing with Tife, he too had been at McDonalds. And he too ordered a Sausage McMuffin. o___o FREEEAAAAKKKKYY.
But yes, Tife the Artist/Writer/Nub has finally gotten into Ark. And Kimi's on break.
Just like Rake. And Dairy. And Astell. And Shride. >:|
It's so depressing to see everyone leeeeave. D: And PangYa's back up! Annnnd...uh...nothing really worth mentioning...actually none of this is really worth mentioning, it's pretty much just a teeny update to let you know that yes, I'm still alive. I'm doing science and I'm still alive. And while your dying I'll be still alive. And when your dead I will be still alive. Still alive, Still Alive.

hahah...GlaDOS got to me there. So much boringness as of late...*sighs again*
ANYWAYS. While writing this I came up with an idea...I think it should be a good way to practice writing. I'm gonna make another blog devoted to fanfiction! 8D Also, Al says hi. He's been slacking off as much as I have, in not REMINDING ME TO POST MORE. *glares at him* ¬_¬

What's that? You thought I was Al? Well, Almontri is my alter-ego. Or perhaps my yang. Opposite.
Whateveryouwannacallit. This is supposed to be dodgey, weird and confusing. But it will soon be explained. <3


  1. Yay, you're still alive! I'm glad to hear that things are going well in the game, and I look forward to the revelation of your dark secret. Oh, and you need to be on IM more often!


  2. xD Wow, two comments. I pretty much blew a gasket lol. And I should get on MSN more. Its just laziness. D:

  3. LOL Ali just went crazy (or her alter-ego did dunno dun care >_>)