Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Experts, Fringe and Glee

So, here we are with another April update! And, *GASP* it hasn't been over a week since my last one! Yaaaaaay. Al's doing his job again. :3

The last few days have been nice. Sunday was practically perfect, even though it was the start of three days, counting today of rain. BUT HEY. I'm not one of those weirdos who's emotions get floppy cause of the weather. >:] I had alot of fun with Shride. We went to the toxicwastedump land and had some fun. I only got ONE sun stone though...I tell ya, that place, is brutal sometimes. We ran into, of course, Leungs and his lameo TRIPLECALYTEAM. The Bust Shots nuked us all...except...Marceil. It was EPIC. XD Heres some screens:

Me and Shride awaiting the Gate. Goooo Hotdog Pants!
Lei using Enhanced Frostbite.
Because you have to have a ss of all your purdy baffs. :3

also got Caly to 60, woohoo! Areblast(I can't remember how its spelled) is up there on my list of awesome ingame sounds. It's as badass as Raid Assault and Anathema's trademark sounds!
I also successfully carried out Operation: Pizza that day and got my parents to buy some. :> Irvi and Shride will account for that!
Monday was filled with interestingness. Bones was hilarious, Heroes was good. I also was able to afk overnight, probably cause I did so with Shride. xD Brister got ten levels, and maxed Kneeling Shot. Gawd, I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate HATE THAT STANCE. But...I like having completeness...and according to Mis it's good for raids..so.. u_u But on the plus side to such hell, I got a million plus profits! *rubs hands in glee*
So far today has been okay. I watched an interesting thing about Tecumseh and his fighting the Americans in the War of 1812. Frankly as an American I am very peeved about that part of our history. I mean, the way he was willing to fight for his right to, practically live, is like...very American-y. <_< BUT NOOOO. We just have to be all stupid and wage war with the Indians... *cough* ANYWAYS. I'm learning some more new and interesting things in Latin....but...I also want to kill Rosetta Stone. Cause the last lesson I had was...kissing. D8 'Vir et femina inter se osculantur' is 'Man and woman kissing' pretty much. AND NOW. NOW IN THIS NEXT LESSON THEY HAVE CRAP ABOUT FRACTIONS. I MEAN WHAT THE HELL. ....oopsies. I forgot to turn off my rant button. :3 Mooooooooving on!
I expect Fringe to be fun tonight, as always. Sadly I come to expect screams when I watch it...my mom's annoying like that. One time my older brother even just got up at the commercial and stomped off to his room to watch it, rofl. xD Time for a few more screens!

Brister and Plumbum

A recoloring of Lei's outfit using the Photobucket editor. I absolutely love it!

Now for a few congrats: Congratulations to AutumnFae for experting Grace and her Elementalist! Both today! You go girl~(wow I just used that stupid phrase 8D)
Shride, for experting Lisa at long last. Now I have just another thing to be jealous of you about.

I guess that's all for now, folks! and don't forget to check out my other new blog for writing-related-ramblings! http://leiswriting.blogspot.com/


  1. Thankies Al..
    I can only imagine the shock on your face when you saw me and Mis together lol.

    You will have to let me show you what my ele can do in PVP. OMG! 1 shotted a expert fighter! I was like O.O

    Catch you later as it's 03.35am and I'm sleepies!
    Nighty Nights and Take Care ^-^

  2. Why... must you call me weird? It's not my fault the weather messes with my head. Also, *arbalest (*hides*).

    Anyway, sounds like you've been having fun! You'll have to pop on MSN again sometime so we can ramble about things and stuff.

  3. I didn't know you were one of those folks, Astell. xD And thanks for the correction. :p

    I look forward to getting nuked by your ele, Fae. :P