Thursday, April 9, 2009

Moving On

So, as the penalty week chugs on, I've been able to make some progress.
Grace hit 71, and I'm zooming along to getting Level 25 Freestyle Shot on her.
Branivyn is 76, and I'm massively enjoying Elemental Lord. IT SOUNDS SO FARKIN AWESOME. o___o I've still got like five more levels till INSTANUKE, though. I've gone back to the Prison de Joaquin, and I forgot how fun it was there. Plenty of mobs, decent place to afk(as I have been doing with them at night when I go watch tv), and the amount of money you can rack up there from just bulks of gold is epic. lol.

As you might've figured out, I've taken a break from grinding Lisa. I've realized I don't need to have such a hopeless outlook on her grind. In less then a week I've almost gotten one complete level in Veteran, and I think that's pretty damn good. :D Plus, I'm not going to make myself hate Abertal or AA, since I can just level other characters. Its weird how you people complain of it numing your can afk, you can do other stuff, hell you can get off. xD

I've created the Ark groupchat, and it's rather successful. Astell, Mis, Dar, Belle, Dan, Gobber, Mancel, Kimi, Iber, Nien, Uchi and Rak have successfully been snagged. xP I wish Flurb and Ide would get on, so I can get them into the chat. That and I might've forgot who else is there...orz

I've been tossing around a few ideas in my head about this whole Telos-Went-Kaboom thing..
and I was thinking maybe over the summer when alot less of us are busy, we could perhaps create a clan, for just even the summer. Might be fun, tell me what you think. And I even thought of a name for a clan. Atomus. Which you can probably figure out with ease, what that means. For the slow ones: Atom in Latin. xD I suppose the dream I've always had in my online life is trying to manifest itself now...but I know in the end it won't.
That dream is, effectively, to run a guild. To be a good leader, to be a menace(in a good way) to other guilds..I wished that in RO, in A18, and now I'm starting to wish that here too. Ah well, that's what dreams are...figments of what could be, but will not and can't be.

I leave you with this song I found recently, and I larve it. ;D


  1. I don't necessarily have any idea of what I'm talking about, but I think that if you have the time to put into it, you could definitely run a guild/clan/whatever. If you make one, I'll definitely join! I know Kimi was planning something too; if you don't have time to run one full-time, you could always have a co-leader. I've heard that leadership is just a matter of surrounding yourself with the right people. Anyway, if you choose to do it, you'll have my support, for what little that's worth (I'll be employed over the summer, so I probably won't have any more time than I do now). Best of luck!


  2. I am sure you will do well as a leader :) Allow me a few tips though(=P):

    1. A leader gives advice and suggestions, not commands. Also, listen to thier suggestions (Communication).
    2. Pride. Pride is good, but blinding-false-pride is TERRIBLE.
    3. Hang out with your mates! (Dunno if this one applies to online games, but certainly in real life).

    I am sure you know others. I just felt I needed to say these because those three points are what I perceive as the most common causes of segregation within a club/clan/guild/team.

    Hope to see you guys soon.

  3. well Ali you shouldnt doubt yourself you are one heck(words to describe you were a few to many so just went with a random good-like swear) girl so im sure you can run a clan i mean its easy to talk to you and to express any ideas ( i called you a dude when we barely knew each other which made me feel like a dumbass lol but you were still cool.....ignoring the part of adding me to your bacl list XD)

  4. There's also creating a guild just for the heck of it. We don't necessarily have to do hardcore raiding and colony wars. Just a little place to hang out and chat or something.

    But then again, group chat is no different. I guess I'm just missing the green text. xD

  5. Wow, so much encouragement. o_o
    Well, thanks xD

    I just don't have the means to run a guild the way I'd want.

    In fact, I think I'd rather run one in real life then online. IT WOULD BE MUCH EASIER. ¬_¬' But then, such times are long past. *sigh*